Justice League POST CREDITS & Justice League 2 Theory Explained

Justice League unites DC's mightiest superheroes in an epic battle to save the Earth from a deadly threat, and the movie also features not just one, but two cool end-credits scenes Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers, it's Jan here, and today I'm breaking down what's in the Justice League post-credit scenes, what they mean for the future of DC's cinematic universe plus some hidden easter eggs you might have missed

I'll be talking spoilers for the end-credits only, not for the plot or the end of the movie If you want to avoid any spoilers, tap here for my spoiler-free video with the Justice League cast at Comic Con I'm also starting my giveaway for two Justice League: The Art of The Film hardback books which are loaded with concept art, sketches, and behind-the-scenes shots from the set For your chance to win, make sure you subscribe and leave a comment about the movie on this video Let's start with the most important end-credits scene which opens in a prison

There's a guard wearing a cap with an 'A' for Arkham Asylum on it, and if you recall the end of Batman v Superman, this is where Batman was sending Lex Luthor The guard calls over to a bald man in a cell who has his back to the camera When there's no response, the guard turns the man around, revealing it's not Lex Luthor, but a another man who starts laughing maniacally The scene then transitions to a boat arriving at an extravagant yacht Boarding the yacht, we see the silhouette of a figure that comic book fans will instantly recognise as Deathstroke, aka Slade Wilson

And he's meeting with none other than Lex Luthor, who's evidently escaped from Arkham Deathstroke then takes off his mask revealing his signature eyepatch, plus grey-white hair and beard Lex Luthor says that with the Justice League having just formed their own team of superheroes, he and Slade Wilson need "to level the playing field [and form] a league of [their] own" So, this is hugely exciting because it means we're looking at a supervillain team-up of Luthor and Deathstroke, plus probably more villains by the time the Justice League sequel comes around And there are two likely possibilities for this supervillain league

The first is the Injustice League which, as its name suggests, is a kind of opposite team to the Justice League Ezra Miller who plays The Flash has said he'd like to see the Injustice League in Justice League 2, although he's admitted he's not party to DC's plans for the sequel yet The second possibility is the Legion of Doom and there are some hints that suggest this could be DC's preferred option On TV and in the comics, the Legion of Doom has been a principal team of antagonists to the Justice League, with Lex Luthor being the leader in many versions And Luthor clearly seems to be the initiator of the idea in this end-credits scene, plus as a billionaire he has all the obvious resources to spearhead such a project

Most tellingly though is a tweet in early October by the actor who plays Deathstroke, Joe Manganiello, where he posted a picture of himself wearing a shirt with "Legion of Doom" on the front in a similar style to the Justice League title I also wonder whether the meeting between Luthor and Deathstroke out on the water could be a little hint to the Hall of Doom which has been the Legion of Doom's headquarters and is often hidden in a swamp And, interestingly, in the "Final Crisis" comic book storyline, the Hall of Doom is offered to Lex Luthor and his team of supervillains just before Darkseid's invasion of Earth Incidentally, Zack Snyder already teased this post-credits scene back in September 2016 when he tweeted a photo of a storyboard in which we can see a picture of Deathstroke talking to what appears to be a bald man Doubtless, many fans will be very happy at the prospect of Deathstroke coming to a DC movie in the future, but Lex Luthor was quite a divisive character in Batman v Superman, with some fans not enjoying Jesse Eisenberg's take on the megalomaniac supervillain

The post-credits scene is obviously very short so it's hard to judge whether Eisenberg's Luthor will engage a wider set of fans in future movies, but the fact that he's out of prison now also means he's available as a villain in a potential Man of Steel 2 Deathstroke, aka Slade Wilson, is set to get his own solo movie in the DC movie universe and Warner Bros have been in talks with The Raid director Gareth Evans to direct the film So far we don't have details on whether the solo movie might be a prequel of sorts to his meeting with Lex Luthor, in other words a Deathstroke origin story But it wouldn't surprise me if that's what it is By the way, it's possible that the bald guy in Arkham Asylum in the end-credits isn't just a random criminal but it could be Mr Zsasz, a Batman villain and serial killer who carves a mark into his own body whenever he kills someone, and who often appears with a shaved head

The other end-credits scene is a fun one for fans and features a Flash-Superman race In the scene, Flash jokes that the race isn't really a "macho measuring thing" to which Superman quips that if he wins Flash "is off the team" The race is a little homage to the discussions many fans love to have about whether their favourite character is faster or stronger than someone else's favourite character The scene doesn't really give us an answer to this debate, ending in what looks like a tie, in a similar outcome to some of the Superman-Flash races in the comics For example, in Superman #199, the UN proposed a fund-raising race around the world between the two heroes

When Superman and The Flash discovered the mob had set up illegal bets on the outcome of the race they agreed on ending it with a tie, a convenient outcome that ensured neither set of fans ended up disappointed And a similar scenario happened in The Flash #175 when they raced around the entire Milky Way So, did the post-credits get you hyped for Deathstroke? And what do you think about a supervillain league battling the Justice League in a sequel? And if you've seen Justice League what did you make of the movie and how it compares to Batman v Superman? I'd love to hear what you think in the comments below and also make sure you subscribe for a chance to win one of these two Justice League: The Art of the Film books If you're the person on screen now, then you're the winner of my Spider-Man: Homecoming Blu-ray Deleted Scenes giveaway Congratulations and make sure you contact me so I can get your details to send you the prize

I've got more Justice League videos on the way, so turn on your notifications to get those and I'll also add links here as soon as they're ready If you enjoyed this, I really appreciate your thumbs-up, and you can check out more videos you might like here Thanks for watching and see ya next time Yippee-ki-yay movie lovers!

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