Le travail de demain : Humain vs. Intelligence artificielle

Orange presents "Diagonals: a look at digital transformation" The work of tomorrow: the human versus the artificial intelligence

Hello, welcome to Diagonales, the issue of cross-views on new technologies Today, we are meeting to discuss with two great witnesses on a central theme of the digital revolution: the human face artificial intelligence in the world of business Artificial intelligence is everywhere, in algorithms, smartphones, connected objects that we use every day, in autonomous cars and already via the first robots it is also on the cover of magazines and on all lips in new loans said a revolution even more important than the arrival of computers is say at the heart of this transformation during the progress of machine learning the diploma ning also so if it's big words for you a machine learning and diplomas ning know that this is the moment when machines begin to learn and maybe even to be able to think like any technological revolution this one arrives with its lot of more or less wacky predictions of fantasies too so in all of this what will be our place in the company to us humans what will be the most effective forms of collaboration for the teams and their customers also what will be the future models and tools to drive the performance and decisions can be taken in business a lot of questions and some elements of answer in this diagonal number and to learn and understand I invited two high-level specialists that I present you immediately to my left jérôme montceau hello I am you daddy or kopa not very famous robots nao and pepper that we saw a little bit everywhere especially with the president of the republic with which you dreamed the world you have been for many years the number two dates to barran a French start-up who has managed to establish itself as a world champion of robotics you have also realized the prowess of creating the first humanoid robots that's it yes it's saying since you've been starting from scratch you've created a new start-up called spoon as the spoon your ambition completely rethink how robots humans interact you have very original and profound vision in this area you will explain to us you also advocate for an artificial intelligence design local they are anchored in his community that it makes me a lot we will talk about it finally you have a vision benevolent machines and the future that you envision the one where robots will accompany the man on a daily basis without replacing it all in one instinctive emotional relation is well summed up or pretty much laurent alexander hello you are a surgeon you are urologist training neurobiologist graduates from ppary places to buy and ena you founded doctissimofr that everyone knows today you run diane evision a dna sequencing company author of an essay at the death of death you work on the upheavals that will know humanity together with the progress of the teams of biotechnologies you are also the author of a book that appeared in 2016 and deals with transhumanism it's exciting in 12 questions great heathland thinkers the artificial intelligence laurent alexander you recently buzz and with your intervention in front of the senate on the impact of artificial intelligence on the economy video has really gone around the net you have a rather radical vision of the future I quote you declare that all people who will not be complementary to artificial intelligence will either be unemployed with a job helped it will be interesting but also come back finally you think that artificial intelligence will be totally driven by the gaffes and some Chinese giants Europe becoming a subaltern zone unable to meet the competition it is already it is already Gentlemen I propose you to enter directly into the debate and clarify the pros the positions of each laurent alexander I just said you believe it hard like you to this revolution I asked a question a little basic as the finra thereafter how do you see the business world say in 20 years it's going to be very complicated to organize it's going to be a radical change from way of working and for the most important business manager it's going to be the merger of the drh with light I we can not separate how we manage silicon brains artificial intelligence and how biological brain manager human brains so we will necessarily divide the work between silicon brains and brains makes neurons and that assumes that the IT director and the HR director is one and the same person we're going to have a mass salary we are going to have a staff that will actually be mixed between neurons and transistors and according to the moments we will have more or less rapid advances in artificial intelligence artificial intelligence and things that it hurts what is transversal what is badly codified on the other hand it already does it better which is well codified driving analyze a scanner spotted a skin cancer artificial intelligence in 2010 is better than a human and it will not work out on the other hand there are areas where the human will stay superior and the artificial intelligence for at least three to four decades I do not ask anything for the drh who are watching us and who is listening to us that you are planning a change of name of their job it will be more intelligent resource managers yeah it's going to be the brain directors So today is the job of drh and especially to deal with relations in large companies with unions and to know by heart the code of work tomorrow it's going to be a much more strategic resource because we will have to organize the complementarity between intelligence artificial the biological brains it's going to be a very complicated job because as artificial intelligence moves a lot and that human brains do not move much and are very hard to train it's going to be a complicated equation to organize complementarity we imagine it's easy to make humans human complementary but when you are a truck driver well you are not complementary to lorries that drive alone cars that drive alone because they drive human blood there we have no complementarity we have a substitution it plays well we see that when we replaced we have more job if artificial intelligence plus me it's not better than artificial intelligence without me I have no job we will not keep the truckers in the command post when the path is fully done by the other by the artificial