Justice League NEWS Post Credit Scene LEAKED? MAJOR & Justice League 2 Set Up?

what is good youtube Warstu here with a video on the Justice League so happy Justice League week so the movie comes out worldwide Thursday on Friday the premiere in LA was last night which was pretty cool I'm not sure if you watch the footage of it let me know if you did as they were live-streaming from the red carpet so I will be watching it tomorrow night in Leicester Square then yes again on Friday as I already have that book so I can't wait so the post credits scenes have been ruined I guess so you guys want me to talk about it so I will Jason Momoa did confirm to stay to the end and lots of critics did so we knew they were coming and some honest guys I predicted these post-credit scenes they're so long they aren't really sporty and to be honest if you don't know the context of them you shouldn't really be talking about but as I'm one of the just one of the Justice League reviewers kind of news people who likes but content you guys love it let's go over them so potential spoilers if you don't want to know click off now so let's go them so the footage begins with a guard at arkham asylum approaching a man who appears to be lex luthor however upon turning the prisoner around we see it's merely a decoy meanwhile we cut to an earlier familiar figure standing abroad a speedboat which docks next to a luxury yacht upon boarding the yacht the thicker is revealed to be Joe man gelato Deathstroke who is greeted by a far more comic book area at least in this appearance version of Jesse's Heisenberg and Lex Luthor that we saw in Batman vs Superman Lex greets the mercenary and quickly discusses the return of Superman before the footage abruptly ends apparently ahead of the scenes actual finale Deathstroke appears certainly confirms Jason Momoa Ackerman's thing when he says as a fantastic prose post-credits scene it's nearly a year and a half since they tease the Deathstroke image test footage so guys let's go over this this is not really spoiler territory because I kept in that Lex Luthor would be broken out of jail by deaf drug it made sense obviously Deathstroke was meant to be the villain for the Batman movie but then Matt Reeves took over and wanted the whole script to be rewritten so it appeared that the change script so now it looks like that stroke could be a Batman villain or this could be a tease for his own movie having Lex Luthor in the post-credits scene to me does this mean he's not actually gonna appear in the movie like I said I've not watched a movie yet guys so no spoilers below we are just speculating based on what we see but it's really interested in that they use the Lex Luthor and Deathstroke footage for supposedly a post-credits scene but let's be honest guys you can actually watch this footage if you want to I'm not going to kind of spoil it because I'm not into that kind of thing so it's pretty interesting and the other post-credit scene is Superman Henry Henry Cavill and the flash Ezra Miller have a race which looks pretty cool this is there just for fanservice and it'll be such a fun scene if you're can't look fan you would know they've had races loads of times like Superman races the flash in 1967 it was a tie the race to the end of the universe 1967 able to tie raised to save the universe 1970 the flash wins grounded part 7 Superman wins but this is quite funny guys because if you know anything the flash will always beat Superman so let's talk some numbers Superman is moving at 2,000 miles per second person miles per hour which nope he's moving 2,000 miles a second which equates to 120,000 miles per minute and also it's 72 million miles power which is Muk 9350 which is awesome I believe this is the fastest that Superman's ever traveled under the Earth's atmosphere and the flash travels with his connection to the Speed Force implies he's traveling faster than the speed of light he travels at six seven zero six one six six nine two miles per hour which is so fast in the Superman comic 709 Barry says he can perceive events less than a attosecond so the flash is just ridiculous so this is quite interesting because both these post-credit scenes don't particularly it's here a villain for Justice League – I suppose you could say maybe they're setting up the injustice league which does include Lex Luthor and Deathstroke but let's be honest guys we all know as we all know we're getting a dark side teased somewhere in the movie so like it said that the slightest guys like will be watching the movie tomorrow in a special screen thanks to all you lovely people you subscribers I've got the opportunity to go watch it in Leicester Square on the massive screen which I can't wait to do don't post spoilers down below guys theories speculations cool but please don't post spoilers down below as this channel isn't really about spoilers but I've had over 20 inch Graham direct messages asking me to go over this so I wanted to go over it but I'm not really wanting to do stuff like this anymore because it just ruins things I mean we're going to talk about more in depth once I've seen it because I don't think I can articulate what's actually happening until I see where the Deathstroke or electorally that actually appear but from what people are saying Deathstroke is so badass which is awesome because in the Erebus Manu Bennett approaches the kind of death Drake characters so well that you got credited as being a good Deathstroke by the crater of Deathstroke anyway guys please like subscribe and comment that would be awesome help the channel grow let's try and get to 10 power subscribe by the end of the year hit that notification button down below guys and I will catch you in another video very soon guys catch ya later

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