Michael Moore on Giving Trump Credit and How Close Democrats Are to Winning Back Congress

-But this is interesting because — ´Cause I think there´s this issue now is the Democratic Party sort of hoping for, you know, something to fall from the heavens to fix this and not focusing enough on being a strong party Do you think the focus needs to be on the mid-terms, or do you think that is a lost cause? -Not — Oh

We only have to flip 24 of the Republican seats There´s 435 seats in the House To get the House back, we only need 24 In the Senate, we only need 3 Are we that much of a loser group of people? That we can´t get 3? I mean — Here

Let me give you the statistic Most people don´t realize this In the last seven presidential elections, the Democrat has won the popular vote in six of them Six of the last seven The Republicans have only won the popular vote once in the last 30 years, once since 1988

The American people want the Democrat They want the liberal agenda They believe women should be paid the same as men They believe that there´s climate change They believe in stronger gun-control laws

That´s our fellow Americans And yet we hold no power! -And you point this out in your show, that Donald Trump — You need everybody to admit — That´s the first step, is that Donald Trump outsmarted us -You have to say, "Donald Trump outsmarted us all," and then deal with the throw-up that´s in your mouth -Yeah But I think that´s fair to say

-It´s the truth -You have to give credit there -I mean, generally, in a game, the person who wins the game obviously was better at least that day -Yeah -And he figured it out

He was smart enough to — to convince 8 million Obama voters to vote for him -Which is still — yeah -He was smart enough to convince the majority of white women to vote for him 53% of white women voted for him Smart enough — He was smart enough to know where the state of Wisconsin was and go there

-Go there That´s a big deal Yeah -And I think that he — You know, he knew the right things to say because he was a TV star He knew how to communicate on TV

You keep it simple, you know? You and I are gonna do eight minutes here We´re not gonna do a six-hour harangue on the Emoluments Clause of the US Constitution -No

We´ll keep it simple for TV -Right? -You obviously are very — One of the things you´ve railed against is the Republican — or the Conservative belief system -Yes -But that is an actual belief system Do you prefer that to what Donald Trump is? -I actually — I actually do

People are worried that, well, if we get rid of Trump, we´ll have Pence I say, no, don´t be worried about that Pence actually believes in things We can have the great debate with him He believes in gay conversion

He believes gay people can be converted He believes that Adam and Eve rode on dinosaurs 6,000 years ago But we can have that debate with him And because the majority of Americans don´t want the Republicans in charge, we can win the debate ´cause most Americans will agree with us With Trump, he doesn´t — He believes — His belief system is Donald J

Trump That´s it -Yeah -That´s all he believes in, is himself and what kind of money he can make for himself and his family And that´s a much more dangerous, I think, situation to be in

You´ve got him out there in Bedminster, you know, last week Bedminster, New Jersey Threatening nuclear war from a golf club And I know you´ve made jokes about this here, but it´s kind of like — Seriously, anybody who lives in the New York area, has any good idea ever come out of Bedminster, New Jersey? -Yeah -Certainly not blowing up the world

-No, you wouldn´t want that to come out of Bedminster Well, congratulations on the show And I know it´s going until October Is that right? -Yeah Until the end of October

I´m having a — It´s a great — I want people to come see this, ´cause it´s very — something I can´t do in the movies It´s live It´s in the room It´s different every night And it´s a piece of theater that I´ve written for the times in which we live

And I welcome people to come And I made it part of my deal — ´cause you know how expensive Broadway is -Yeah, it´s very expensive -That the whole balcony is 29 bucks -Oh, that´s fantastic

-So people could come So it´s — -Man of the people -If you don´t have 29 bucks, I´ll help you out! -Michael Moore, everybody "The Terms of My Surrender" at the Belasco on Broadway

Source: Youtube

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