It’s Happening! Anti-Trump Lawyer Lisa Page Subpoenaed By Congress For Private Interview

Lisa Paige you just mentioned one of FBI agents were summoned before the Congress, we'll talk about it development following all that excitement is not interrupted the investigation on Russia or investigations into FBI misconduct the Judiciary Committee of the House has now assigned the lawyer of the old FBI tradition Lisa page to appear for a closed door interview on Wednesday Paige traded many texts attack of course the president with his lover Peter hit the FBI agent who's in the middle of a many of these stories meanwhile Paul man prosecutors have made a new court deposit that reveals that there was a 20-17 meeting between DOJ officials and Associated Press reporters suggest the grand jury secret may have been raped Molly Hemingway is editor-in-chief at the federalist, she joins us now live– good to see you Molly great to be here Let's start with Lisa Paige Peter structs already appeared behind closed doors we expect from him I believe audience later this week, what do we know about the Lisa page and why she is brought to the right page Lisa was Andrew McCabe's legal consigliere was his trusted confidant Andrew McCabe being the number two fired at the FBI he was shot for not being honest about his communications with reporters she was involved in those even though she was allowed to speak to reporters but we have all these texts showing just extreme bias between these two agents as he linked both the Clinton investigations and the Trump investigation and we do not have well answers from her about what exactly was pass and so it's really exciting opportunity that Congress will ask she the insurance policy to maybe prevent Donald Trump from being elected president the idea of ​​a meeting in quote-unquote Andy's office is waiting for you know expected planned that meant Andy McCabe you talked about was the number two FBI and Paige boss not only that there was interesting texts on the white The role of the Chamber throughout the investigation and just the decisions that were played that were made about the use of confidential informants whose Did you know a lot and there are just a lot remains to be learned about what was happening now she went under pressure so it's particularly interesting thing she will be she left the FBI under pressure and so are the DOJ and Let's talk about Paul Manafort his right the team was pretty frustrated that he's been thrown in jail before his trial the taxes and other charges due to alleged witness falsifying he is now alone containment containment to protect it because they believe that his lawyers are doing that he is is going to get beating people think he's a trophy because he was close to President trumpet is very disturbing and troubling and now we have learned that Maybe ap journalists were penetrating inside the information and secrecy of the grand jury could have been violated there really interesting story about this meeting that the Ministry of Justice had with these AP reporters and neither side goes out looking particularly good considering the information we have so far the DOJ seems to have shared information that came out of the grand jury procedure which is strictly against the rules but the AP their argument seems to be what we did not share the information we collect information from reporters although violates all journalists standard if it's true that the Associated The press shared the information if she had done so become activists or informants who is behavior not typical for journalists all right much more digging to come on that history for sure Polly having fun appreciates your time thank you very much we are in the final countdown now to President Trump Supreme Choice of the Court Stay tuned for the big announces a lot of tea leaves pointing to red Cavanaugh we'll see if that the saucepans let's turn to the depth State I want to talk to you about two break stories that will blow your mind Trump helping former FBI lawyer Lisa Paige was officially summoned to appear will appear in front of a closed door congressional hearing this Wednesday and in passing after days of illegal cover lisa pages my boyfriend once the trump disgraced aid agent FBI Peter struck, he will testify that you will get see it in front of the Judiciary Chamber and oversight committees that will be right live here even on Fox this thursday will be public this will be explosive and of course hit is the high ranking agent at the heart of this effort to clear Hillary Clinton of all charges while opening a suite witch hunt in Donald Trump and so-called Trump Russia collusion now this Thursday also hit will be forced answer six green polarization and more important to be forced to answer questions about the the FBI culture what political role prejudgment played in the FBI's decisions in 2016 and beyond expected new actions on Capitol Hill also involving the FBI notorious anti-trumpet textures with the word Lisa page as an in camera interview with the Judiciary Committee of the House tomorrow a day before Peter hit testifies in a congressman of public hearing Andy Biggs a Republican from Arizona seat on the Judiciary Committee of the House of Commons and he joins us now hello member of Congress can you tell us what you want to know about this woman lisa page that we have heard a lot about what we saw text messages anti-trump why are you bring it into this closed door interview well we have to find the context of what she said what made she means when she said we had to stop what did she mean when she talked about an insurance policy with Andy McCabe what was happening with Andy McCabe tells us about hit hit leads the hrc survey he also led the Russian collusion investigation what was his role with that and how did he go and how much did it really infect all these surveys and the result and it's one of the things we really are will focus on the mandates of FISA still signaling not answering these questions for you not fully not and so we need to hear from her and and get an expansion on what I think the Inspector General of whom he spoke and one thing he said did not directly influence decision-making, but he said it also indirectly affected if we go Look, we need to nail a little little more as well the calendar on the right where they were trying to speed up just in the end before the election so they could get something on Donald Trump before the elections is of interest and also recently the media role in the survey we need know about it and so there is a new things there that we have not heard before do you think that I will answer your questions well Sandra that's the real rub because I think Peter hit was extremely well prepared by his advise the FBI's lawyer as well I Imagine she is Lisa Paige is going to be tell us that there is confidentiality that there is classified