Increase Your Credit Score by 100 Points FAST (EASY TRICKS) 2018

Hey guys Dan Frieda the mortgage update here and today we want to talk about credit scores, and how we're gonna work together To get your credit scores from 400 500 to maybe over 800 with with six maybe simple little tweaks that I'm gonna walk you through step by step and This doesn't even take any money to do that other than one piece of the puzzle that I want you to do I want you in to invest maybe like twenty or thirty dollars, and here's what I mean by that Here's why? We need to get a benchmark on your credit scores so before we get started if you would if you like this video in a lot of the other videos I put together please don't forget to subscribe below and Also, if you would give me a thumbs up So I know that I'm doing a good job If you want to also leave a thumbs down in the comments and tell me what I'm doing Or not doing right and what you'd like to see so also at the end of this video

I'm gonna give you two pieces of this big puzzle One is going to be how you can get a copy of a free credit report That's not a gimmick It's not a trick It's not a the CFPB has announced that you are entitled to a free credit report each year but the $30 I was talking about is is going to place a benchmark or give us a lot of tools that we're going to use in these few tricks that I'm gonna show you on how to Get your credit scores up probably we could probably get you up a hundred or two hundred Point points within 30 days, okay? The other thing is at the end of the video I'm going to give you a company that can help you with if you have collections judgments false information on your credit report Miscellaneous information on there that just shouldn't be there if you're a junior a senior, and you have the other person's information on there it's a full-time job getting a lot of this stuff fixed corrected and Things like that so it might be a little small investment that you have to take if you're if you hit any of those categories To invest in to get that cleaned up, and they can usually have you cleaned up within 90 days So let's get on to it Here are some of the big tricks or a few Huge tricks that I'm gonna give you on what I need you to do even if you have a 700 credit score these These little tactics that I'm gonna give you I won't say trick so reference them as tactics I'm gonna give you some tactics to do to increase your credit scores, okay? so let's get started the first thing this isn't a This is where I want to start the benchmark okay I want you to get a copy of your actual credit report with your FICO scores, okay, I'm going to emphasize Your FICO scores, and why and I'll put some other videos together to go over that with you, but your FICO score is The score that most lenders almost all lenders use in categories such as mortgages and cars To grant you credit or not it's not your Credit Karma score believe it or not Credit Karma score is not used by any lenders Period it's an educational tool or an educational number to give you just some Information or teach you about the credit scoring system, okay? So what I want to do is I want you to get an actual credit report with FICO scores and That's going to give us the benchmarking and give us a lot of details that we're gonna need in regards to these Tactics that we're gonna go through okay one of the things that a lot of people Ask me is or tell me not to do is pull their credit because they had another lender pull their credit and By me pulling their credit It's gonna hurt their credit scores or drop their credit scores wrong in the Maurya I'm I'm worried appropriate Chicago, and I have been for over 29 years and You know I get that comment quite a bit so how the algorithms read in the credit bureau system is if you're buying a car Or a mortgage

They're expecting you to have multiple pools within a short period of time Okay, so if you have a couple lenders pull your credit within a week or two you're not going to be affected if if you Went to another company and they pulled your credit in three days ago, and I pulled yours today We'd most likely get Exactly the same score unless some creditor posted information during that time frame, okay? So that's one of the things I want to go over so let's get on to one of the biggest pieces of this puzzle is your balance and The high credit limit that you have okay, so here's what I want you to do when we get that credit report That I again, I listed it down below Go ahead and order it it should be twenty thirty dollars, and I want to get I want you to get all three credit repositories Now that's TransUnion Equifax and Experian Okay, we want to get those Here's why I want you to go through the revolving accounts that you have and I can show you how to do that maybe what I'll do in another video is I'll get a credit report and kind of Black out a lot of the sections, so you can't see the person's account numbers And we'll go through that but I want you to go through your revolving credit Accounts and see your high credit limit, okay? Here's why let's say for example you have a high credit limit of two hundred dollars And you went to it was let's say it was Walmart And you went to Walmart this weekend and bought groceries and podcasts, and he used $180 of it Let's make it simple you used $200 you maxed out And it's not that hard to do when you're buying groceries in gasoline So now you have a two hundred dollar credit limit And you just racked up a two hundred dollar bill at Walmart Okay, so we're maxed out we owe a hundred percent of what we owe Or I take the bet on our high credit limit so our high credit limits two hundred we owe two hundred okay? Here's what I want you to do go through all the revolving accounts you have call each one of them and ask for the highest limit you can get What I'm not saying is go out and spend that Okay, I don't want you to get into any more debt Here's the tactic that we're going after okay, we owe $200 on that account Now that credit now Walmart say for exists in this example They increase your line to $1000 Okay, you went from owing a hundred percent? Now to 20 percent of your high credit limit You're going to pick up points Now it might be a substantial amount of points Let's say you have five six seven cards and every one of them does that You're gonna pick up a lot of points by doing nothing other than getting your factual credit report calling the Accounts that you have now you didn't go into any more debt on those accounts You just got your credit limits increased Okay, that's number one number two what I want you to do is start paying your account whatever you can Or whatever you would have paid anyways

