Lawyer For FBI Informant: My Client Knows What Russians Were Saying During Bribery Of Clintons!!

Lawyer For FBI Informant: My Client Knows What Russians Were Saying During Bribery Of Clintons the House Oversight Committee is now finally investigating the uranium one deal it follows the Senate Judiciary Committee that launched an investigation last week after reports revealed the FBI and evidence from an informant that Russian nuclear officials were involved in fraudulent dealings in 2009 before the uranium deal was approved Congressman De Santis is calling for the Justice Department to now remove that non-disclosure agreement that prevents the former FBI informant from testifying about the bribery scheme before Congress attorney general Loretta Lynch's Department of Justice blocking the informant from testifying last year threatening criminal action against him if he were to do so my first guest tonight is the attorney for the FBI informant at the center of the uranium 1 scandal and joining us tonight is Victoria Tenzing founding partner of the day John ovah and host the ton Z law firm and Victoria also of course the former Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the criminal division of the Justice Department and the Reagan administration Victoria it is great to see you again good to be here Lou and God bless Ron DeSantis yeah the shakes he learned he kicked over this particular can and sounded the alarm and it's just extraordinary that they that the of the state before we even get to the investigation that we learned that the Republican leadership was blocking that investigation a year ago hey Lou they did that to me in Benghazi also exactly they were they were watching that investigation so we are again is that is that speak I'm going to ask for a judgment here trey Gowdy is now the head of oversight why is he not doing something he was the head of various committees including Benghazi that produced absolutely nothing in the way of concrete or results our resolution well we're glad that Rhonda Cengiz is doing it because he's a former federal prosecutor and he's a go-getter on this I think he'll do a great job let's turn to your your informant and the gag order that prevents him from going before Congress are you surprised that the the Trump Justice Department has not lifted that gag order well I did not go to them Lou I decided when I got the case and that was only a few weeks ago that the best person to speak would be the chairman of the Judiciary Committee I think he has more authority in his request than I do so that was my strategy to go and have chairman Grassley and God bless him too because he's been interested in this issue for a couple of years now so he immediately issued a letter to the Justice Department and to me at the same time asking to interview my client so he gave Attorney General sessions until November 1st to took off up that NDA you know we don't even have a copy of it so we don't know what it says but your informant presumably does have a very good understanding of what it prohibits him from doing he does because he was a year ago when he had brought a civil suit his then lawyer was told by the Loretta Lynch Justice Department if he goes forward and he does not dismiss the case his reputation and Liberty are in jeopardy and when a Justice Department talks to me about my Liberty I figure that's a prosecution and extraordinarily this is a gag order non-disclosure that has a criminal penalty for breaching it that's what the Justice Department said Lou I have never heard of a criminal penalty or an NDA not in all my years of practicing law and that's a been a good many also if it does and it it is unconstitutional and it's invalid if it prohibits my client from giving information to the legislature the executive cannot say to people hey you can't give information to another body of the government so it's either invalid or it doesn't say what they said that it's in so where are we it seems like the most expedient measure would be you're the attorney into one of the country's best but at this point why not simply get a decision from the Attorney General to lift that gag order and move ahead with these committees I mean we have as congressman De Santis pointed out three committees investigating the Trump administration without an iota of evidence or a definition of a crime I in the case of the Special Counsel the Senate and and house intelligence committees alongside them carrying on an investigation now in in total accumulative Lee we're talking about over a year and a half of investigation without producing even as Senator Richard burr the chairman of Senate Intelligence but it even preliminary findings because there are not why in the world can we not have just a straightforward answer the American people one time from their government this is what's going on and these are the people responsible call the Justice Department an asset they're going to comply of course I do of course I do well will I think we can consider this a phone call right here good pictures yes yeah well you know let me tell you that for some time now since Peter Schweitzer is a great book Clinton cash right we have had what I call the equivalent of the Menendez case the in the Menendez trial criminal trial it's that he Menendez had all kinds of authority to carry out things for people and he had a doctor friend who gave him all kinds of goodies that's what they went to trial on and there are the prosecution is allowing the jury to decide whether there was criminal intent we already have that for the Clintons think about it we already know that Bill Clinton got 500 grand for a one-hour speech not my fees may be yours and that's just four months before this deal went through with Sophia's and that the the foundation got millions of dollars the 645 million dollars in point of fact and they're wondering 45 million dollars from one deal now that's quite a quid or quo however you want to construct it and the deal went through and there were other things that will that will come out that the State Department did for the people involve a psa's and allowing them to enter the United States and all that kind of stuff is this this goes on but we know the deal went through there's a quid and there's a quote you know and my what my client does it's just put a little more meat on those bones a little more are substantively more how wait for us if you will wait for us the the impact of what he does know and what you may have learned from him well I don't want to get in the business of my violating an NDA I wouldn't ask for any specific it's quite it's quite significant he can tell what all the Russians were talking about during the time that all these bribery payments were made at what point does the national interest become so evident to even even the swamp in DC that I have to make rational decisions about what the Congress can learn and the American people must know Lou I was called a few days ago by some someone from CNN just asking me some questions and I said oh don't you want me to go on and discuss it we'll get back to you I mean we can't even get anybody else but Fox to do the story and America should never forget that

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