How To Prove Fault In A Personal Injury Case?

How do you prove fault in a personal injury case? Keep watching this video to learn more about how you prove fault Hi

I'm Ted Spalding I'm an Atlanta personal injury trial lawyer herewith the law firm of Boling Rice I could speak for hours on this Obviously each type of personal injury case, whether it's a car accident, a truck accident case, a slip and fall case, medical malpractice, all have different burdens of proof when it comes to fault But there's some general things to be thinking about in answering this question that apply to all personal injury and wrongful death cases in Georgia

So several categories of evidence to prove fault in general One, is through witnesses So for instance if you're in a motor vehicle accident, having a witness who saw what happened and can show a jury through testimony how the other party was at fault for that accident, that can prove fault in a car accident Police reports, okay in auto accident cases, trucking cases, those are very important Having the officer come in and testify regarding his findings in the police report, finding fault with someone proves fault in a jury trial on your personal injury case

  If it's a premises liability case, documentation showing sweep logs of when they were going around and doing inspections and sweeping the floors before this hazard, for instance Witnesses again, very important Video of the substance on the floor, the fall etc can be very helpful Video is very powerful in any personal injury case to show fault obviously

Don't have it very often, but it can be found and when you got it, it's some of the best evidence to show a jury regarding fault  Some of the others, angles are further documentation that you can find out in discovery that would prove fault Sometimes you're able to find when you're going against a corporation, that they have internal investigations that then, that board or committee has said "We believe our employee was at fault" Those sorts of things can be used as admissions against interest in court to say "Look the company themselves said their employee was at fault"  So a number of different ways, the traditional ones being obviously witnesses, documented evidence, documents, records, e-mails, video has become very important, now social media, things like that to find evidence can help as well

The bottom line being you've got to have physical evidence plus witnesses, oftentimes to prove fault, to carry your burden in front of the jury Cause remember, fault is ultimately determined by, in Georgia, 12 jurors who will determine whether your evidence equals fault If you have any questions about your particular claim or case, feel free to reach out to me, I'd be happy to talk to you It's free We do free initial consultations

You can find us on the web at wwwbolingriceatlantacom We have a contact form there you can fill out Or you can call me directly at 770-744-0890

Thank you for watching this video

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