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Today on Designing Spaces we'll show you how to control your appliances right from your smartphone Dreaming of owning a home? We'll show you how to successfully navigate the process

Find out how to keep your rain gutters free of leaves and debris, and how to beat the heat with this simple to install device [Music] Here on designing spaces were all about smarter solutions for your home So when one of our viewers had questions about the latest innovations in home appliances we just had to help her find the answers Joining me today is Erin Coley, a busy mom, teacher and entrepreneur Erin good to have you here! Thank You Debbie! So tell us a little bit about yourself and why the interest in smart appliances? Well first off I have four kids, not counting my husband

I am a teacher, I have a master's degree in education and I combined my love for theater and for education and I created a children's theater company So I need to work smarter and faster, not harder so I need my appliances to keep up with me and be efficient I think we all do You know what I think we're in luck because when it comes to innovations and appliances there's one name that has been doing it for over a hundred years Wow! Kenmore, and today we are so lucky because we have Kenmores Executive Chef and spokesperson here today so let me introduce you

Kari Karch! Hi! So Erin and I were talking A lot of people have those questions, smart appliances what does that mean? Well you're in luck Erin, because today it's all about Kenmore smart appliances like this refrigerator right here It's connected to our Kenmore smart app to make it much better, more efficient just for you To our phones? Yeah! So you have an app on your phone and in fact right now I've actually just refilled the ice without you knowing just from a tap of your phone From your phone? Yeah, from my phone

I have to see that! So right here is our slim indoor ice maker Oh wow! And there's our ice! Oh that's amazing! Just from my smartphone! That is amazing And on top of that if you've got some fish or some leftovers from the night before I can be alerted that I need to change out my air filter in here Come home, do it at night Oh that's really nice because that smells fresh

That's because the max air filter actually removes strong odors from your refrigerator and it can monitor the temperature right here from your phone Oh that's really good! But wait for it There's a lot more including the air crisper and slide away shelves If you leave your refrigerator open there will be an alert sent to your phone That's a good alert! And it'll alert you if there's a power outage in the house! Yeah that's really important

That is smart! Kenmore smart! Okay but wait, you said smart appliances So they have refrigerators, water softeners, water heaters, air conditioners, and washers and dryers Washers and dryers? I do laundry all the time between my family and the studio costumes I literally have the washing machine going 24/7 Well actually with the Kenmore Elite Smart washer and dryer you can do your laundry with a lot less hassle

Wow that would be amazing Yeah that's really good, no more waiting for the washer or even having clothes sit in standing water all day And one good thing about that too is that you can pre-schedule any of your loads from your phone Really? Really So when damp clothes sit in the washer bacteria can really build up so if you're like me and you forget to change the laundry you end up with smelly wet clothes in the washer and wrinkled messes in the dryer

But with the Kenmore Smart laundry pair you can get alerts that tell you how much time is left on a load and when the cycles are done Plus you can even start wrinkle guard cycles remotely so no more wrinkles and no more damp clothes that need to be rewashed Wrinkle guard that is a smart cycle and a lot less hassle Yeah actually with the Kenmore Smart washer and dryer pair there are 14 different options of cycles to choose from And you do it all from here? All from here and actually see right there

You can connect your appliances to Amazon Alexa? Amazon Alexa connects all Kenmore smart appliances and the great new news is the Kenmore brand is available at Sears or on Amazon Amazon dot com? Yeah! That's amazing! And Kari thank you so much for being here today and sharing your very valuable information with us and also our Designing Spaces family! Thank you, I had so much fun today! Oh good, I think we did too right? Yes, this was so much fun! Thank you! and if you want to be even more amazing with Kenmore products just visit Kenmore dot com forward slash smart or you could always visit our website at designing spaces dot TV! Thanks for joining us and remember, be amazing! Bye for now [Music] [Music] Ready to buy a house? Do you know what you have to spend but still have some questions about securing a mortgage? We're clueless about getting a mortgage Some people say go to the bank some people don't We don't even know where to start

I'm Matt Ishbia, President and CEO of UWM We're the number one wholesale mortgage lender in America We work with thousands and thousands of mortgage brokers to help them get a great deal for their consumers while making the mortgage process simple and easy for everybody Hi i'm Lisa Lund with the Lund Mortgage team and I've helped over eighty thousand families achieve the dream of homeownership I really look forward to helping Jimmy and Monica understand the mortgage process

So you guys are starting to look for a home huh? Yeah we are It's really exciting you know, your first time buying a home is such an exciting part of someone's life So obviously the fun part is looking for houses and figuring out what the right one for you guys is, but also we recommend people always kind of figure out the financing part first You know the mortgage process so they say Right

So it's really important to try to get the financing taken care of before you even start looking so therefore you can find what exactly what you can afford, how much you're gonna have to pay on a monthly basis so you can really pick the right house for your family Okay where do we even start looking for something like that? Yeah so you want to find a local mortgage broker Someone in your community that can help shop for you, helping you find a great deal Help figure out what your exact situation is and figure out how to solve for it with the financing needs that you need You know the thing is that they are almost like your coach, your advocate when you're buying a home and they make it easy

