Line Rangers Indonesia September 2017 Ranger x Ace Attorney Gacha | 4500 Ruby

Allright rangers, welcome to RIC Channel & back again with me R77 Allright summer already finish Now entering month


September month September rangers make us surprise because collaboration with characters Character is character

But the problem is this They collborate with Phoenix Wright After i searching, phoenix wright character is a game with criminal type Criminal extraminator, Crime extraminator Game with law genre, collaboration with war game It's amazing right? Maybe first skill is give punishment for ten years? Or second skill is imprison the ranger Right? Well, that's weird Let's check it out Not phoenix wright but ace attorney

Collaboration with Line Rangers There are four character here 3 mans and 1 woman Four new rangers and just like usuall, new gears And this is limited sale for sure right? She name Maya Fey And there's puzzle event We can get Maya ranger free on puzzle or special stage Okay than Usually free ranger for seven grade

But wait a second, All of them are eight grade Thre's nothing else Still not change anymore Before i start gacha, i already prepare one team name NED NED right? Here comes the real one Gacha machine, show me your true power for me There are four rangers What we get at first one? Devilodon sally ultra Nice But this is not what i'm looking for Second, CEO KSM Still ZONK Still ZONK and nothing Seed from August rangers

But the problem is i don't need you anymore Next, i just got his brother Maybe i was in luck today Where's the new ranger? I'm not looking for this First try is zonk Secont try i'm using different language First, Devilodon sally again? I already got this before Second try still got it Yeah i can't read it Still no sign of new ranger The fifth, i got seed from middle august ranger Where's the new ranger? Nothing Allright zonk again Third try using my favorite language Already got three ultra rangers

But the problem is this is not i'm looking for Got phoenix one from four Three more At least got one now Fast forward for save time Got miles Second ranger from ace attorney event Got miles finally One remaining FINALLY Finally i got Godot

This is last ranger from ace attorney Godot, with the highest mineral cost You can see it 3500 mineral cost High right? Spent 4500 ruby just for one godot It's really really crazy I'm speechless for now Really really crazy

This is the craziest gacha that i do 4500 ruby and got godot Finish right now Maybe in next month Finish right for sure Spent so much rubies I really don't want it again So, what i got here? Phoenix and Miles Two agility

And here we are Godot You can see the mineral cost Really really high How much if i ultra evolve? And i've done with the puzzle Yes this puzzle, finish Then i already got maya One of them can i straight to ultra evolve My super leonard eight grade just four right now

If i want to evolve all I need twelve total Do you have suggestion? Which one i should evolve first? Just comment below if you want DEV LR seems stingy now just 0,03 0,03 is just arround four second How about miles? Knockback enemies again I like this one There are four effects Looks like this one like Chun LI For support Well, i have addtional ammunition now Actually, what makes it expensive? Maybe this

What is this skill? Fifth point is duration for point one to four Is it right? Because is the fifth one Duration for point one for four level * 0,05 sec Maybe like that If this right, maybe this one cause make it expensive New skill What about your gacha result? Good? Or ZONK or like me Spent 4500 ruby This gonna be a new record Really really to much Literally i must said

This event is the zonkest event that i ever seen You can see at my gacha Every gacha just got one of them Not Not get same ranger or two ranger in one strike for new ranger I really really sad about this event But recovery with many ultra rangers So for you guys Don't be push to gacha like me If you have strong mental, than do it if you want If you don't want ZONK like this, better not Allright guys, this is my video today Thank you for watching If you like = Like it If you dislike = Dislike it Comment, share and don't forget to subscribe for more video

See you in next video

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