NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Talks Suing Donald Trump

-Now, Donald Trump does not like either of us, but he might dislike you more because I tell jokes about him, but you sue him -Well

-And sometimes — Sometimes, you sue him to the point that he has to give up money, and he likes that a lot -No, but you mocked him and humiliated him and his hair on national TV I don't know, Seth

-Yeah A little of both -It's a close call -Uh, now, you have sued him in the past You sued Trump University for fraud

He swore he would never settle that He was elected president He did settle it Originally, you guys were looking into Trump University because you just wanted him to take away the name "university," right? -Well, we were looking at for-profit colleges generally, and there were problems with for-profit colleges ripping people off Actually, we've sued the Federal Department of Education for trying to remove rules that would protect students from being ripped off by for-profit colleges a couple of weeks ago

And we were looking at for-profit colleges, and there was Trump University hanging out there, like, with a neon sign on it saying "Fraud Here" And we attempted to negotiate a settlement That failed And so, in the summer of 2013, we sued him And that's when our relationship took a turn for the worst

-Yeah He has mentioned you on Twitter a couple of times not very kindly

Here's one "Lightweight AG Eric Schneiderman is perhaps the most incompetent and least respected AG

in the US He's a total joke" [ Laughter ] "Lightweight @AGSchneiderman" He used your Twitter handle that time That's very — He wanted to make sure you saw it "Just got his ass kicked by Trump" And, then, "It's Thursday

" I like, by the way, when he tells you what day it is "It's Thursday What brand of eyeliner is the nation's worst AG wearing today?" -Yes

-Now, do you take it as a point of pride when someone like this attacks you on Twitter? -Well, look, it was very unusual I mean, we sue a lot of people for fraud

I'd never seen the sort of scorched-earth approach he brought to it He set up a website to attack me, sued me for $100 million, filed phony ethics complaints against me The full front page of his son-in-law's newspaper, The Observer, was — -Oh, yes -Here you go This is Jared Kushner's — Jared Kushner's newspaper

And that's you right there -That's me with the eyeliner as the Malcolm McDowell character in "A Clockwork Orange" -"Clockwork Eric" -So, in retrospect — I didn't realize this in 2013 — I got a preview of the scorched earth he brought to the campaign last year, 'cause before there was Lyin' Ted and Little Marco, there was Clockwork Eric But this is the approach he brings to litigation and the approach he brings to politics

-Now, no matter what happened on election night, you were gonna have Donald Trump in your life because all his businesses — He has so much stuff in New York You're still looking into his foundation You were looking into his university But now you're actually having to sue Donald Trump as a person who's representing the federal government Tell me some of the things that you have had to do to defend against Donald Trump's actions already

-Oh, sure Well, in terms of public policy, we have sued them over their refusal to keep toxic pesticides out of kids' food We have sued them for their efforts to dismantle the cost-sharing subsidies under the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, which is still, as we sit here tonight, the law of the land -Yeah We'll see how — We'll see how long

-Yeah [ Cheers and applause ] And I think will remain so But the Trump administration won't defend any of the Obama-era policies So, I have intervened and sued, and other AG

's have intervened and sued We are taking up the cause where — They won't defend any of the Obama era's policies on climate change You mentioned the EPA at the top of the show They got a bunch of climate-change deniers in charge of the EPA So we are now defending the Clean Power Plan, other Obama-era initiatives, and we're suing them for their failure to provide protection for students who get ripped off by still existing for-profit colleges

So we're going after them But it's all policy It's not about him personally It's all on the merits, but there are a lot of merits these days, yeah -You talk about, you know, one of the things you're doing is defending

You're defending policies and the legal basis of those policies It seems like what people want of you, what a certain amount of people want of you, is that your legal investigation, your legal work will lead to some grand impeachment, that this is one of the things that people like you need to do Is it sort of wishful thinking? And do Democrats in general need to step back from this idea that impeachment is something that's going to happen and that impeachment is something that's going to come about by legal means? -Well, no I think you have to separate it out Our first job is to protect the people we represent from these horrendous public policies that pour out of Washington like a bad-idea toxic volcano

I mean, every day, there's some new bad public policy that would hurt people We're going to protect them As to misconduct by the Trump campaign colluding with Russia or, you know, allegations of money laundering by people around the president, those are separate investigations Those are going forth But I do think it is important for Democrats to recognize the there is no substitute for the hard work at the end of the day of electing good people

And we have to go back and elect good people from the grassroots up in order to get this country back on track [ Cheers and applause ] -I'm Let it never be said that attorney generals can't have some fun

I want — If you could, real quick, explain to us You had an Operation Wrecking Ball? -Uh, we did -And can you tell us how you came to the title Operation Wrecking Ball, how you came to name it that? -Yeah, this was an Organized Crime Task Force investigation of a gang that was dealing guns and drugs in upstate New York And they apparently were Miley Cyrus fans And their — The code word for cocaine was "Miley Cyrus

" So we took a Miley Cyrus song, called it Operation Wrecking Ball, and busted all of them -Well, congratulations on that -Thank you -And thank you for all your hard work Keep it up

And thank you so much for being here -Thank you, Seth -Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, everybody

Source: Youtube

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