Insurance Inquiries – Our Craziest Stories

Hey everybody its Dale marsh here Lead Buyer Specialist with the Santa Sells Houses Team and I'm joined today by Eric Gange OurInsuranceGuy representing Town & Country Mutual Insurance and I am here to answer all Insurance Inquiries [TAP FOR SOUND] So today I want to know Eric, what is the craziest insurance scenario or story you've been involved with? Yes, so there was one particular time in which I had a gentleman come to the office seeking auto insurance, and he claimed he has just moved here from the US, pretty straightforward

We got into the collecting of information part of the insurance quote, and I wasn't really getting a great vibe from him and things weren't lining up in it I got to a point where I said pretty much there's nothing we can do for you here because he wasn't licensed in Ontario yet, and he was just having a hard time coming up with the experience that he had in the US So he proceeded to take me outside and take me to his vehicle, and wanted to show me something in the trunk of his car So he opened up the trunk of his car, and here was a load of stolen computer equipment and he's like hey let's do a trade here, you give me some insurance and you can pick anything in the car you want We will pretend these computers fell out of the back of the van

Yeah that kind of stopped everything right then and there, and you kind of move on from that, but it's an experience that not every insurance person has the experienceof being bribed with stolen equipment out of the car That's where my computers went What's the craziest thing you've seen in real estate? Well a few years back I had an online inquiry on one of our listings, and you know it started out pretty normal, and this fellow was unfortunately going through a seperation, and he mentioned that he was looking to buy a property for himself So I'm attempting to qualify him you know, have you been pre-approved for financing Turns out he claims to be a business owner, he owned multiple businesses, he owns about six properties around the area

Of course, I do a quick title search while I'm interacting with him here I can't find his name anywhere, of course he claims it's in his business's name, or in his spouses name basically he says well you know this property was listed for about two hundred thousand He said I need a place with a great shop for all my toy's, i've got multiple motorcycles and sports cars He said I can bring you a deposit of $50,000 in a briefcase A lot of alarms and red flags started going off, and I started digging a little further and yeah he said well if that's not enough I can bring you $100,000 in a briefcase, which I just said you know what I'm not comfortable with this scenario anymore, let's part ways, and I never heard from him again

I tried digging a little bit further to get more information than all communication just stopped Unfortunately I wasn't able to proceed any further in the direction where it should have went to the authorities However, you know at least when you get into that scenario you've got to be very cautious You do absolutely, and it sounds like the both of us have been in a situation where we've been able to walk away and walk away with your head held high that you didn't get involved in the situation that you probably shouldn't have been involved in Exactly we want to do the right thing right, and you want to do your best to try to help people, but at the same time we can't be putting our license on the line for something that is potentially corrupt

Right for sure All right, well thanks for joining us again today and I look forward to our next chat Sounds good

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