Legacy: Michael Shepherd, Q.C., Attorney General

well my job as a government lawyer is really similar to my colleagues we do behind-the-scenes work members of the public do obviously care about the fact that we have a free and democratic society where the rule of law is observed and no one is above the law including the government and so government lawyers are required to make sure that government does act within the law well what's been interested in in public service in government I by taking a political science degree and then I was a legislative intern after that I could have had opportunities probably to work for a large private firm in Vancouver but I wanted to live in Victoria it's really it's really suited me I've had a wonderful career the capital market securities law had become progressively more complex over the last 20 years plus that Michael's been controlling this portfolio for the province we've got a market that's far more international much more global they're the Enable issuers like ourselves to hedge our foreign exchange and interest rate risks so we very much rely on an expert like Michael to help us navigate through these markets and without that we stand a high risk of damaging the provinces reputation well I can remember even when I first started working with Michael one of the things that I found amazing I used to think of him as what I call an issue generator whenever there was something that we were working on Michael you immediately would start saying okay we got to think about this we got to think about that so before he ever started on the project he would have a really good idea of all the things that might go wrong one of the biggest chunks of work that I've done in my career is advising the provincial Treasury on borrowing transactions bond deals I mean the treasury work it's it's big big dollars and those dollars are being used for important things like some of those boring transactions that we did be building hospitals in school and even though I were not actually in these transactions involved in in planning that these buildings and and projects or whatever that we're making a contribution those things are gonna last a big part of why I think he's so successful is that he's gonna be leaving behind a team that's actually a credibly well qualified and by virtue of the fact that he is shared his knowledge his expertise with team members and he's also encouraged them to take the lead yeah so I think the legacy that mike is gonna leave for the legal services branch is first and foremost gonna be the people and I think when it comes to mentorship not only as he mentor and others and what it would be like to practice law but I think he's also been able to plant the seed of the value of internship so that as the years go by and I'm in a position to mentor others I'll have the skills that I got from from Mike to do that one thing about Mike that I think really stands out is that he is a person of very high principles very high values and if you think about the public service values Mike hits on every one of those values and he hits ten out of ten on all of them and I think that's something that is really worth noting I really I really do care about you know the public service aspect I feel strongly and I've always have in serving the public and the community and I do feel a responsibility to make sure that the clients that I've got in the Ministry of Finance are well served even after I leave I would love to do my career over I think I was kind of born to be a public servant and I'm really gonna miss my work it feels like the right time I built that I built a team that's ready to take over and provide excellent service to the Ministry of Finance so it's time for some new challenges I think you you

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