You know cause mortgages, no one wants to do a mortgage process so finding a mortgage broker that's licensed and independent that can shop on your behalf and basically make it an easier process for you so you can focus on the home and what color paint you want and the windows and all those things that you want rather than worry about the mortgage process Why can't I just go to my bank like my parents did? Well your bank is going to only have one option for you As an independent mortgage broker we're able to take the stress off of the mortgage process where you were able to shop that mortgage for you and we can get wholesale rates as opposed to your bank going to give you a reach rates So we're a cheaper option as well That's all we do, your bank does other things such as credit cards and auto loans and home loans all we do is specialize on home loans

We're licensed we take continuing education and this is what we do so we're your partner throughout the process to take the stress off of you guys Okay so you guys are like our coach and you get your contractor discount? Yes just like if you were a painter as a painter you have all these contracts with different paint companies and you're able to buy that paint at a cheaper rate, a wholesale rate Whereas if you were just to walk into a paint store yourself you're gonna get the same exact paint but you're gonna pay more for it It's the same concept as using an independent mortgage broker rather than your bank So where do we even find a local mortgage broker? It's really easy just go online and type in to find a mortgage broker dot com and you'll find a local mortgage broker in your area that basically can help shop for you, do the legwork for you, make the process easy

That sounds great for us! Yeah that sounds great It was really great working with Matt and Lisa and now we're ready to find a mortgage broker in our neighborhood Monica and Jimmy have a better understanding of their mortgage options now and soon they will get down to some serious house-hunting (Music) (Music) Rain, rain go away but what if it doesn't? You need to be prepared and that's why we've got rain gutters! Without these simple devices rain water especially during huge downpours can damage your home's foundation, your outdoor plants and even outdoor equipment such as a/c units or pool equipment You need to have rain gutters and if you've got plants or trees well now we're talking about leaves sticks and other debris that can clog those rain gutters

Rain gutters need to get clean sometimes two to three times a year so how do you clean yours safely and easily? If you're like most homeowners you want to stay off of tall ladders and you especially want to stay off of high roofs It can be dangerous up there, thousands of people get hurt each year slipping off of ladders in high places Injuries or even worse can happen and who needs that So with us today is Jennifer of Gutter Clutter Buster and she's gonna talk to us about how to avoid those high dangerous places when those gutters need cleaning Hi Jennifer! Alright I have to admit these gutters are pretty bad, we've got a lot of cleaning to do today

Yes we sure do and a clogged gutter is an inefficient gutter and that's not good So what are the advantages of cleaning gutters this way? Well the biggest advantage besides it being so easy to use is the safety factor Homeowners no longer have to get on their ladders or worse yet get up on the roof to clean their gutters You no longer have to leave the ground Oh good! Yes, over a half a million people are injured each year from ladder falls over three hundred are fatal

Wow So there's big advantages to using this type of product especially for do-it-yourselfers who like to save money Yeah I would imagine it probably costs at least one hundred dollars or more to hire somebody to clean your gutters Yes hiring somebody can get very pricey and it can lead to costlier accidents Gutter Glutter Buster is very easy to use, simply attach the tool to a minimum of 5 horsepower wet/dry vac but it must have a 2 and a half inch diameter hose and you are on your way to quickly and easily cleaning your gutters

And if you do have a second or third story home we have extensions that will reach that too Well that's great, I love that this seems super simple It's time-saving, it's money-saving but it also is injury avoiding so that's very good Thank you so much Jennifer! Hope to see you again soon, you can give us some more gutter cleaning tips I'll be here! Until then stay dry, but also if you want to find out more about Gutter Clutter Buster visit their website at gutter clutter Buster dot com or also our website designing spaces dot TV [Music] Over half of every homeowners energy bill is spent on something you don't even see

Today we're beating the heat and proving that one mini solution can make a big difference We have a five bedroom, five bathroom home here in St John's Florida We have one problematic room upstairs, it's our home theater room where we like to sit and enjoy our movies but it's just too warm to enjoy a movie up there We have two HVAC units that we keep at 72 all day and we just can't keep it cool, can't sit up there it's too warm

I called our HVAC contractor and he recommended we get a Gree system for our home theater room I had no idea what the Gree system was but he told me it'd be a simple one-day install Since the system is so easy to install pretty soon the only problem Gretchen and her girls will have on movie night is agreeing on which movie to watch Thanks to efficiency and zoning capabilities ductless mini-splits waste less energy overall and have a smaller carbon footprint See how warm it is here guys? It is very warm, you're gonna see that this new system is going to make a big difference in this room

Can't wait Plus all the newer Gree systems use eco-friendly refrigerant which doesn't deplete the o-zone and is better for the environment than the old stuff This is your typical bonus room it's surrounded by the environment we have a very hot attic right above us and has three walls exposed to the exterior and the floor is also above a garage so this is one of the harder rooms to condition Their five bedroom, five bath home has two quality AC units but the heat from the sun on the roof and the location of the room itself make it difficult to keep the home theater cool They have two perfectly good systems that work on this home and it's very common