intelligence then precisely complementarity to substitutions we will have the opportunity to return I passed confess jérôme montceau you for you first question what are the characters the main features of artificial intelligence of the future what is what is essential when what I see today is that the artificial intelligence that we are talking about is mainly in data extraction more and more we see algorithms that are able to generate more and more responses in beautiful chats while in others in other universes and I think it's going to accelerate and more and more we're going to be confronted with machines that are going to be endowed with intention, that means that an autonomous car will decide to take an erik if one direction rather than another or will decide to stop a pedestrian crossing for pass people but it can also be a lounge that will decide to configure itself in a way adapted to what I am experiencing in the scenario we are currently following and this intention there for me for me raises two questions the first is how are we going to understand his intentions how are we going to be able to anticipate them know that this vehicle is well able to stop and that I can start my my crossing of the pedestrian crossing without risk is indeed a perfect example because it is the question that arises around the automobile and yes of course today we have a code that is simple enough to understand the cases even extremely instinctive just look at the driver Just look a person to know what she's about to do where she's looking at whether I'm actually an object of attention for her is what will pay attention to my behavior and that with autonomous machines we did not today in two in the future we are proposes for the moment and I think it is essential to a balanced relationship with an intentional machine the second question that brings sorry in a few hours in seconds the second question that brings is how are we going to be able to influence the behavior of this machine, but it's still going to be a few people in the world who will model its artificial intelligences or will we all be able to contribute to the development of this intelligence laurent alexandre a tip maybe to give to someone who wants to get started who hears about this universe and who wants to to do all this what is the one to be armed with courage since 99% of start-ups who claim to make artificial intelligence to file for bankruptcy so you have to be resilient 89% to yes it's a bloodbath yeah it's going to be a bloodbath among the small boxes that fall boots the vast majority will file for bankruptcy but knew in the web in 2000 it's the same when there is a technological revolution most people burst open mouths and we in the trash cans of technological history there is no reason on artificial intelligence is not the same massacre so you have to be brave and you have to go because it's good for the economy but as an individual it's a real bet but from time to time you can walk you can become very rich so if you find out along the way obviously wanted maybe already a little bit understood a little can guess this show is dedicated to artificial intelligence or there is for the acronym or aie for the acronym in English so it's clear and I'm just going to start with this simple question for those who are not as expert as you gentlemen that is to say just about everyone know what artificial intelligence answer me everyone in a nutshell what is artificial intelligence almost intelligence I see artificial artificial intelligence is when a computer system learn performs acts that were once thought to be reserved for the human brain Gradually better than neurons are able to do it strella a very vast set of techniques behind and evolving some like the ning diploma are old old technique but that for reasons which we now know quite well was kidding for 30 years and started to walk properly by this 2012 2013 have revolutionized artificial intelligence on can cite all the examples that we know as the car that behave on its own the recognition of form ie all this pattern recognition universe and how can we also differentiate some terms we talk about artificial intelligence and around that we talk about robot talk algorithms we talk about a lot of things and especially skis is not something a real difference to make between algorithms and artificial intelligence jérôme 1 so I was going to take an example a very old example from a person named peter gray walters who created a robot that's called a positive or negative tropic photo robot it's very simple these two photovoltaic cells that are connected to two motors so if you have more light on the right side the photovoltaic cell will power the left engine and suddenly the robot will move towards the light thanks to these positive tropical photos and negative tropic photos you plug it in the other way so the wrong cell right at motor on the right and that of the kid on the left engine and in this case the robot will be back to the light and will run away this coffee peter wolters and he combined a little both he put a resistance that allow to put a certain dose of positive and another that allows to make a certain dose of negative and that's not smart at all we will agree it's a kind of reflex nevertheless the people who were confronting this robot there saw him hiding under the table when he opened the door that introduces the cost of light or by closing the door the robot finds its balance in this new space of light well qualified of intelligent me what I find interesting here is not necessarily to define intelligence in artificial in its absolute but it's to look at how it is perceived and how people tend to to describe an intelligence part son artificial there we are in the SLR and of course after we have other types of algorithms that will open on statistical analysis of analysis of a number of sensors to deduce the actuation of motors and of principles of at the time then precisely if I am in china today where in europe in the months the coming years since currently in China we use almost more than the boots rather than locks of e-mails things like that a boot cat it's intelligence artificial or it's just an algorithm that is programmed to better reflect on the dangers of chalon more than boots cats a chat box and it's a server and we ask questions and as a little bit the call center in may but wanted to have someone