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Okay so you may be researching PayPal credit or PayPal credit card Duane here with how to build credit TV and in this video we're going to be having a look at the PayPal credit

What it is is a digital line of credit you're actually able to purchase things online if you have a PayPal account and you just have the balance it on your account and you pay PayPal directly So it's actually kind of cool so that's what we're gonna be talking about in this particular video the PayPal credit But before we get started I have a quick message Once again my name is Duane with how to build credit TV And on this channel we talked about everything you need to know about credit and ways to improve your credit score

We also talked about how to get cash back actual cash money from using credit cards, as well as credit card reviews If this sounds like something in which you're interested be sure to subscribe to our channel by clicking the word subscribe to the bottom right of this video and click the notification bell so you don't miss a thing Okay so as you can see we're at the PayPal site here to have a look at PayPal credit and PayPal credit is really cool it's like a credit line that you get with PayPal and when you're checking out online let's say you're making purchases online if the merchant that you're buying something from accepts PayPal you can use PayPal credit as your option instead of using your debit card or your credit card And once you use that your balance will be on your PayPal account and you can pay it off over time Of course there's going to be statements that you're gonna receive

You're gonna receive statements as if you had a credit card with PayPal except there's no physical credit card So let's have a look at the website It says buy now pay over time with PayPal credit Get six months special financing on purchases of 99 Plus every time you shop That's not an introductory offer and there's no limit on the number of qualifying purchases you can make

Just complete a quick application and get a credit decision in seconds So let's have a look at the website here it says no interest if paid in full in six months on purchases of ninety nine dollars or more Interest will be charged on your account from the purchase date if the balance is not paid in full within six months Minimum monthly payments required of course there's terms that you can see and review that if you'd like But this is a pretty sweet deal I actually have this service with PayPal and it's really really cool because it gives you the opportunity to I guess you know borrow money from PayPal and pay it off if you can pay it off in six months then you don't pay any interest

And that is actually really sweet because there aren't a lot of credit cards that do that especially after the introductory period which is you know 15 months So if you're trying to basically I guess pay for something that you may not have the money right right now for but you know you can pay it off at six months this would be a good option to get the PayPal credit Especially if you're buying something online that accepts PayPal so that's pretty good Let's have a look here it says get the buying power to shop now enjoy the flexibility to pay overtime and it just talks again about the fact that you can buy something that's more than a hundred dollars and you have six months to pay for it So that's pretty cool you know just keep track of it like you would anything else

It says everything you love about PayPal and more get all the benefits of PayPal when you shop with a PayPal credit So it has purchase protection of course if something goes wrong with your order we'll reimburse you for the full purchase price plus any original shipping costs So of course there's a limitations and whatnot you can click on that and learn more about that so you can know exactly what's going on there It talks about return shipping on us if you aren't happy with your order we'll refund the cost of sending it back and of course you can see limitations and learn more there And then it has one touch check out in a single step with just the touch of a button by connecting PayPal credit with one touch

So that's pretty cool of course there's a little video here that you guys can watch it says bye now pay overtime So PayPal credit all in all is a pretty decent service especially if you're looking for a way to get something that's more than a hundred dollars that you may not have the money for right right now or you want to pay it off overtime You have six months to do so So if you're interested in this I would say hey give it a look if you already have a PayPal account then certainly apply for the PayPal credit You actually do get a decision in seconds it's really really cool and there's not a high requirement in order to get this or at least I didn't experience that

So if you're interested in getting PayPal credit then I would encourage you to do so I'll see you guys back in the video in just one second Thanks for watching this video if you liked the video give us a thumbs up it helps our channel quite a bit and if you want to share this video with someone that may find it helpful please feel free to do so If you haven't subscribe to the channel yet you can subscribe by clicking the word subscribe to the bottom right of this video Once again on this channel we talked about everything you need to know about credit

Whether you're looking to establish credit, build credit, rebuild credit or learn more about the FICO score and how it is comprised so you can increase your credit score If this sounds like something in which you're interested be sure to subscribe to the channel and click the notification bellow so you don't miss a thing As a matter of fact subscribing right now with a fire channel grow faster which will allow us to do two things number one, get this information out to more people and number two, make it a lot easier to continue to upload videos just like this one So if you're new here please subscribe

Once again my name is doing with how to build credit TV and I approve this video Thank you for watching and I'll see you guys in the next video Until next time take care and be blessed Peace

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