I want you to start paying in a couple weeks early Here's why? When the credit room when that creditor reports your information to the credit bureau? It's usually it revolves around a cycle or your billing cycle Okay, so if you wait till the last piece of that billing cycle when they're gonna shoot out another Cycle on you another bill on you Let's say for example the billing cycle goes from 15th or 15th Okay, so whatever your balance is Probably midnight of the 14th is what that balance is gonna show on your next statement as well as the credit report Okay, however we pay that account off or way down a week or two early Now what's coming up is when they report to the bureau on that billing cycle date Instead of it having you know that your payment not being posted yet your has been posted So now instead of you owing maybe $200 on that Walmart account you paid it a week or two early now that balance is zero You just picked up another huge amount of points by just paying your account back Maybe a week or two early, okay, so those are two big Tactics that you want to do okay, so let's say that You can't get any of your credit lines increased another big Tool or tactic you can use is called piggyback Ask your mom dad brother sister somebody if they would allow you to become an authorized user on their account they Might not even give you a credit card on that account but ask them to put you on the account and they can take you Off at any time with one simple phone call to that creditor That then will now represent on your credit report all the history They have and make sure that that person has great credit on that particular account as well What you might want to do? Also is check with your let's say your mom or dad does this for you? See if they know if that creditor reports to the credit bureaus because if they don't it's really irrelevant But if they do that's a that's a big piece of that That's a big step to take okay, so that's that new accounts one of the Myths I guess about new accounts is a lot of people think that you know if I if I go out there and get into account It's going to automatically drop my credit rating It might but in most cases

It's not going to be or not going to be dramatic You need to have a variety of credit So a good scenario is a credit card a car loan a student loan a mortgage if you can get a mortgage You know a finance company and things like that you don't want to just have two visas You want to apply in a variety of? Stores you want maybe a MasterCard Visa a Walmart account a car loan You know these are things to build up as you're young and as you through go through time so those are areas you want to get a Variety of accounts now I I just watched a video of a young man, who said he had I? Think like two or three hundred credit cards worth like two million dollars in creditors I would not By any stretch of imagination ask you to do that I'm just asking you to do these simple steps, and if you follow these tactics in most cases You're probably gonna pick up at least a hundred points plus, okay Here's another area that a lot of people shoot themselves in the foot Collections and paying them off Okay, here's we're gonna go back to that true credit report that you got at the beginning of this to give us our Benchmarks what we're gonna Do is we're gonna go through there and look at any collections, so let's say you have a medical collection We're going to look at we're not gonna look at the balance at this point because basically the algorithms of the credit system read That it is a collection last active date Okay, so what we want to do is we want to check that last active date If it's I mean, it's it's 2018 right now If that last active date is 2018 You're most likely gonna have to settle and pay that off, and I'll give you some tricks on that in a second But if it says 2010, I don't want you doing anything, okay? I don't want you paying it off because by paying it off It's good and just going to take that most recent Transaction date and change it from 2010 to 2012 your scores are gonna Go down, okay? That's another area where a lot of people get misinformed so we want to see your last active dates and Then closing accounts

I don't want you closing any accounts Especially if you don't have a lot of accounts and what I mean by a lot of accounts Let's say 10 creditors If you have three four do not close any accounts if they're charging you a couple hundred bucks some a year to keep them open You might want to think twice and maybe even keep those open if you only have a couple creditors But if you have you know ten or twelve go ahead and close so In conclusion what I want you to do is get your credit report, so we know our benchmarks and then we want to go through the Your high credit limits call and get those upped We want to go through your Collection accounts see when their last active we want to see if you have very limited credit You can't really get any more if mom or dad will let you Become a an authorized user and then count don't even add give you a card if they want to play that safe Don't pay off any collections We're gonna check those those dates on when there's those transpired So these are huge tips that I I just I asked you to spend maybe thirty dollars on getting your credit report That's it so again What I'll put I'll post down below a website that I want you to go to you can get a free report once a year But I would strongly suggest you you click the my FICO tab down below you order your own credit report to give us that benchmark Also, if you have collections judgments a lot of misinformation on your credit report and things like that Down below is a link to a company That's triple-a in the Better Business Bureau and they can help you their job is to help you get your get those miscellaneous That bad information off of your credit report and get you on to a better path So I hope you like this video again If you do please subscribe below, and if I can be on any help my information is down below, but you can reach me I'm in the Chicagoland area Again, my name is Dan Frio my phone number is six three Oh three three eight eleven sixty you can find me on the web at the mortgage update dotnet And you can just google dan Frio, and i'll come up all over the place I've been doing this for over almost 30 years now So I want to thank you so much for watching this video and please leave some comments below Thank you and God bless You

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