alcohol the center one has a machine then actually there are a lot of cat chacha boots it does not work very well yann one of them was talking at facebook says something that in my opinion it's very fair is that the boot cats will stay pretty awful for ten to twenty years today there is a lot of hype 1 as we say how as recently as zuckerberg said about 70% of boot cats are chess at the moment in the West that it does not work very well there is still work for siri answer – knowing the questions we ask him it takes a few more years that's why we do not use it except for small children We are at the very beginning of boot cats in reality it would require a more sophisticated artificial intelligence than I have today so that the chiefs boots is really interesting so this is the next step of artificial intelligence Okay, we're going to get a little more in the thick of things and since we're talking artificial intelligence and humans in business we try to understand a little bit what is the place of each first of all I still have to see which sectors are going to be the first sectors concerned what I understand artificial intelligence can affect all sectors but in practice in the coming years what are the first sectors for which only being obvious see something indispensable everywhere we have a lot of data and where there are rules accounting radiology the image review whenever its transversals not well codified where there is not much data to form the artificial intelligence the human remains very superior so the radiologist and exceed in the short term by artificial intelligence but not the general practitioner because the generalist metal and more trg and more transverse and there are fewer rules so the degree of replacement risk by artificial intelligence does not depend on your level of qualification necessarily classically considered than a radiologist and more sophisticated than a general practitioner but yet he is more threatened by artificial intelligence because there are more rules germond under you for you it will impact complex tasks or only where it can very quickly will expand pretty much to say all the positions of a company if we project ourselves in the long term I do not really see any limits we will be able to intervene in a lot of of places and type of trade on the other hand think a substitution ie a perfect recovery between a job today realized by a man in all its dimension his social dimension his analytical dimension his dimension even information to colleagues or clients think and seven on grandpa complete overlay with the robot I do not think that's how it's going to happen what's going to happen is that it's going to there is a gradual slide from the craft of the man to perhaps more human things maybe things that are more related to communication or empathy is important everything where we take into account emotion as a man of that of a man in front of us and becomes very important that it is a human value she will stay very long human on the other hand robots that can be vowed today to replace a full-fledged job they will attack by functions that will be actually repetitive simple where we can trust it and gradually will find other territories or execute whether it is on the side of complex functions by agents robots sets that will realize cooperate to accomplish tasks anywhere on the artistic dimension but again on the artistic dimension art for me to take interest from the moment it was thought by a man in which I can project myself in which I can imagine having his ideas imagine having the ideas of a machine interests me that pretty little on the other hand if this machine can help a man to have new ideas help to think things differently then in this case there it's going to be a powerful tool and we'll have to look closely thank you I hear you well I have the impression that the Norman people will finish at pole employment maybe face a robot from elsewhere who will take their inscription or because it's millions of jobs that are going to be destroyed killer millions of unemployed in front of saint-thérèse the current upheaval on artificial intelligence is not more important than the millions of jobs that were destroyed in France between Napoleon and the war of 14 there were 10 million farmers who were replaced 10 million peasants took the train on the cities to become workers and left the land 10 million a large part of the French population 80% of the population works French labor and land under Napoleon so millions of jobs can be cited as the example of the coachmen and washerwomen of the cutters 29 thousand water carriers in Paris who carries the water in the floors 29 they were all replaced by running water there were fifteen thousand people who lit the beaks well zen street lights at night in the streets of Paris they have all been replaced by electricity so job destruction we have already seen enormously and 2 million france 116 2 million people who worked in the horse industry in france in 1914 2 million all replaced by the automotive industry but the automotive industry including tourism has created 8 million taxes in France it's okay with this kind of manceau to drive on this point so after ten years of robotics especially humanoids and not humanoids today we saw new jobs appear for example see it's job animator we will find in the movie 3d animation movie mickey and well how do we make move a robot for it to be elegant with 71 summed up by the users and well there we saw new professions appear or its animators must integrate the dynamics of the object his ability has failed by realizing a task so to duty to reform the behavior is what we see today also because we have an approach where the robot and Work with people finally to take people so people will teach shows the robot well there is what we call but it's called it was a little provocation but it's robot trainers and tell him how he can talk how he must answer such and such question is what actions he must do under such conditions so that leads to the next question is how are we going to communicate because there it is now convinced i'm in business there's some swirls around me but how are we going to communicate with his risky dresses who will learn the language of the other or a newspeak that will be like a smell first we talk about robots but the versatile robots they are extremely expensive today boston dynamics robots