Interview of Khadija Siddiqui & her Lawyer Hassan Niazi‏ [Sawal Ye Hai – 14/7/17] – English

We have to go on a break now We'll take the date of "Khadija Attack Case' The girl who was stabbed – 23 TIMES – with a knife by her own class fellow her case is being heard on daily basis Whatever progress have been made and the proceedings over there where Khadija face that person who attacked her what's going on, we'll talk to you after the break! Welcome Back In this section of programme, we'll talk about 'Khadija Malik case' Before this, we have already discussed about this case in detail and we had promised Khadija that we would definitely do a follow-up on it Court hearing on daily basis is taking place on Chief Justice's instructions But the biggest issue arising there during hearing is them bring put under pressure and whatever Khadija have to witness We will talk to her straight away and where is this case going right now – how much hope is there

and how much courage she has We'll talk on all these issues Khadija Malik is with us along with her lawyer Hassan Niazi who goes in all of her hearings and what sort of challenges are there we will talk about all that, but first and foremost Khadija I would like to start this discussion with you My first question is this – How is your morale? They tried their best to break my morale both yesterday and today their attempt of disparaging and breaking me they tried their best but, Praise be to God, my morale is I'm in full spirit and I, if God wills, will keep on fighting this Hmm Alright! Before, you used to tell me, Khadija, that there is a group of lawyers who are very influential whenever you have hearing or whenever case is heard over there so, they don't do anything apparently but there's a certain kind of 'silent harrassment' in a way over there Now, is this act minimized – has it ended? Yes, Absolutely! This is something where Hassan Niazi would be able to comment better Correct! No Doubt! I understand it has legal

legal views as well and the thing you are talking about, it can also be used in court Hassan! You tell me The challenges you had before Are you facing less of them or is the situation same as before? No! No! Challenges are definitely not fewer Khadija had a 2 hour cross examination 9 hours of agonizing torture In this humid heat – in that room I reckon, having space of just 10 to 20 lawyers, and 40 to 50 lawyers, standing back to back, meaning all crammed up while standing there Judges continuously told them, they shouted out loud, misbehaved threatened, meaning shouted We faced that – There were lawyers from local bar on their side who had, anyhow, emmm I think showed a bit of kindheartedness in the end but, it was too late

Alright! As of right now, the case's h̶e̶a̶r̶i̶n̶g̶ uhh how much of progress have been made? at what point or stage is this case standing at? I'll I'll tell you

you mentioned 'Day to Day' Chief Justice definitely said 'Day to Day' This was absolutely not a 'Day to Day' hearing is it? They had put so much of pressure on Honorable Judge They won't let this proceeding go on 'Day to Day' basis They're a lawyer, a senior lawyer, who is teacher type, I will call him my teacher, whom they had engaged And they continuously kept on taking and taking adjournments for 4 weeks under his name He (senior lawyer) never showed up in court even once to fight their case for them on rostrum And they took adjournments under his name No progress was made for 4 weeks Usually, I would like to clear something here for viewers When examination-in-chief make a statement, immediately afterwards the other 'accused' party would cross-examine it, same time They don't get time like that to prepare Didn't happen after 4 weeks

Similarly, Sofie's one haven't even taken place yet Sofie, who is her 6 year old sister Just imagine that – being a minor, there are extra measures in place She hasn't been cross-examined and I know for sure that we will again go tomorrow, and same (would happen) lawyers are having strike tomorrow and they would use this as an excuse Alright! You said she has a 6 year old sister and she has to have cross-examination Khadija, why this needs to happen? Please tell a bit! Definitely, she is an injured witness and everything happened in front of her So, definitely, her 'examination chief' (procedure) have been done on 14th June (2017) then, we are past one month now, but tomorrow we will try that her's Sofia's one is done as well

because that mental torture she has to go through every night that torture she has to go through that, no one can imagine Apart from that, what happens in court, everyday she goes to court, but her's won't take place Alright, your 6 year old sister accompany you to court daily? Daily, your 6 year old sister would accompany you to court? Absolutely! Absolutely! Absolutely! Ok! Alright Tell me That person also come there who had attacked you who stabbed you 23 TIMES Do you confront him? I wouldn't comment on this Confrontation is taking place but, I cannot even explain my feelings because they are torturing me in an excruciating way character assassination character impeachment they are trying to break my resolve, but Praise be to God, it will not break they are failing miserably I would set this as a precedent Yes

where is this resolve coming from? Where is courage coming from? Praise be to God, the amount of supporters I have with me, There are young lawyers, there is Mr

Salman Safdar It's his encouragement, all of these lawyers who come there every single day taking their time they are present there before I arrive in the morning I tell you that it is their they're standing by my side and assure me that they won't let injustice happen in my case hmmmm

So, it is like this My message to all women is that if I have taken stand then you all can take stand for your rights as well hmmmm

And don't ever retreat because 99% of cases go for compromise No conviction takes place Matters would get settled (out of court) even before that, which they (accused) wanted to To a certain extent, they were telling us, even recently, they tried to contact several times but I said, it's too late

There shall be no pardon! Okay Hassan Chief Minister of Punjab also took notice of this whole incident that his 'Women Protection Bureau' and in it, Mr

Salman Sufi, He was instructed to personally oversee this entire issue Is Govt of Punjab overseeing this issue just like the way Chief Minister himself told? that he would take notice

do these (matters) get follow-up? Definitely! We had a meeting with Brother Salman, he did meet us too hmmmm Ummmm Whatever was in his power, he did do it

Ummmm Now, there's one problem We repeatedly requested for Shah Hussain's (accused) name in ECL(Exit Control List) Police were sent repeated requests Police is not enforcing it

In return, they instruct us to file writ or etc etc But why should be file writ when police's own intelligence is calling us to inform that this boy would escape (abroad) before summing up of case Secondly, I would like to tell that you were talking about 'compromise' they 'compromised' is a very soft word for Khadija they've repeatedly blackmailed her Alright! Today, I want to tell Pakistan openly that This girl stood firm She's definitely giving us (young lawyers) credit, but she's All credit goes to her

She stood against these blackmailers Meaning, they (accused party) blatantly blackmailed her in the most horrific ways for which, I reckon, my own mother herself said that she couldn't have stood against them (like Khadija did) and this girl must be appreciated hmmmm She had given her cross (examination) in those 9 hours of torment

even the Honorable Judge * inaudible* when support was required, because they started going towards filthy arguments for which we are apologetic and this is also the collective thinking of our society That the victim who themselves go through horrific ordeal, entire blame is thrown upon them they are to be deemed 'guilty' Khadija, the mission you have taken upon to eradicate this concept of 'victim blaming' sometimes, you would think that why am I the victim and also get taunted? Absolutely! Absolutely! He has already struck 23 times that day but the 'strikes' I am getting in courts those are even worse

I am being ill-treated and Judge would give disgusting looks that "What on earth are you doing?" hmmmm and he would be asking them to stop, but they (accused party) would not stop they say "Let us do what we want to do!" Alright! Thank you very much Khadija, we will try that

Yes Hassan, I just have to conclude this programme After talking to both of you, we gained a some courage as well as morale and a lot of girls who are watching television today because of you, Khadija, they would have got inspired

That how to fight for your rights!

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