Justice League: Post-Credit-Szene erklärt

The Justice League is fighting in the cinema against bles Steppenwolf, a henchman of Darkseid Kinognger should definitely wait for the guy in this movie, because that reveals a we want you now explain more precisely post-credits scene

Therefore, there is now Spoiler! What is at stake in the scene? We see a bald guy in the cell of Lex Luthor However, as a Gefngniswrter must soon realize that's not the real Luthor Lex So the prison has escaped Obviously, thanks to the help of Sldners Deathstroke, we little later in a see small motorboat with which it leads to a large yacht then here we meet the real Lex Luthor

Deathstroke takes off his mask and we see now for the first time Joe Manganiello as the gefhrlichen mercenary Slade Wilson in DCEU Because the superhero with the Justice League have now founded its own league, beats Luthor Wilson before, but they should also reasons a league What does that mean? First of all, may we us about the first real appearance of Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke happy He was so angekndigt ourselves as one of the opponents in Batman solo film, but now appears the mercenaries and hitman already a little bit earlier on However, Lex Luthor's desire for its own league is obviously more interesting a league of super villains struggling together against the Justice League

So it could well be that the fight against Darkseid in the second part of Justice League is compounded by a league of villains but possibly it could also mean that we in DCEU a new rogue solo film about getting this league What it could be right at the end, is still uncertain at this time But the idea of ​​a super villain league is not new to DC and just one in Cover with Lex Luthor We ask you now once the two leagues before that for bullet Could be considered the DCEU Secret Society of Super Villains This secret organization of super villains We erwhnen because they originally founded in the comics of Darkseid himself has been via a middleman he united supervillains in order to rule the world reien to be

But when the villain realized that they were used, they rebelled against Darkseid, they wanted but implement their own plans ble One of the first who took over the control over the organization after Darkseid, was none less than Lex Luthor Other members of the Secret Society of Super Villains were Black Adam, who soon with Dwayne Johnson will have his debut in DCEU, Black Manta, which in Aquaman solo film knnte are presented and Captain Boomerang, which we of Suicide Squad already know and just Deathstroke The wild card, however, never belonged to this secret organization, as all other villains frchteten before him Injustice League this rogue league has an appropriate name as Gegenstck for Justice League: Injustice League From her there were different versions, but all zusammenhngen with Lex Luthor

The first was an underground except Erorberer called Agamemno, which with the help of Luthor Injustice League grndete to bekmpfen the Justice League But here the Joker could be involved Another version of this league was called Injustice League Unlimited and was designed by Luthor founded and the Joker Here, too, gathered many already known and already angekndigte in DCEU Super villains such as Black Adam, Killer Croc or Deathstroke Names her the Injustice League would, of course, much better in the DCEU fit

The Origin of the group is now solely by the post-credits scene by Justice League easily changed To what extent the founding of the League zusammenhngt with Darkseid remains to be seen but we believe that Luthor negotiates own Beweggrnden good Position with Darkseid knnte him still give it passes through the Justice League's own league keeps on their toes In any case, the DCEU keeps quite a few villains for this League ready and more are already on the way What do you think of a supervillain-League? How did you like Justice League? Write us in the comments

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