Lawless Lawyer EP 1 (ENG SUB) – Bong hires Ha as paralegal

What is this? Why would you come visit me? I'm not here on a visit I came to see you for a job interview Job interview? You? Interviewing me? Why? Interview for the paralegal position I picked you as a preferred candidate You Do you even know what paralegals do? Ah See this? I'm a lawyer, too Your father owes us money, but there's no way you can pay us back But if I made you agree to give up your body I would look sooooo ungentlemanly So working hard as my paralegal would be a fair and honest way to pa

Wait, what? Paparalegal? Look I am a lawyer Right, you got suspended for 6 months after beating up a judge And now you are unemployed Aren't you? Lending money illegally spying on people illegally you're totally a garbage person Doing a bad job in court as an attorney and taking it out on a judge might make you feel good about yourself But what about your client who relied on you? Who the hell do you think you are? A thug who pretends to be a lawyer like you has no right to lecture me I've met many lawyers just like you Lawyers who treat their clients as a source of money not as human beings Maybe I am not a 'good' lawyer But I'm the kind of lawyer who comes in handy for some You mean, for those who are rich and sinful I mean, for those who are most likley to get the best legal service Why the heck did you become a lawyer? Why didn't you just become a thug? Why did you study law anyway? You have to know the law to break the law Don't you know that? Huh Now, now I'm going to be the one who asks questions This isn't a visit; it's a job interview and I might become your employer Here's an option for you If you do a great job as my paralegal You will get your license reinstated And I will promote you to my partner lawyer Me? Why? Why would I want to be a partner for a JERK LIKE YOU? A woman who has a loud voice and a strong fist like you would make the perfect paralegal for me I'm gonna let you know the interview result right away Let's go Ha Jae-yi (To officer) You can go now You must have a real good connection here Which circle do you belong to? (Congrats congrats! You are now my paralegal!!!) What the Seriously -brought to you by gunman <3

Source: Youtube

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