information and I think it will sink and the guys coming out tomorrow at least I hopefully and be right now she is sitting willingly it's my understand that she enters and I imagine she will say class there are classified things so we will have to come back and have another classified hearing probably well is it already in the works not yet we will have to wait for the testimony but I would not be surprised ok so it looks like we could see the same chain of events that we are peer hit because he first sat in camera with members of the House and now we will see him testify publicly Thursday, what are you waiting for that Well, I wonder if it's really will show his lawyers kind of get away from that now Let's see if that happens but we are will nail it a little bit more you're going to have the whole committee will participate so that will be to be a more active discussion and we are will get their inferiority again infect investigations in the three areas because do not forget hit was also on the Muller investigation team as well we have a whole series of things going on down and we want to find where the the media were and hit was around when that would have happened so we have to find out more about it then what the communication was there with Peter Struck's lawyer he might not show on Thursday he publicly declared that he feels like this is the kind of the solution is if you want it not going get a fair shake necessarily and so he wants him not to be sure he was going to bring him back thanks from what we heard last week his lawyer ok so right now you're planning a hearing on Thursday and he's going and that he will be there I am preparing I am preparing my questions and I know that my colleagues are as good as we are just assuming it will show until we get there and if he is so he is there so big you are not then we will have to take the next step well the deputy the president on Air Force One just tweet about it I'm on Air Force One flying to NATO and he reports that the Peter Lover FBI hit and Paige have cold feet I testify about the witch hunt led by 13 angry democrats and people it works for Obama for eight years total shame because he clearly has a lot of questions as well thank you for commenting to come the program will come back, hopefully, after you hear both yes thank you Sandra so this will be an audience hearing watch the FBI agent Peter fought back Capitol Hill this week testifying before the Judiciary Committee of the House about a there is the week struck gave the door closed testimony to members of the House Judiciary and Control Committees a member of the two committees of my invited now darrell Issa California Republican sir how are you and good morning to mine what do you think you're going get from Peter hit under oath well I think especially what we will be able to ask him directly and in open court is with these damning words clearly bias is shown in what he said in private communication how much is it going owned in public hearing so agree his lawyer said to turn off the transcript of the hearing in camera although that has gone well it's a decision to chairmen and committees I would like to see him off I think the actions of the Democrats and this private audience in where they tried to train him cover-up would definitely say to the American people but it's a decision that does not require how you think he executed them under your questioning and opposite oh I think he played as a smart lawyer constantly coming back on the basically I can not tell you about the advice from the Department of Justice who was despicable in the name of both and shame on him and shame on Justice Department to imply that what about a hand he means our private communications with a friend too somehow when you ask him questions he can not answer it because there is also a lot of citizens going on yes his lawyer Interjected often is this true was that case when you were there Oh worse than that a lawyer for the US government attorney paid by the Ministry of Justice multiple times inter and and that really bothered us and he continues to you know one of the challenges with the Trump president draining the marsh is the Department of Justice continues to have many swamp creatures who have not changed what they do the time when Peter was a leader in try to make a case against President Trump while he was still a candidate they are still here and they are still undermining this administration not Rudy Giuliani does a lot of interviews apparently Michael Cohen spoke a a little to I do not know where he is where he goes all this but here is the former mayor the the president's lawyer you're talking about a bias inside the Muller team he said this the reality is that there is the biases to explore surrounding moer how could you finish hire a group of people who are prejudices and biased that this group in this record is at least extraordinary and so how can you expect us to just ride our client like a lamb going to the massacre then what he said for months is now up to the challenge Bob Mulder to assign the president and they think they win this case in the judicial system what he added yesterday was this gives us a factual basis for a crime before we even talk about sitting for an interview that was slightly very different is something that Rudy Giuliani as mayor and and as prosecutor has a unique ability to to do that is to rise above the clutter that everyone is talking about and asking the big question what's up take after a year and a half for the special prosecutor for for Bob Waller to prove that there was a crime directly bound or by the president that he did not he did not come near him and since his mandate is to investigate a crime that you at less to know if the crime existed and you can not go to the President on the date of his sin order to establish a crime this is simply not the case it's done by the way that's not the case it's done for senators or members of the House you have to show that there is a need to interview someone of this status and right now he may have a warrant to find a crime but he did not find one that is linked to any reprehensible act of collusion with the Russians the very things that this has been put in place by people like Peter Straub remember that there is a very good chance at Peter and his cohorts again and again and again we see that they create the appearance of wrongdoing in order to do the spying and to do it investigation it's just a continuation of it unless Muller comes with a real fact and he did not been able to do it you know it was people charged for things 15 years rather than find a crime that occurred during the election other that Hillary Clinton's people clearly distort facts with people like Peter hit being facilitators Thursday 10:00 am the audience we will watch he lives you [Music]

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