Now they can control the environment and in this room alone and everybody's very comfortable and they're not having to set their thermostat to 68 in a normal part of the house just to get this room at 72 So it's very efficient so when we installed the unit today we had to drill a hole through the outside wall upstairs and drop the line set down which feeds the refrigerant to the outdoor condensing unit, which you see here is very small and compact and very quiet Installing ductwork isn't quick or cheap So no ductwork means less energy loss and less time installing the unit And since time is money saving money on labor by going with a ductless unit is a no-brainer

The problem with our normal ducted systems is that the thermostat is in a central location and it has no idea or sensing what's going on in this room The ductless mini-split well since the air in this room and keep the temperature to within one degree, a set point So it's gonna be very comfortable in the room Did the install go good today? Yeah everything went smoothly This rain didn't get you did it? No, wasn't too bad

When the system is on in either heating or cooling the fan is running all the time So there's three very important things that it's doing while the fan is running Number one it's filtering the air constantly, it's also moving the air within this room so there's no hot and cold spots And then the primary reason it's running all the time is it wants to get air across the temperature sensor so it knows what to do either speed up or slow down either heating or cooling so it's maintaining the temperature within that one degree set point All Gretchen needs now is a crash course in the user-friendly remote

Another feature of the ductless mini-split is that it's controlled by a handheld remote, which is a little different for most people they're used to a wall-mounted thermostat It's very intuitive it does have an uphill feature which acts as a personal thermostat So it does have air louvers so that you can adjust the airflow horizontal and vertically so in this case with the unit being installed over on that side of the wall maybe they want to move the air back over here where they're sitting in the theater room So now that family's gonna have one more remote to fight over With the Gree ductless mini-split system installed it's finally time to dim the lights and settle in for a cool family movie night

For more information on Gree ductless mini splits go to Designing Spaces dot TV [Music] [Music] This competitively priced home is a 3-2 near the beach and in a great school district But Noelle hasn't had any serious offers Noelle's listing has been on the market for nearly 90 days and she hasn't had one bite If you've ever been in the market for a new home you know that gut feeling that will either make you want to love it or leave it So to help this frustrated realtor get her listing under contract quickly Designing Spaces is sending in the Home Staging expert and author of the First Seven Seconds, Karen Conrad

Thank you so much for coming You are welcome! Wow this is beautiful! It's a lovely home, it's a three-bedroom two-bath split floor plan It's been on the market for almost 90 days and I still haven't gotten any offers Wow okay so what kind of feedback are you getting? Honestly people are saying that the kitchens a little dated, the master bedrooms a little small, there's nothing specific so it's kind of frustrating because it's not something I can pinpoint So I think that's why I need your help so badly

Well I'm happy to help Okay, so why don't you show me around? I'd love to Okay! Alright, Karen here's the master bedroom You mentioned that in the feedback the master felt a little small it might be because they don't see it as a master suite And so with very little space I'm gonna turn this into a master suite

Alright, so I mean the tiles nice and I like the sink and the shower It is small and so we're gonna need to open this up also I'll make sure that the master bathroom ties really nicely into the master bedroom When we do that they feel like it's more one room Alright Karen so here's the focal point of the home, it's the walk in the front door the first thing people are gonna see Yeah this is the most critical room for us to take a look at with staging because statistics show that the buyer actually makes a decision in the first seven to ten seconds that they step into a house

So I am going to focus on this room a lot Now it's really beautiful you know when someone walks in we see she's got children so we're gonna move the children's items out Also there's some personal pictures that we want to remove because we want that buyer to walk in and see themselves living here Great idea, let me show you the rest of the house Great

Alright Karen, here is the second bathroom Okay so this is an awesome bathroom, I like the tile, I like the updated sink the fixtures are awesome but I think we need to get the kids stuff out of here obviously We really need to make this very spa-like, elegant, and so I'm going to bring in a lot of white towels and I'm gonna bring in some more greenery and maybe some candles and just see if we can't get this looking really, really special I really really like this house it just needs some touches that is going to make someone when they walk in the house absolutely fall in love with it I agree

Noelle has an open house in just three days, so I really have my work cut out for me And I'm actually really excited to get started so I'm gonna head out and start shopping! [Music] [Music] We are all set to go just in time! Oh my goodness, look I think your first potential buyers are here! See you later Noelle! Bye thanks Karen! Hi ladies, oh hi! Oh my, oh thanks! That was a lot of work in a short period of time but I really think it's going to make all the difference for Noelle We have 7 to 10 seconds to capture the heart of the buyer and I think we did it! [Music] For more information on how to grab a buyers attention in that first seven seconds go to Karen Conrad dot net [Music] You can visit these websites to learn more about the participants on this edition of Designing Spaces [Music]

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