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What your birth month reveal about you! Zodiac signs reveal a lot about your personality and that of your family But did you know that the month of birth was also very important to determine certain traits? Find out what your birth month say about you!

The month of birth says a lot about your feelings, your thoughts, your behavior and also how you are perceived by your surroundings Here are some elements of understanding about your personality, essentially based on astrology You'll discover how your birth month, depending on the positioning of the planets affect your character What does your birth month on you? JANUARY

People born in this month are usually very stubborn and strong willed They do not like being directed or dictated to them how to conduct their lives Featuring a very strong determination, they are naturally predisposed to be perfect leaders They can flourish in the fields of education and are responsible workers Their quality: they tend to always say what they think (which can attract their enemies!)

FEBRUARY People born in February, enjoy the company of intelligent people to share great discussions on various topics With their creativity, they like constantly meet new challenges, work on several projects They like to travel, whether by car, train or plane, they love to discover and visit new places The native of February do not need to travel very far to be disoriented

They have an adventurous spirit that drives them to explore the world and move forward, giving the impression of feeling more alive That's why they need to have people around them with an open mind and dreamer, who share the same passions They are known for their honesty and sense of loyalty People born in this month are generally introverted and quiet But they have a very creative mind and a sense of very strong imagination

They enjoy their solitude They love art and express themselves through art They have a fairly hidden personality with a tendency to hide their privacy The natives of this month are very gentle people and their company is very nice They tend to develop a fantasy life and often create scenarios

They do not like noisy places with lots of people and enjoy the quiet and calm moments APRIL People born in April hate they are given orders They prefer to do things their own way and in this sense, they are considered to be leaders Generally, they are people that are noticed and arriving to capture the attention of the public

They love the thrill and adrenaline junkies are! Their strong personality often leads to upset or offend some people Known for their outspokenness, they always say what they think A feature particularly very strong at home They do not like to plan or establish program

They live from day to day Among them, the action precedes reflection They are characterized by their very moody One day, they want something, the next day something else People born in May have horror of solitude and that is also why they have a very active social life and a highly developed network of friends

They like to communicate and talk to people They have no problem expressing their feelings Generally, these people get bored very easily, so they are always looking for new entertainment and news to alleviate their chronic dissatisfaction and wellness People born in June are often admired They have a shy and gentle personality

Very sensitive, they care about other people and what they may experience They are also very creative and love art in general They dislike the disruption and they tend to plan their day and their lives in general They need to look to the future and do not like to live day by day For these people, the act of planning the future is the best way to achieve the objectives

Because of their shyness, they are also deemed to hide their feelings They have a very personal world of their own, hence their tendency to sometimes make it a reality JULY The natives of this sign have a similar personality to those born in June, except that they are more outgoing and spontaneous Although they seem happy and sure of themselves, they can also conceal their suffering to those around them and cultivate their secret garden (sometimes with a dark side)

They are very adventurous and their company is sought by those around them because of their solar personality AUGUST These people usually have successful careers They have an excellent critical thinking and analysis In everyday life, they rely on their sense of logic to make decisions and analyze situations

Often their "human" side is difficult to detect because these people do not like to express their feelings and emotions easily They tend to think a lot and are usually good leaders They are known for their generosity and know how to show leadership when the situation requires They fail to express themselves spontaneously and tend to hide their feelings SEPTEMBER

These people are easily deceived by those around them because their expectations are very high Very perfectionists, they have often disproportionate ideals, far from reality They are sensual, creative and know how to be humble They are always ready to help people in need They are also very stubborn

OCTOBER People born in October tend to avoid confrontations However, this feature does not prevent them to have a very rich social life and be loyal friends They are looking for a healthy and balanced life They are characterized by their optimism and positive attitude in general

They are charming, very talkative, and enjoy the closeness with people NOVEMBER People born in November tend to hide their thoughts and to hide their feelings They are known for their courage: they are not afraid to face situations (sometimes dangerous) without necessarily measure the consequences (difficult) for their actions They hate that dictates the way they act

They are very stubborn and demonstrate tenacity and determination to achieve their goals DECEMBER Very active and have a high energy, the native of December hate staying in one place for a long time They are very proud, this can be an annoying trait of their personality because they often get angry with people following tantrums But they are very brave, paradoxically humble, and constantly seek pleasure in everything they do

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