Justice League NEWS Parademon Attack Trailer? Post Credit Scenes DETAILS? Lex? Black Canary In JL?

online age what did you do this weekend nothing very interesting I need warriors I mean thank you we do this together Blackheart Justice League what's with you chief What's is good youtube Warstu here with another video on the Justice than me let's speak Justice League news so you've seen the parademon trailer before this we see gal gadot with a parademon for the first time properly a proper in-depth look we get to see Barry Allen being saved by Batman so other than the Batman the guy without any powers and it looks like it's a scene when they're all taking on Steppenwolf which is very interesting so yesterday we had the social media embargo drop and there were a lot of positive reactions 90% of being positive we have some click betas on YouTube saying mixed bags they weren't mixed bags guys most the reviews literally said it was awesome ahead said it had a few negative things about it but that's standard with these kind of things so there was two post credits scenes confirm Jason Momoa told everyone to stay to the end of the cinema but now big companies like comic comicbookcom have said wait till the end that says to post credits scenes which is pretty cool so there's a massive rumor going around that Deathstroke is talking to Lex Luthor and he's gonna break him out of Arkham Asylum because he remember him Batman vs Superman right at the end Batman threatened to take Lex Luthor to Arkham Asylum but what's interesting is Lex Luthor's supposed to be a big part of the actual overall narrative for the Justice League movie but maybe this is a big setup for Man of Steel too and a setup for Deathstroke silent movie if you remember a year ago Zack Snyder shared the image of him cosplaying and he's drawing a storybook story arc and we can clearly see a bald guy and Deathstroke so this scene was definitely shot and it's definitely there but I've said for months that this Deathstroke breaking Lex Luthor out has to happen somewhere inside the movie and really it was in the kind of test screening that happened three months ago so it's getting pretty cool if this scene plays out at the start of the Justice League or towards the end but actor Karen Hines did say that Lex Luthor plays a big of the movie but he doesn't actually physically interact with anyone else inside the Justice League members at least so it's a bit misleading in terms of what's gonna happen and supposedly well this is just a theory the second part is dark side killing Steppenwolf I think that would be really strong we send a mass message message out to DC and comic book movie fans that Darkseid is the biggest bad biggest bad villain ever so recently Ben Affleck has something to say which I am really happy about it was also confirmed with the critics saying you think you've seen a lot from the trailers you've seen nothing that's why it's cool for me to play the first trailer so he said this none of the Justice League secrets have been revealed well I think at anytime you're making a movie you're telling a story you don't want to give it away these movies play these these people play a lot of attention to them so you have to work a little bit harder to keep secrets there's some cool reveals and fun twists and so far we've managed to keep them secret obviously this was at the 8th and obviously the social meet the actual review embargo doesn't drop to wednesday so I believe these twists and turns haven't been revealed yet which is interesting because the whole cast during the London press section kept emit rain that Superman was dead they kept saying over and over again Superman's only in a dream sequence Superman not physically in the movie so I'm presuming there's a massive fun twist to the kind of Superman 20 buck which is pretty cool because one critic said oh wait I can't he basically said that he couldn't wait for anyone for everyone to see this Superman serum and he can't wait to talk about it so that's pretty cool and also there's rumors that Superman and the flash get into a race which is gonna be iconic in is pretty cool but let's be honest guys we all know the flash would destroy me in a race that that's just period so sink interest that came from Twitter last night so someone has seen the movie called Jeremy Cod run I believe that's how you say his name I'm thinking off the top of my head so when Aston is the black Clara in the film when he said kind of which is which has led people to think in that even if it's Easter egg are they hinting that maybe there's a green arrow movie in the lines that people have wanted many years obviously the arrow TV show being highly successful the green arrow movie would be successful just for that premise or are they hinting to a birds of prey movie with Black Canary so it's pretty cool because a lot of critics did say there would be a lot of Easter eggs so maybe there's just gonna be Easter eggs too like arrow Black Canary I mean the flashes of May is a big part of the arrowverse so if the flash can be in a DC movie why can't the arrow be in there and there was supposedly a lot of hints to Justice League – from what I was reading they left the movie in such a way that they could set it up for a second part without committing to one character being the big bad so that makes me believe darks like maybe maybe there isn't a dark I teased but if they leave the movie in such a way that they don't they're not committed to actually having one big bad maybe dark side isn't there but from what I'm reading that is a strong dark side tease or presence somewhere so guys let me know what you think about Justice League reaction reviews people misleading you saying it's a mixed bag when if you read them there is no mixed bag everyone's consistent says some problems with the movie is the villain let's be honest guys this is a problem empty you have had for a long while except Loki Heller and maybe fast we haven't really seen them they've had some pretty bad villains like Ultron Rowan I can t remember the villain for the first Avengers movies that's how bad the MCU villains are so this is the same with the kind of DC EU I mean doomsday wasn't the best villain Ares wasn't the best villain I mean the Joker in the Dark Knight that's probably in the best villain in any kind of DC movie period so guys let me know the con works down low what do you think about his post credits scene suppose II being Deathstroke and Lex Luthor what you think about Black Canary and arrow being alive in the DCE you I think the arrow move your Black Canary movie would be awesome and let me know are you gonna go see it maybe how you gonna go see a movie when you're gonna go see a movie and who what's your expectation for each one of the characters and just as a side note everyone's moaning about the CGI on cyborg I mean from all the traders and stuff that the CGI looks pretty cool to me but I don't know guys anyway I'm gonna be watching man Padma versus Superman or by dish' tonight if you guys want me to do a kind of review about it maybe I might do it maybe I'm not sure I think it would be cool as I'm rewatching Man of Steel but another Superman one run inside and kind of Suicide Squad though Suicide Squad is relevant to just leave maybe I'm just gonna re-watch more before I go what's Justice League this coming week anyway guys please like subscribe and comment that would be awesome hit that Bell button to never miss a war see video and I will catch you in another video catch ya later

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