cost more than a million dollars a piece so we will not generalize robotics in business in the coming years smart robots it is after 2030 so the first rank today is the intelligence artificial of course there is a little rest but it will remain marginal for reasons of cost artificial intelligence costs nothing robots cost money before housekeeping before people make messy manual jobs versatile be replaced before the canteen at channel + be replaced by robots it's going to take years the year we mix rebounds and ray on robots but have looked at a question about the intelligence has on the other hand the artificial intelligence is the subject of the moment so that's the real urgency and how are we going to communicate it depends on the type of artificial intelligence and then it depends where is she in the vast majority of guys artificial intelligence is going to be on Californian servers so it's not going to be home must I remind you that there is no actor who makes artificial intelligence in europe contrary to what we say has no there are on earth 12 artificial intelligence producers in california at In state in washington state with amazon and microsoft and then on coastal China so anyway we will communicate with servers that will be far from home on the shores of the Pacific so we will import artificial intelligence we will not have artificial intelligence in our offices that we have created at home we will as today we consume of android where the applications which has on the iphone at a distance we will be in the same relation we are going to consume artificial intelligence made in peaceful opening on this point the communication with the machines certainly we can think of the body of the robot as the possibility for him to perform an action in the material world to take an object to move is very often the the first axis by which one by which one considers but there is another interest in the body see when i interact with you i interact on other modalities that purely the word i look at you I directs me to you and that it allows you to understand a little bit more what is my intention what I want to do and and it is also a condition that is necessary for you to accept this machine in your environment and a number of scientists psychologists mainly who have who talks about a term they call it the theory of the mind say that when we are interacting we spend our time trying to think what the other thinks we're trying to create a theory of his mind that includes us and well a machine in an environment there is a famous researcher called rené broc up to build a company called riffs inc robotics use this kind of principle so that an arm mechanized in a human environment can be anticipated in its behavior by the operators who are around so the head that is next to the arm will look at the direction in which the arm will go so that the human can anticipate so the communication is not only symbolic it is not only semantic they are also at a level that I call the animal level for example if the eyes wide open also suddenly I open them in front of you you will be able to understand my surprise if suddenly I turn in one direction you will understand that I saw something and this communication is something that we try spoon to exploit to simplify the mode of communication is a monstrous advantage to this animal interaction the first is that it is instinctive we do not need to learn codes and the second is that it is independent of language ie whatever your age whatever your origin whatever your way of being is that beyond you know how to interpret them and that it will simplify radically the interaction with the machines it actually gives what you just tell us yellow to to think that inanimate objects do not have weapons finally we finally have the answer I still have to see but also in what intelligence artificial can help leaders of business leaders worked to manage their team or even downright to make a decision and what you have in alexandre jérôme montceau an impregnating reduce because we are sure we are on technologies that evolve very quickly it depends if we reason tomorrow morning or if we reason in 2025 or 2030 artificial intelligence is going to be a hymn in challenge for the entrepreneur because it's okay much upset the business organization there is a sum of decisions that I take today's business animal and intuitive way and that will prove to be better taken by artificial intelligence than by the entrepreneur do not imagine then it's not a business leader but radiologists are not at all delighted to see that artificial intelligence make a better diagnosis on a scanner than we will have the same thing in the company it's going to be very upsetting for the entrepreneur to be questioned on a number of these pieces of knowledge about a burst of c2c of its capacities then it will not concern all the knowledge of the entrepreneur in six months it will be done over several years over several decades but eventually the business leader will probably have a brawl deeply reworked by artificial intelligence one may even wonder if the bosses of tomorrow are not bosses different from what it is today and if there is not going to be a big reshuffling of the teams if we take the bosses of the cac 40 there are quite a few who are really bad in haiti who understand nothing new technologies it is likely that they will squirt that they will be replaced by the checkbooks are two parties retired by the time everything is ready not a youth action and that will squirt before retirement very good it's your opinion you are eating laurent alexandre meal and how can we manage the manceau make this relationship man artificial intelligence Effective you spoke earlier actually I take this very interesting from the body language look in some way to speak French properly how can we create that then for years I thought the most effective form of interaction with a robot was the humanoid form I did this for ten years with aldebaran and I saw very nice properties for example for example that it creates debates it creates questions about our position vis-à-vis the robot about our difference from robots because a business leader is not just a rational decision maker there is also a human dimension in his decision-making that goes give a path give an emotion give a perception of men on on an action and suddenly this dimension there should not simply hide