kid donates $500,000 to twitch streamer with mom’s credit card…

Alright What's going on guys welcome back to raw matters in todays video we will be taking a look at some twitch streamers receiving some insanely large donations and their reactions, it's absolutely hilarious If you could support the video with a like I would really appreciate that and they from your out here be sure to subscribe that way you never miss an upload I'm gonna have like my own little thing over here going Been watching the stream a while, hope this helps keep it up! Holy giant Hairy nipples that was a great save yeah, u obviously can't swear in a minecraft stream cuz his you know his audience are kids He can't do that Degrade themselves to make that much money And probably a few extra things They would probably all hate me I'm sitting down playing minecraft building blocks how am I supposed to explain this to the strippers? That I just made $7,000 in a matter of like half an hour I'm a little bit skeptical alright elgeols for real, dude like if that's legit if that's legit I Thank you, holy crap WHAT THE HECK DUDE?! Like could you imagine just streaming a video game and somebody gave you $25,000? like even if it's real or fake You don't really know in the moment, but it's it's insane like it really is No way that can't be real, dude That can't be real a partial owner of Google partial owner of Google is watching my stream Yeah, I don't know if I would believe it that far buddy, partial owner of Google watching your stream I don't know

What are the odds really? It's real no worries here's another fifty grand like oh my god No It's not that's that can't be no 75 thousand dollars did they all went through feel so bad for some of these streamers, though Because they get so hyped and then it's not real like that's just that's horrible I'm so confused I was once taught by my mentor to pay forward what I received go buy yourself a nice place I Mean some people like some streamers do get real insane donations, but most the time like with this stuff It's just not real and the reactions are funny, but It's still sad the chargebacks are horrible I've ever seen in my life later tonight But like this is all I have to give left Thank you for the entertainment be Let me get the straight here a partial owner of Google is watching And he's entertained by a Minecraft Shema nothing against that but what are the odds? Your sugar daddy donated you $100 no way Thank you so much, dude Oh You don't even own $100 Wow coming back with the sass Okay You were you weren't you said you you wouldn't stop you said you'd um you wouldn't buy a game of my choice You're about my balance is $113 dude they had to charge back

I mean a hundred dollars is believable like not many people I mean and again I don't know I'm not a twitch streamer, and I guarantee people can prove that wrong It's kind of cool seeing People get excited over money like it really is like this kid his day was made his day was honestly made Not been it's not real It's going in it's going in this is all a scam Ben This is all a scam the guys money But it's not real Not just donate this guy did not just donate six hundred dollars you It's not real You know way to kill the dream, buddy way to kill the dream By yourself for life I love how the caption for that one is go buy yourself a life like that's that's a little harsh like wow Real You spent it they can't get the money back because it's like there's you have no more money You spent it already all right They could only charge back

If you haven't spent it Well the person can still take it back your Pay Pal will just go into the negative and you would never be able to use To get unless you paid off the balance and chances are a balance that big debt cliff tears will come after you if it wasn't Vic's $2,700 in the past how long I've been streaming for I've been seeing I've been dreaming for 12 minutes, and I've made $2,700 say test donation No way This is not a drill Red Alert more Just look at the stream Just look at the stream I'm sorry how much more how much more How much more how much more what is this I don't understand why are you doing this to me? I play Minecraft how much more I'm in high school I don't deserve this high school kids need to make money Just however else I mean once a high school kids wouldn't deserve it Estimation 497 dollars Wait what was the harm he's just sitting there with his mouth open, that's so funny How much from spicy means 80 50 bucks 50 bucks I swear 50 bucks isn't that much of an unbelievable now? I don't know why people are like no way like it's not that it's not an insane American their beds open five hundred dollars You really want to rush over there, but it's crazy huh spawner We got another donation really do need $2,000 I like the camera zooms and he's not even loud

He's not flipping out like the last kid okay Sharpened swords I already do Dude I wouldn't like yes down on the edit go Bri like that Are you here oh Crap oh no Should someone of us fend off yeah, oh, you know, I'll make sure they don't do Wow their bed Donation noise 500k that'sthat's honestly nuts if it was real Nice it's got some freaking captured no no I Well I found nonchalant, this kid is like it just doesn't even matter like he's just like yeah cool five hundred grand even though That's probably not real, but still No no no we're aqua bruh You gotta give some of that tomato Like imagine if you're in a fight call or something your stream with your friend And they get that much money like if raisins think I want some What do they do where are they they're just like? oh crap the other And that's pretty much gonna wrap things up Thank you all so much for watching me enjoy the video, please once again Do not forget to slap a like on and also leave a comment with your thoughts down below anyways videos con so a conclusion Thank you all so much watching once again Do not forget to Like favorite comment and subscribe and I will see you guys in the next one take it easy a

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