Justice League NEWS Post Credit Scenes CONFIRMED!!! Darkseid And Green Lantern To APPEAR?

do you get technical I'm on TV Oh we do this together what are your superpowers against a rich they'll take you from here do I know you what did you do this weekend nothing very interesting on November 17th don't miss the extreme experience of our new film and join the league in 3d or 40 if you're one of the first to book your tickets right now the popcorn will be on us stop right there I'm in check out this amazing epic action-packed film don't miss Justice League on November 17th in a cinema complex near you and experience the magic of the movies what is good youtube Warstu here another video on the Justice League movie so just see movie comes out here in England next Friday and in America next Thursday I believe just video may contain my exploiters at least I don't think it's spoilers but someone may come out and say I spoil it so in a recent interview with actor Jason Momoa who plays a command in the Justice League movie and also in the forthcoming aqua movie at the end of next year Jason Momoa she's something major that fan should stick around through the Justice League credits so Marvel have been doing post-credit scenes for so long and the only time DC extended universe I guess you could say that have done it was during the Suicide Squad and if I remember correctly it was to Bruce Wayne and Amanda Waller post-credit scene so this isn't the first time we're gonna see a post-credits scene so during the interview with BBC radio I think it was he had this to say they do the actors said confirming that the fans will need to wait for the extra scene you got to sit through the whole thing and go through the credits after the interview described the scene as excited murmur confirmed that the scene had slipped his mind and it sounds like it was one shot by the infamous Zack Snyder opposed to Joss Whedon and reshoots I forgot that it was in the script it's fantastic so that's pretty cool it does confirm rumors and sources that I had been told before that there were multiple post-credit scenes so this is pretty standard now it mean if you go to watch a movie they're gonna want to promote another movie inside the movie because if you've watched a movie and you've left not wanting to watch another movie then really that movie has actually failed so there's been so many rumors about what the post-credit could be but seen as Jason Momoa is a saying you've got a sit it's probably an app command mirror kind of tease because he is the next DC film coming up next year they're finished wrapping Aquaman so it most likely will be that but there's also been lots of other rumors that there could be Darkseid apocalypse beast Darkseid teased at the end I'm gonna keep saying it's gonna happen because originally that was the plan to have a dark side teased dark side was supposed the movie so if they're gonna cut in from the movie a melis put them in a post-credits scene also flashpoint movie could be teed up as we don't know when Justice League 2 is coming a lot of people speculated to accumulate that flashpoint is going to be Justice League 15 as if they're doing the flashpoint movie properly it's going to tell a lot more than that the narrative being based around the flash even though a lot of flashpoint was based around the flash but you had Martha being the Joker you had Thomas Wayne being Batman etc so there could be multiple post-credit scenes Aquaman Green Lantern Shazam Darkseid what you guys think the post-credit scene could be there's been lots of rumors I mean apparently one of them is the flash race in Superman which will be pretty funny to see cuz that would be pretty awesome so Aquaman really comes out in December I believe post Justice League so there's gonna have to be some kind of a little tie in at least so in a recent interview I didn't want to mention this but it's just very strange to me seeing as we've had the flash in the Suicide Squad movie where he caught Captain Boomerang put him away and he was in Batman vs Superman as well I'm pretty sure I got caught the scenarios right but he wasn't both them in small cameo roles well it's come out that Justice League doesn't actually say that barry allen is the flash which kind of makes no sense because if you see in the extended a Batman vs Superman you see that when he's looking for the flash he has the emblem and obviously when we get the nightmare scene he's coming back and he's in the flash suit I mean if it's got no name why has he got the flash suit Ezra Miller had this to say Barry is just barry at this point there's even a scene that was cut from the movie where he's going on and on and on trying to figure out who he should be and what he should call himself so yeah he doesn't have a sim her name just yet um which is pretty weird because I'm pretty sure that Bruce Wayne either says in the trailer where he throws the Batarang at him Barry Allen all the flash you mean quote me if I'm wrong but it's been odd that everyone else has got a superhero name cyborg shouldn't be established either if the flash isn't established now we know that a flashpoint movie is going to be the origin story of the flash but if he's gonna have a connection to the speedforce or like we've seen multiple trailers that if you can move faster than light I guess you could say why are they caught in the flash and it also might not say this things have to progress you know I agree this original Barry Allen was played an incredible incredible a clever scientist we acknowledge that and respect that we want to apologize to the fans who are mad about the ring there the fascism even racing about the ring thing he outlined so yeah it's kind of weird how the whole kind of Justice League is based around the flash weirdy because the flash looks like the most fun character in it Jason Momoa out come on looks like a badass but it looks like the movies gonna bake them round the flash so for the flash not to actually have the name the flash he's gonna be a bit weird and if he's not called the flash and we have a bar board he hath on the reverse faster no that's gonna be really weird because in the rig in the earlier trailers we had Henry Allen in jail with Barry Allen bitters to visit him in and if you all know the story where Nora Allen gets killed and his dad's framed for it but really is Evol thought so if a reverse flash is gonna turn up in post-credits scene for example there now it's coming it's strange that a character that has actually appeared in bat versus Superman and Suicide Squad who should be more well known than cyborg and Aquaman because he's appeared more hasn't actually got a superhero name so that's very weird so guys let me know in comments down below what post-credits scene do you want when are you going to watch this epic movie that we've all been waiting many many many years to see and who do you think is gonna stand out and is the infamous dark side is its dark side gonna tell I'm a massive dark side fanboy if you follow me on instagram you see I keep posting dark side images as I really want dark side to turn in the movie anyway guys this is a short video just on about the post-credits scene being confirmed cuz yeah Jason Momoa said that so guys please subscribe as you would that be cool let's try and get to 10,000 subscribers that would be freaking awesome like subscribe share with your best friends and all that kind of stuff and hit that Bell button down below to join the notification squad and I will catch you you know video guys very soon catcha later

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