Mortgage Leads – How to Buy Mortgage Leads NEVER AGAIN

Closed Caption by YouTube wanted to discuss about mortgage beads I have encountered it quite a few people and in in recent times people that are in the mortgage industry I want to talk to you a lot of them are struggling just like the Realtors just like the real estate agents out here many people are struggling to keep up with a digital age sadly Zillow is taking over the world sadly some smart people are taking over the world in spite of the water for real estate in spite of the zeros and the digit or platforms that are rolling out on a daily basis taking business away from those people that still want to be traditional let me tell you something there's no such thing as still want to be traditional okay there's no such thing if you still want to be traditional hey I just like the way this is we used to do it like wow like you just said used to okay when a different era we're in the digital age and if you want to generate quality leads for your business for your mortgage business then you gotta pay attention for me for a few minutes okay I want you to pay attention to what I have to say if you're a mortgage person if you have a mortgage license a mortgage broker a mortgage loan officer banker whatever you are in that toward pay attention to me first of all you should definitely stop buying leads so if you buy leads if you spend your hard-earned money on buying leads you're making a serious mistake you're overpaying for for-4 least that would not convert to sales eventually okay so on this video I want to teach you something a little bit different something that's that's unique something that it's not being done in your ward right now and you can completely take over and dominate if you are ahead of the curve okay now the average person when they want to get a mortgage or they want a loan for the business that they want to refinance for there alone for the house or home or they want to refinance for the home mortgage the first place they go let let us not deceive ourselves the first place they go is Google okay they don't go to their family and friends in fact they don't want to text you they don't want to call you in fact you're losing a lot of business from your family and friends right now to people that are smart and using this strategies that I'm about to share with you right now okay the first thing first step first thing first step you need to realize before we move on forward here is that your your ideal prospect the one that's ready to buy the one that's ready to sign up for mortgage right now are going on Google and they are searching and they can't find you and because of that you're losing business to people that they can find or you're losing business to zero okay people in your local area okay and I want to show you a little bit of a different way to approach your business and you don't have to spend a dime ever on on marketing unless you're on the six-figure seven-figure level already you don't have to spend a dime on marketing I want to do something really sleek something that there's no there's no competition right now you can take over okay so let's get into it this is your business the three piece product people process what's your product you have mortgage product you want you have loan product right now you need people okay leads you need leads you need people you need people knocking on your door every day not the other way around you're being taught in to traction our way to go knock on people's doors no you need people knocking on your door people searching people that are this tons of people right now is this week on YouTube searching for loan products for mortgage loan products for their refinance and for the first purchase second purchase and you need this people okay you need to tap into this where are those people again real Google and so how do you tap into them if they're googling how do you position yourself in front of them when the Google mortgage mortgage banker in Woodbridge New Jersey mortgage banker in Lewes California when they Google any of this search is a deep finding you well then we gotta talk about process what is the process they can use to link the product with the people and when I say people I'm only talking about searching it's either they're searching or they're straw with the loan officer that's not serving them properly already so guess where they go they go online to go search they don't ask for family and friends because that's too much of work I think that's too much work for people in the digital age do they want to be calling people and say hey can you recommend somebody for me no they know Google has the answers the problem is that your answer is not being positioned in Google as we speak okay so what is this process I prefer attraction marketing period okay when you're at when you when you're approaching this this this this digital age of marketing you gotta act you gotta approach it with attraction marketing very very simple attraction marketing man what's the process of attraction marketing I call it the three C's okay you create you capture you convert and you gotta keep it that simple if you complicate this you will lose the game okay there's a lot of people being sold a lot of mortgage loan officers being sold is flamboyant process of online marketing that just eventually becomes complicated you don't even understand what they sold you you just wasted thousands of dollars well successful online marketing comes down to these three C's and it's create capture and convert what are you creating you're creating content okay you're creating content that answers people's questions okay the question can be very simply mortgage loan officer in in Edison New Jersey okay it could be that simple and if they can't find you when they Google and Google or they search and YouTube for this information then boom you're losing to people that they can find but like I said earlier the compensation is extremely low for local areas for local digital areas and you can take over and you can start attracting leads for free simply by creating content that answer people's problems as related to mortgage industry as related to the different mortgage programs that are available you want to start creating content around the stuff what I mean by content information okay the information they're looking for to answer their problems and to solve their problem to answer their questions and to solve their problem the let's see here you want to capture the audience okay how do you capture the audience you want to capture the attention and then you also want to capture their contact information but that's leads right you want to capture their attention and you want to capture their contact information if you capture their contact information you will capture their attention because now you can follow up with new content every day and when you start doing that you're creating content on a regular basis you can capture them even starting from them becoming a subscriber on your YouTube channel you're starting to capture attention from that okay and the third sees you obviously want to convert this to deals closed ok and converting these two deals closed is very very simple now let me rewind create when you create concept on a regular basis value you're giving value into the marketplace so don't be surprised if your influence in the marketplace is increasing as a byproduct your brand in the marketplace is increasing as a by-product your