Lawless Lawyer EP 1 (ENG SUB) – Bong and Ha on their first case together

Congrats on your first day at work Weren't you supposed to start a week ago? Well, it's all good So, are you ready for this job? I will work until I pay off my father's debt Deduct my daily wages from the debt or something But what about the late payment interest that keeps building up even right now? I will pay all off

As soon as possible (Geum Gang) She's so spicy (*Korean slang for strong) Do you know when you feel most scared doing this job? Of course, when someone owes you money and disappears Nope It's when the borrower suddenly appears so eager to pay Like you now Is that so? Mubeop Law Firm Lawyer King It perfectly describes a lawless person like you You shouldn't use that word to describe someone who can actually beat the law Hey Geum Gang Now

Come with me Let me brief you on the first case Mubeop Law Firm is taking on Sure P-a-r-a-l-e-g-a-l Good afternoon, sir Here it is Thank you sir (The sign: 'Good luck with a new life; We believe in you") Here we are Let's go By any chance, are you seeing anyone? So is that what you wanted from me? You're overreacting, so you aren't dating anyone I see investigating a case is just an excuse As soon as we're alone, you show your true colors But we ARE on an outside duty now I'm working to pay my father's debt And I am against dating a coworker Dating a coworker That's a bit too much I see you finally accept that you work for our law firm Personally, I hate lawyers like you So-called lawyers who pretend to be real lawyers By the way, why are you speaking informally? I guess because you punched me I feel comfortable around you So you're gonna keep speaking to me informally? Cool I'll do the same Lawyer Bong Ah, Paralegal Ha Don't you think we are already perfect partners? -brought to you by gunman <3

Source: Youtube

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