Justice League NEWS MAJOR Justice League Post Credit SCENE Breakdown And DARKSEID Thoery!!!

what is good YouTube Warstu here with a video on the Justice League so Actually out in this country It came out last night midnight So hopefully you've had a chance to go watch it as we're gonna be discussing The post-credits scenes in depth and give context of what happened and what it actually means for future DC properties But if you haven't already Maybe think about checking out my twitter at more shoot and Instagram at Worcester you to never miss any of my content And also maybe think about subscribing so careful for spoilers if you haven't cashed the movie yet Ever else you're gonna ruin it yourself So there's actually a mid-credits scene and a post-credits scene which is a fairly new thing for DC So the mid-credits scene is the flash in Superman? Ezra Miller and Henry Cavill Racing it's pretty fun

Just a fun comic book Easter Egg I guess you could say Fanboys the comic books world from where they teased this throughout the whole scene and when a Superman returned and Barry Allen the flash Was trying to race around him and how Superman turned his head they were teasing this all The way throughout and then again at the fight with Steppenwolf there were T's in it they both raced off Individual ways Barry save the guy in the car where a super hand picked up the building which was kind of funny So they teased it It's just a bit of Francis, but realistically we all know that the flash is actually faster than that Superman so the main post credit scene that made Everyone in the screening or screenings I see in a fanboy out was of the next one so the end of Batman vs Superman Batman had said it to Lex Luthor you're going to Arkham so Lex Luthor was Really cut from this movie and so was death row and this scene pretty much confirms that that was a lie But they left this scene for a post-credits scene because obviously movies ending and parts the movie changed around a little bit, so Neither would cut their setup in it so the scene starts by the camera looking at a bold man Which most people presumed whilst Lex Luthor? But it wasn't so they turn his head around and he start on our laughing, and it's a random bowl guy at first But then I realized that it actually could be a character That's currently in season fourth Gotham called Victor's ass It could be him Maybe T's in the future DC character He's basically a serial killer with no regard for human life and He cars a mark into his skin every time He kills someone slowly curving his whole body with scars, so that's like an easter Egg if it is him so next scene we see is a boat Approaching a yacht Sorry, yeah a boat approaching a yacht We see Deathstroke meet and Lex Luthor on a yacht Which made me absolutely found what I was such a cool moment Lex who escaped from Arkham Deathstroke takes off the mask And reveals his eyepatch and his crash hair which is pretty cool Lex tells him that the Justice League Have been formed with the return of Superman, and they need to form his their own league which is pretty pretty cool But if you've been following Justice League closely you know in 2016 September Zack Snyder teased teased a storyboard of Deathstroke Meeting with a bald-headed man, so you could see the scene kind of mile off I kept saying Lex will break him out yo, but I didn't expect them to tease the injustice league or maybe they are teasing Legion of Doom recently an interview Ezra Miller who plays the flash said he'd like to see the injustice league For justly – but let's be honest guys these actors who play the roles and movies have no Say, they have no kind of input to what happens in the movies at all so either They are teasing the injustice league, which is the opposite of the Justice League? Which included people like Lex Luthor Joker cheetah and Derek and Bane other people that would be cool Or it could actually be the Legion of Doom which recently appeared on the CW show Legends of tomorrow so some people may be aware that the actor who plays death row drove German gelato butchered that name tweeted an image earlier this year of him wearing a legion of doom t-shirt But what side tees interestingly enough it was black and white The writing was white and the background was black Just like to just see colors So while they teased in the fact as hats Deathstroke? The actor plays – track with T's and Legion of Doom months before this scene was revealed and obviously Lex Luthor was Some leader of Legion of Doom basically a group of DC super villains, so that's pretty cool Deathstroke movie silent movie is rumored Lee going to be happening and so Warner Brothers haven't officially confirmed it so I'm not gonna go on record saying that it's actually confirmed because no one has officially kind of Warner's haven't announced it as part That's like Lex Luthor it's now free from jail Not officially be seen to escape So now he's free to maybe appear in Man of Steel 2 which would be awesome, so it's pretty cool because jesse eisenberg interpretation of Lex Luthor looked more comic accurate in this Justice League post-credit scene but for some reason a lot of people don't like Jesse Eisenberg interpretation of Lex Luthor personally, I think it's a pretty good interpretation But obviously you can't please everyone anyway guys if I missed anything in those post credit or mid credit scenes Let me know the combo down below guys

Have you watching movie? What did you think what do you think of the post credit scene I'd go watch again If I'm gonna go watch it again tonight Just for the post credit scene it was so cool Let me know what you thought the movie Let me know what you thought post credit scene Do you think they build up to injustice league? Do you think they'll building up to Legion do? What do you think is gonna happen injustice to up? In the Justice League – sorry are we gonna be getting dark side as there was a bit of a dark side tease Anyway, guys, please like so and comment if you can check matura I'm was Morse – don't be cool Instagram Hot war shoot as I do posting them freaking me analyze join a notification squad – never miss a video I like this and I will catch you guys in another video very soon catch you

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