One Reason High Bails are set on felony cases in Hawaii – #gotbailnick and Victor Bakke discuss

(dramatic music) – ACLU's report just doesn't understand and they're clearly clueless of how this all goes down in real life which is, the majority of people are arrested for no reason at all, other than the police want to sweat them out to try to get a statement or a confession from them They know who the person is, they've known for weeks, they've know for months and what do they do? They go and they arrest them, they hold them for 48 hours, and then they ask the prosector: what should we do with this person? Should we hold them and file immediate charges, or should we release them pending further investigation? And guess what, the prosecutors fill out a bail form and it says, is this person a danger to the community? Or is the person a flight risk? Okay? And if they think yes, then they immediately seek charges and they set bail

If they don't think those conditions are in place or that those conditions exist, then they tell the detective, release them And that happens to the large majority of the cases So those people are arrested, deemed by the prosecuting attorney not to be a flight risk or a danger, and they're released for months, sometimes years at a time And then what happens is, when the prosecutor feels like it, they file charges against them and then they go down with nobody else present and they ask the judge for a warrant and a massive amount of bail, saying that, guess what, this case is dangerous, it's serious, and bail now is 20, 50, $75,000 Okay, when they've already had the guy running around for the last six months

– Yeah, how is he more dangerous now, today, after the charges come out than three months ago when you tried to sweat him or six months ago when he made a statement or didn't make a statement, right? – Right, the prosecutors run the risk of civil liability if they are intentionally or negligently inflicting or requesting high bail that's not justified under the statues so they're just pulling numbers out of the air because again, they're not looking to see what people can afford, they're strictly as is reflected in the bail report is, they're just looking at the charge and just coming up with a number (dramatic music)

Source: Youtube

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