trust equity is increasing as a bipolar world people will willingly refer people to you because they see you as the best they see you as a leader in the marketplace why because you're the only person that's creating videos and content that's answering people's questions on the digital platforms okay and creating it's as simple as this four-step buyer you invest time and possibly money into learning everything there is to learn about the problems and the quest the problems that your ideal customer is going to and the questions that they have and when you learn this stuff you learn it that's the second style learning and then you do it doing it in this scenario will essentially be create content around it and of course you should be practicing in the game too you should be working with somebody that has a lot of prospects coming in and you can document a lot of stuff when you're doing and you're in the game you will learn automatically by default so invest learn do but more importantly teach and that's what create is when you're teaching you're sharing contents about the best product loans in the market the top top three mistakes that people should avoid when they are looking for mortgages the first three steps to secure securing a mortgage successfully without losing your life savings all these things right these are content that people that are looking for your service will want to know and if they see that you're the one bringing that to the marketplace you Wayne does that make sense you win okay so that's how to create capture again you want to capture the audience attention and you want to capture by this building by building the list of their contact information because when you do that that's list to become an asset okay not because you're gonna sell mortgage to them over and over because they're gonna see you are the best and refer their friends that be mistakenly rainy do you too late ask for a mortgage office that they will recommend people to you they will refer people to you even after doing business with you so you want to build a list of people that are in the market right now searching they're already searching so you don't have to do much selling so that takes me to the next step which is convert these people are pre framed in their mind to work with you because you create value you capture the attention by creating even more value right and the process of converting them to sales can become completely automated if you want okay and it can be completely effortless see one thing I found is because I'm involved in real estate as well and one thing I've found is that the best prospect do not give you problems you don't give you problems they don't get into they don't get you into trouble they're not asking you a million questions they are convinced they are sold on the fact that you're the one that's gonna help them close a decent simple deal in a trusted manner because you've shown up over and over with content and that automatically in the back of their mind preferring their mind that you show up all the time so they trust you you have that trust equity and they will transfer that to their family and friends and refer even more people to you so content creation on YouTube or on on on your blog blogging is it's literally it's non-negotiable you have to get involved with that you have to create it 30 minutes per day to do this why because it's gonna bring you tons of business if you're struggling right now and you're buying liens and they're not converting into sales that's because you're not bringing enough value to the marketplace the process I just took you through is essentially bringing out giving more value to the marketplace than your competitors and that brings me to step number seven multiple streams of income if you just stock on selling mortgage and that's it and you can find related products in the in the niche where you can sell you're gonna miss out okay now when it comes to multiple streams of income that's something I'm gonna reserve for for for this special class that I'm doing but you want to make sure that you have multiple streams of income you cannot depend on one source of income not in this world not in any world not if you plan on winning in this game long term not if you plan if you're having a solid foundation for your business you gotta have multiple streams of income and an example I can give you is best buy best buy sell TVs but if you walk in through the door you can walk out with candy water magazines you can walk out with stuff earbuds right at the door you can walk out without buying a TV right so why is it that the only thing you sell is mortgage there are related stuff that your ideal customers may be interested in they may be interested in a wholesaling in real estate they may be interested in flipping houses for sale there may be interested and even becoming a mortgage officer you gotta you gotta have multiple streams of income and that brings me to leverage you gotta build a team right so team when you have a team that's multiple streams of income that's another source of multiple streams of income you gotta create your system in a way that brings even new business partners new team members so you can literally work on your business as opposed to working in your business you shouldn't be the one doing everything you should be making money from other people's time because you only have limited time you have 24 hours in a day you should know that because you're a mortgage officer you should know that this game is some business ownership this is not your job okay this is not a job this is business ownership and that person that I recruited you to go bring in sales that's what they wanted they wanted you bring in more business they want you to build a team multiple streams of income and more importantly not just mortgage okay you gotta find ways to monetize that list that you're building remember you're capturing audience right you have to monetize that list not everybody on that list anybody on that list are not gonna buy into a mortgage okay they're not gonna buy a mortgage they're not gonna buy refinancing products but some of them will buy stuff that's related to more to two mortgages or real estate from you if it's packaged well and it's information is premium information they'll pay they will pay ninety seven dollars to ninety seven dollars they will pay even a thousand dollars okay for premium information without necessarily closing the deal and if you want to learn all about that and how to put this all together in your business I am conducting a free class okay go through a lot ox comm slash mastermind and and in register for that free class you will learn how generate free traffic free leads and endless signups in your business for life especially from a multiple streams of income standpoint so that's what I have for you on this episode hopefully even enlighten and educate it and I will see you on the next one and yes please don't forget it by the way make sure you go to this page right here Allah talks comm slash mastermind that's why you don't want to go and by the way please subscribe to this channel because I'm gonna bring you more training like this subscribe to this channel like my videos share with your friends give me a bunch of thumbs up if you liked the video give me a bunch of thumbs up if you don't like the video still give me thumbs up anyway I appreciate you I will see you on the next one peace

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