it to return to the dimension humanoids the humanoid he is he creates this fantasy he creates this debate but he place a level of expectations far too high in the face of what today technology is really capable of doing a robot does not perceive the world as a man he does not see the colors as a man he does not see the movements they extract the symbols dance that surround it as we can do it and even though it was able to do it I think we are enough mischievous to reinvent itself and see different things to get out of this situation of two machines so this wait leads to disappointment in the end we say he does not understand so well that we think that the machine must be considered a creature in its own right something that has his own way of seeing the world his own way of react in this world there and that it must offer us this dimension animal so that we can understand the lyre and accept it in our everyday I think that's how we're going to accept artificial intelligence algorithms in our daily lives whether it's purely digital or also capable of material actions in our environment we know that the air day montceau and laurent alexandre we will continue to dialogue together on this subject of artificial intelligence and the company for a few minutes but I now propose we are interested in a young French startup that has made artificial intelligence and the convergence of technologies without a battleground is called twenty two group is the story of two childhood friends who started by creating an electronic band together they made a tube it's a market then instead of making other tubes they preferred to create a box a box in the techno so his past the electro the techno finally they are reached 70 in a very short time, including five in China where an office has just opened williams she of a co-founder and silo of twenty two group responds to echoes publish shing the vision of twenty two is the convergence of ntic that is to say that we are convinced that one day technologies will converge and especially that technology will get very close to biology the subject is to bring intelligence and bio inspired techno to our tools today we have a triple strategy we have a strategic first essentially on the content we approach the virtual reality augmented reality the mixer reality and in fact we put the technology in the content to be able for example train the teams of a large French aviation group to better manage to react better and in fact our little hobby in all this is to see how the experiences and man behaves in the virtual how we can extract data and how we can see them react each then the second axis is the act precisely here that interests us today because we think that the ia it's the software of tomorrow the first brick that we are developing is an emotional brick based on and computer vision and voice processing and we just learn to machine is not this person happy, is she not happy and then lax immediate business? it is if there is satisfaction customers in the stores today it is hyper intrusive you receive a text message rated from 1 to 10 your thing and that why how and forever to have an empathic review of what happened in the store brief but cameras everywhere and is able to tell if the customer smiled 73% of the time did he look in the eyes the seller is why at that moment he took this product there rather than that one while he looked at it visibly disappointed he so has a second how long he has been in this area, why in fact we have a kind of feeling a kind of notional analyzed of customer behavior that hallucinally because it would take almost a person behind every person who goes into the store to be able to have that back there the third branch of you a little cover and science and in fact in the sciences we found a magic trick it's the brain we realize that it's the remote control of the future it is the hardware of the future our fight is to make disappear the via it is a laptop is a smartphone it's a whole bunch of communication tools but we are convinced that brainwaves will be able control our environment and if we could more cheerful all this tomorrow's hardware it would be huge change his TV thinking about it to communicate just thinking we're working in partnership with helmet manufacturers and we would like to do to intervene way a small sensor eg it is electroencephalogram which makes it possible to isolate the signs we will say the strongest of the brain the alphabet later etc etc so how do I think it will happen on the market and how many years will come the technologies that plia and company in the daily life of people I think that within three years there will be use cases who will start to change some applications in our daily lives think that in five years there will be a mini revolution that will happen in companies is even more service companies I think in ten years it can hurt a lot and I think to enter in two times where we work all with it is clear the stuff the stuff a little bit final around the iia we know it's going to happen whether it's called there or not, it's called push algorithms or hyper intelligent algorithms close to humans it's going to happen the only thing where there is a big or even ning to do on the training all but I think we are strongly to risk to be a nation that is overtaken and dominate and it will impact everyone in addition to school leaving the guy said pij work or the person who at five years of retirement it will impact everyone so what is said here it's moving you train everyone williams so it came from twenty two group when we just listen to it is exciting what they were saying this boy from elsewhere and his adventure are equally exciting he tells us groulx harding the training then and just now when alexandre you tell us that everything happens in the united states or elsewhere and has nothing in europe for artificial intelligence so here's this big barney you see even that borrows him from training we'll get there we have a huge training problem because all these technologies there they are formidable but to know how to control them it is necessary to master the reasoning hypothético deductive you have to master the written word you have to master the logic it's not accessible to everyone and it would be lying to young people to make them believe that any young person can become a good developer is not true foded mathematical logic alas everyone does