Medi-Share Insurance, How I Saved $10,000 Healthcare Story.

hi I'm Brad Rosley thanks for tuning in today to smart money today's topic is what I'm really excited about talking about because I personally saved $10,000 in 2017 on my health insurance premiums and I'm gonna tell you how I did it and how you might be able to save that kind of money as well a year ago I got my Blue Cross Blue Shield premium increase notice and it's always an increase but this time it had just gone too far I have a family of five I have three teenagers and a wife and our premiums jacked up to over $1100 a month and that's what the very high insurance deductible I said enough is enough when I started to shop around and see what else was out there I had heard some ads on the radio about a company called Medicare so I looked them up they're a Christian based organization unlike insurance companies they're a not-for-profit health care company when I did my research I was amazed there's about a quarter of a million people already using them and the potential savings blew my mind ten thousand dollars a year the premium for my family of five with my high deductible was about three hundred dollars a month it's saving me almost ten thousand dollars a year in 2017 and going forward before making a decision like this there's a few things I had to be concerned about one was the premium what's the cost I said it's saving me ten thousand dollars a year in premium but it can't just be savings I have to look at some other things most importantly was the doctor network was it a PPO it was a PPO which means you get a discount if you go to one of the in network doctors well guess what they use a fantastic humongous network of doctors called PHCs if you know anything about PPOs you can look up that network and see it's very large I've never had a problem with anybody in my family giving them in network doctor the other thing they had that's very important is what other perks do they have anything else that they well they have doctor co-pays they have insurance co-pays and they also have what's called teleconference with doctors I had a sore hand one day I didn't force on the weekend I didn't have time to go see a doctor I want to see see somebody right now they have it via online internet I got online and I was able to set central appointment online the doctor could see me and I could see them and we could have our meeting right then and there at no extra charge it was fantastic I'm taking the ten thousand dollars in premium savings and banking that money if I do have claims guess what now I have a bank account with ten thousand dollars into the going used and paid claims and of course unlike insurance companies that we're gonna take my 11-hour a high premium they don't return any of that premium savings what I don't have that much in claims now I get to keep that money in my own name and in my own account there's a lot to be research on this company it does qualify under the Affordable Care Act as insurance so you don't have to pay the penalty if you have this coverage very important and I'd love for you to take a look at this I'd love to share this with you I have a link that you'll see here that you can click to and request more information now is the time signups happening right now I know for millions and millions of Americans so go ahead and click the link sign up and request more information I also hope that you'll like this video and go ahead and subscribe to my channel as I'll be giving you more smart money tips going forward I'm Brad Reilly thanks for listening

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