Personal Injury Attorney – Clymer Bodene PC

With personal injury the main thing is medical expenses you have somebody who's in pain and suffering and this is something that affects their entire life The first thing they want to know is how can they seek medical treatment and who's going to cover that treatment

So what we do here is we try to get them the best medical care as possible We try to make sure that they're covered by their insurance company With that person dealing with the insurance company on their own is going to be difficult and tricky because as you know the insurance company wants to do as little as possible so it's good to get an attorney right away in the beginning of your personal injury case We can guide you through that and get you the compensation you need immediately for those expenses But then thinking long term you have the ripple effect of being injured — it affects your entire family life, your entire married life you have somebody now who has to be cared for and didn't have to be careful before and it affects everything going forward so with that as well we want to establish that long term claim as well and get you a compensation going forward for the future problems that you're gonna have that you may not know at the time

And if that little bit helps and gets you through this injury and going forward then that's what we're trying to do and that's what we're looking to help with I think what makes us different is in addition to being a small to medium size where you know you're gonna have the continuity of one attorney on your case I think that we're willing to take cases that others may not Sometimes there's a claim where somebody comes in, a claim that you know it's not very popular This firm is different from others in that we're not afraid to take on whatever your claim is as long as we know that there's a claim With civil litigation, basically I'm there to help the person to take their claim to court and whether that's personal injury or that's something with animal law or even zoning that's what I'm here for

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