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hi it's Austin Benton Thanks you so much for requesting my realtor outreach campaign for loan officers

It gets great results in every market that we use it in here at the agency I'm really excited for you to deploy it into your business In this video I'm gonna show you how you can get me to personally generate a slew of new home buyer leads for you and get started for just a dollar Let's go to my computer screen and I'll show you exactly how this works The first thing I want to do is show you some proof of actual results we're getting four clients not just in terms of leads generated but actual meetings with home buyers

this LO's calendar is booked with 32 meetings all these meetings were made by the homebuyer without ever having to speak to the LO just automatically on autopilot from my lead and so you get a sense of the leads in spreadsheet form here This is the type of volume that we're doing and if you're looking at adding an extra 5 to 10 deals to your pipeline every month I mean if you had this many leads flying in the door you can see a path to achieving those sales goals Let's take a look at the leads themselves and how they're generated from the user perspective The home buyer will find our ad online and the a is position as a fund pre-approval quiz and the quiz will ask them a series of questions about their situation so here's a sneak peek of the quiz itself and I won't step through this whole thing but you can get a feel for what the questions are here Once that home buyer submits the quiz it dumps them on to a page that looks like this and you can see this is really a booking page and the purpose is to go ahead and get those automatic bookings you can see here there's an opportunity for that person to put a time on the LO's calendar and in terms of what you get in each lead you can see there's a whole host of information here your zip code, credit estimate, property purchase situation and just a huge amount of information here to provide an entree for you to have a conversation with that home buyer when you do speak with them so what's the results of all this well I want you to picture a world where you had consistent exclusive leads flowing to you every day and when you spoke with that prospect they were actually happy to hear from you not annoyed where you had homebuyers making bookings on your personal calendar without you ever having to speak with them and you had the ability to scale your business

So, what does the process look like that we implement to get you these great results now a lot going on here on this slide and we don't have time to go into too much detail here but I do just want to give you a feel for what automation looks like in terms of being able to do the heavy lifting that enables you to scale up your business so the first step is the home buyer will go ahead and submit the quiz they'll be dropped on to the thank you page which is the booking page that we just looked at after that a series of three automation points are triggered the first is that that home buyer is going to get a text message from you that text message is going to dynamically populate based on what they put into the quiz and then you're going to be able to have a text message conversation with that prospect it's a little bit lower touch than a phone call right off the bat and that's also a great way to develop rapport They're also going to get an email from you the email is ultimately going to be dripped out and is going to encourage them to book a call with you to get on the phone and make that connection finally we've got Facebook automation as well via facebook Messenger they're going to drop a comment into the ad here and again they're going to be ultimately encouraged to book a call with you and engage on messenger with you so all this looks quite involved but I want to make the point that all this here is 100% hands-off for you there's literally nothing that you need to do it all happens in the background and the goal is to take as much of the heavy lifting in terms of follow-up off of your plate so you can be focused on servicing that customer so at this point you may be asking yourself well how many leads can you actually generate for me well the answer is as many as you want Literally we can generate dozens of leads for you per day whatever you need we can deliver and just to remind you all leads are 100% exclusive to you I don't mess around with shared leads or any sort of aged leads they're all delivered to you in real time and long-form as you just saw in the previous slide So the next steps if you're interested in having me do all this for you is to get on a call with me personally This is not a sales call it's just a call for fit I'm gonna tell you how I can get you a whole bunch of home buyer leads and you can get started for just $1 so literally there's zero pressure on the call So just a final warning here I only work with one LO per city so it's really first-come first-served I don't want to compete with myself so really when you're working with me you own that territory

And really the reason why there's no pressure on the calls because someone will want this guaranteed It's going to close any day now once I'm all filled out which I can guarantee you will be pretty soon so I would suggest if you're interested in learning more and having me do all this for you click the button below and book your call with me and we can have a nice chat about it so I just want to end this presentation now by saying thank you and I look forward to speaking with you real soon

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