not have so we have a real problem what do we do with people who are less tech-savvy than we do for people who have less intelligence conceptual in the coming decades that's the artificial intelligence it's a huge problem so in front of this extremely pragmatic and clear and clear statement laurent alexandre jérôme montceau you what it is how do you think French startups companies in France can become Ia champions? then on the dimension education certainly to code a robot it is extremely important that units participate and in the development of the structure of this artificial intelligence is crucial I think for our country for Europe to be able to generate a platform maybe it is still possible I hope so but it will not be the only trades that will come out of the ias is not just the interaction it will not be done only by the code and will be done by the interaction with this machine there also we need dia who talks to us about culture we need to say that he talks to us about art we need dia that help us do drawing so that means it's these trades there will also benefit this accelerator there and that his skills there will be able must be taught must be part of this universe there on this one and I agree with you there is not just one job coding and the the artificial coding of artificial intelligence will be a totally marginal compared to all satellite activities to finish this diagonal number gentlemen I'd like to know actually you have common points of looks that can cross over on certain things Tell us a bit about your divergence points of convergence winged large points of divergence from each jérôme montceau compared to laurent alexandre at so me day I'm not sure that's the way you thought because you're a warning lover on everything what transhumanism is going to bring Me personally I do not want to change my body I do not want to be stuck in my head I know we have for reward some disabilities access to technology and that's good we are there but against it is imagined change my intelligence in white fashion elon musk in me branch down directly cerebral there is something that annoys me the norm because I think that one of the most beautiful interface that we are most sophisticated is the one we already have to interact among us He is the vehicle of a lot of things of our emotion that coded with man did not learn it in our in our face that sometimes even imposes itself on our decision not to display it and and I will be more interested in working on the dimension of the interface with the environment how do we improve it rather than plug something directly into the brain and I think in passing maybe it will be a point of divergence that to do that is to assume that we understood how it worked it summed up all of our gold I do not think it's accessible to us and suddenly these interfaces might be is standardizers on the way we have to evolve and on the knowledge we have access laurent alexandre you are much more radical, especially on transhumanism these young people so I know by the icann I make a statement I do not say that this statement I like i say in the world that comes if the losc actually succeeds in putting devices in the brains of our children and grandchildren that dramatically increases their memory and intelligence quotient everyone will have to follow if actually the techniques of most succeed with his company do not ralink as he has managed all these other companies if he succeeds in making children who have cooked, I do not see very well what our children normal blooming means today are going to do in the world of tomorrow and do you think there is still time to do something that can generate military juries it's going to be hard to bomb California Socios lancelot more intelligent management of free and radical water so so anyway we are going to bomb neither China nor the United States and we will accept these technologies as we have all accepted the smartphone of which none is manufactured in France in reality so to totally and finally close his discussion this time we talked about the human face of intelligence artificial in the business world I noticed in this discussion m several points of convergence there are several points where actually you see the artificial intelligence get to be exploited for the same reasons or for the same purpose in business both on my fate yes completely we share the to the idea that we are still at the very beginning that what we are often presented as being an intelligence is often a little fantastic spooky and that real intelligence will come after I think we agree on it but actually their extra 2030 horizon 2040 it's not going to be a long calm river and it's going to shake us up a bit because we will probably have not artificial intelligences that have an awareness of themselves what are called strong artificial intelligences but we will probably have intelligences artificial that even without awareness of itself will do most of the human tasks of today better than we do them we will have to gallop to find new jobs new interactions it's going to be we're coming out of our comfort zone humanity is coming out of its comfort zone there was since we exterminated the neanderthal man 29 thousand years ago there was only one species having a conceptual intelligence on earth us and all of a sudden patatras a second intelligent species arrives created by us artificial intelligence it's going to be a shock like when there's a kid when you're a kid and there's a little brother or sister who happens then you were an only child it's going to be a shock he'll have to manage that and it's going to be a narcissistic injury important even though artificial intelligence is not that style humanity coming out of his comfort zone the narcissistic wounds this are words I will remember anyway thank you gentlemen your participation in this debate which was really exciting and uplifting I have learned that artificial intelligence is essential that it will be useful in business not only for important positions or complex and conversely not just for simple and complicated tasks we find ourselves in any case quickly thanks once again become and thank you for a participation is found quickly take your diagonal numbers the issue of cross-views on new technologies and by then think about recharging your main device connected your brain

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