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Namashkar dosto!! After a few days break, you are warmly welcomed to The Dhruv Rathee Show Kaun Banega Crorepati

Friends, I had a huge desire to play this game from childhood but the thing is that Amitabh Bachchan sir doesn't invite you up if you have no family problems or if you are not a poor person A normal person like me won't get such chance but thanks to Modiji, today each and every hindustani is getting a chance to play Kaun Banega Crorepati openly without going on any show Actually, a film Padmavati is releasing so plenty of people have put up offers to become crorepati which includes many people of BJP So, I would like to narrate those offers First Offer is worth Rupees 10,000 which is granted by Akhilesh Khandelwal who is a chairman of BJP Municipal Corporation, Madhya Pradesh 10,000 rupees shall be awarded if you beat Sanjay Leela Bhansali with shoes Next offer is worth 1 crore rupees which is granted by Bhuvneshwar Singh who is a head of some ABKM organisation 1 Crore Rupees shall be awarded if you burn Deepika Padukone Alive

Next offer is worth 5 Crore Rupees which is granted by Abhishek Thakur(in pic) You shall be awarded 5 Crore Rupees if you behead Sanjay Leela Bhansali & Deepika padukone On a similar lines, another deal(offer) is granted by Suraj Pal who is head of BJP Media Coordination, Haryana He shall award 10 Crore rupees for the same thing PLUS Additional Family Assistance as stated by him if you behead both of them but friends, there's no clarity about the % of GST, % of cess in all such offers and the taxes to be paid So, I would request Modi ji to openly declare and make such offers official because certainly he is supporting him coz if he had not, then these people must have been in jails or kicked out of the party ATLEAST but nothing of such sort has happened Hence, Modi ji silently supports it like he says that Manmohan Singh ji silently supported Corruption scams so similarly, Modiji also silently supports these things So, Modiji kindly cover this under Pradhan Mantri Beheading Scheme and officially designate the amount of price to be granted then we all shall collectively play KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI

and behind this entire Padmavati Controversy, there are plenty of important News which have been neglected by mainstream media like Winter Session of Parliament has been postponed due to Gujarat Elections People on Government seats are more interested in politics, elections as compared to working for people To this, Government officials reply that even Congress did that earlier Now, first thing if Congress did so then will you copy them in every aspect and second thing is that Congress didnt do such act Never ever, any session has been postponed due to elections During this period, a temple has been inaugarated on the first murderer of Independent India, Nathuram Godse in Madhya Pradesh Hindu Mahasabha also celebrated his death anniversary

Next news is that GST rates on restaurants has been reduced from 18% to 5% by the Govt Now, this has been done by Govt due to public pressure or under election pressure, we as consumers are unaffected We are affected by the final price which we end up paying ultimately and friends, the end total of restaurant bill is still the same which we used to pay earlier while GST rate has fallen from 18% to 5% Why is this happening? This is because Government has eliminated Input Tax Credit for restaurants Input tax credit, in simple terms means, if you are running a business then GST is paid to purchase raw material for running business for which setoff was available like in restaurants, food as raw material is purchased on which GST is paid so GST which was paid for raw material was returned to them earlier when such change was not notified by the Govt but since Govt

has reduced GST from 18% to 5%, they have also eliminated Input Tax Credit so restaurants have to pay more on raw material so in the end, the cost remains same for the consumer so It can be called another JHUMLA coz we are unaffected by such change neither the restaurants and nor the govt but on the face of it, the GST rates have been reduced but no benefit has been realised These days, there is a discussion on Moody's rating Moody's is a credit rating agency which has upgraded India's rating and Govt has cried aloud about this Friends, Here, it is important to understand that Moody's rating has a very limited scope which does not reflect that Govt

is working efficiently neither reflects the economic growth of a nation it only and only reflects the credit rating Credit Rating means how a nation can easily pay off its debts and now, you will ask the deeds done by the Govt which improved its rating? Govt imposed plenty of taxes on us like tax on petrol and diesel almost 140%(link in upper right corner) Due to such high taxes, public's money reached Govt

which improved govt's capability to repay debts which led to improvement in credit rating Subsequently, it also reduced fiscal deficit which should be Good News but it is not so because normally, growth in nation's public and govt is directly proportional Only then, there is economic growth of a country but it is not seen in this case Plenty of people are jobless, economic growth and GDP are crashing which implies that public's economic growth is going down but Govt

is consistently sucking money which subsequently improved its credit rating People who watch Game of Thrones can understand this in better manner It contains that A LANNISTER ALWAYS REPAYS THEIR DEBTS ie Lannisters can easily repay their debts so if Moody's have rated Lannisters then it would be very high, rather almost top but it did not prove Lannister to be a Good Ruler Like Ned Stark & Denarius, they did not prove to be Noble ruler

Similarly, improvement in credit rating does not make our Govt efficient nor the growth of nations's public become better Only Credit rating improved!! In Today's Picture of the week, we have few pictures from Madhubani Railway Station Madhubani Railway Station is one of the oldest railway station located in Bihar where an artist made such beautiful paintings which made this railway station very popular He used Mithila art form which originated in Nepal and is a traditional art form Amongst good news, let me tell you first that GST rates on some more items has been decreased and there's no Input Credit problem so, actually it is a good news where rates have decreased and benefit reaches the ultimate consumer Second good news is that after 17 years, India regained MISS WORLD title when Manushi Chillar won this title but Good news is not limited to this After this, Shashi Tharoor cracked a poor joke very useles joke which did not make me laugh related to chillar and demonetisation which offended many people, angered them, abuses hurled but Manushi replied to it very sensibly She accepted such joke and did not get offended, was Tolerant which needs to be celebrated in today's time coz the condition of people seen these days People are so intolerant that they get offended by any petty issue Whether Any Movie or whether Any snapchat CEO which is never ending process so it is a celebratory issue that she turned out to be tolerant This week's "Entrepreneur for the week " is Inder Sharma, who has created such platform(website) www

hotelbidscom where price shall be given by customer and hotels shall bid for providing stay in their hotelroom at that specified price Normally, if you tour a place during checking, you browse through the cheapest hotel and keep on searching websites for that cheapest hotel Here, you'll tell your price on hotelbidscom and then hotels will bid that they want you to stay at such price Inder Sharma donates 80% of his earnings to child heartcare hospital in Palwal, Haryana

so, visit hotelbidscom which'll help in travelling If you are also an entrepreneur and want to showcase your product/service on Dhruv Rathee Show, then kindly mail me on the below email Now again is the time to read some tweets HappyPiyush writes Mr TATA was never a stranger to corruption controversies anymore! #TataExposed #FriendsWithBenefits Rockstarjitu writes Mr

TATA was never a stranger to corruption controversies anymore! #TataExposed #FriendsWithBenefits Shrey S Somani writes Mr TATA was never a stranger to corruption controversies anymore! #TataExposed #FriendsWithBenefits Dont know what is Friends with benefits doing here but I am even unable to understand sentence CrazyAngel also writes the same thing This copy & pasting tweets, money for tweets is also done by corporate companies

Here, TATA is being targetted due to some reason The trend #TataExposed was started by 50-60 people around 1 month back After 1 month, a twtitter trend started #CorpGovernanceFailureAtTata which was also started by these 50-60 people and then a new trend #CleanCoalForNewIndia which was also started by these 50-60 people This is reported to me by Fake trend Hunter who has an account on twitter So friends, now you can see that people who promote "Clean COAL", Coal can never be clean Coal shall generate pollution irrespective of its swachta and cannot be compared to renewable energy Same people are exposing Tata Why do they envy TATA? Thank You!!

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