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credit repair programs that work credit repair programs that work in atlanta ga credit repair programs that work in columbus oh how to increase your credit score 100 points in 45 days hey how you doing this is mauling heard the value NER and I want to congratulate you on coming to this video and want more information on how to repair your credit this is absolutely exciting so again my name is Molly the value NER and what I am doing with this program with a process 6 on our credit repair is helping men women young people who are looking to increase their credit get their buying power back right if you're looking to you know purchaser your new home or another home a new car or just to have that peace of mind when it comes to credit we're helping them increase their credit scores a hundred 100 points or more you know in between 3 to 6 months it could it could be longer just just depends and we're doing this right in a short period of time with out okay without having to spend huge amounts of money and with getting actual results and what I mean by results are I'm show you a few examples here of some some clients of ours who have had some results and I long as I'm showing this because I've asked to make sure hey is this okay if I can use your results in this video also is gonna be a link here on this page we can go see some more testimonials but this is mr Corey I am Johnson you can see that right here it was Corinne Johnson this is her experiment report and if you look here at the bottom we have two deletions it says right there these these were collection accounts and it both says deleted this is also miss Cory M Johnson once more all right this is her TransUnion all right her TransUnion and on the second page alright the same collection accounts both deleted okay and the date is is recent I believe this is like October okay we have another client of ours Barbara Louise Rogers okay you can see right there the top two were deleted it says I'll come to me I'll come delete now of course look we have three more to work on they didn't get deleted in round one so we have to keep going and this is my report okay this is my report this is my Equifax you can see right there mulling T heard and I've been working on this now for five months and it was a repossession from Carmack's a right some things happen I had a repossession and right there Carmack's it says this has been deleted from the credit file Carmack's okay so when I say actual results getting actual results with this process so what I'm gonna do right now is actually go over all right you're two free downloads that I'm giving away right most credit repair companies are not gonna do this they're not gonna give anything away free before you spend money with them so I'm gonna go over both I'm gonna go over the cease phone call letter I'm also gonna go over the collections right the collections verification letter and then on top of that I'm gonna show you the exact process so you know exactly what how this this thing works because well we're most individual when it comes to repairing their credit they just don't know what to do right they don't know that there are laws in place that helps them they they have no idea what's you know what to expect or what's going on what they should do but I'm going to show you and and I promise you no one is doing this for their their their their clients or their customers just show them how this process works so I'm gonna do is go over both letters that she's getting for free and you should see buttons above this video to go download your two free to go get your two free downloads and then I'm gonna go over the process and the Natha negotiate with the next steps are so you know exactly what to do to start getting your credit where you want to be so we'll see you here in just a few moments all right all right here is one of two of your free downloads the first one is called the cease phone call letter and it's very short very self-explanatory like I had mentioned is this is this a letter letting your creditors and collectors know that hey I'm not terminating communications I'm just reducing it to writing because when your phone is blowing up especially when you're in a situation where maybe just right now you can't pay right you just you just can't pay and you just on a position to but when your phone is blowing up they're calling you at work you're calling your right your job how embarrassing they're calling your cell phone to calling the house they're calling all over the place to find you and you know you just can't pay you just let them know hey I'm not cutting our communications I'm just reducing this to writing and when those phone calls go down I'm telling you for I know it did for me your peace of mind is like okay who this gives me an opportunity give me some time to do some things I want to do at least at least just kind of bring the anxiety down a little bit okay and the next letter this one is so powerful we call this the collection validation letter because when it comes to collection efforts sometimes collectors their digit like I said before there's just not forthcoming and you may have a collection company it may neither be yours or maybe collection come in they can't even collect in your state or they're just using all kind of tactics to get money from you i'ma let you i'ma let you know on let you in on a little secret by the time your account is charged all let's say you have a charged off account right well what happens to that company is that taxes steps in and pays off that charged off account so let's say your account was a thousand dollars to commence to charge I was bad dead well guess what taxes steps in and pays that thousand dollars so now you have this collection company collecting on you which means that they're double dipping that you didn't know that did you well now you do okay so this kind of gives a little bit more ammunition when it comes to these nasty collections and I love this right here especially these last three bullet points prove the statute of limitations not yet expired show me that you are licensed to collect in my state and provide me with your license number and register agency agent or age of the service powerful stuff so this two page letter is very powerful and if you decide to get either one of our credit repair programs you're gonna get the additional follow-up letters because sometimes they'll send you back an email and say hey this is valid and you can send a letter right back to them as well too so again should you decide to get either one of our credit repair programs you're gonna have access to all of the dispute letters but we would at least give you these two for free to help get you started all right and those buttons to download should be above above this video all right so on to the next section credit repair programs that work credit repair programs that work in atlanta ga credit repair programs that work in columbus oh how to increase your credit score 100 points in 45 days all right all right welcome back so really quickly what I'm going to do is go over this process now I know this is something most credit repair or you know credit restoration companies aren't doing is giving you an inside glimpse of how this process can work for you alright so we're gonna start with at the beginning here with the literacy and you're gonna go from not understanding right into to have a better understanding of this process we have training walkthrough videos you know how this is gonna get done to help you kind of lower your anxiety about the process you're gonna have access to tangible items you know value field PDF downloads again videos and then what does sense so if you decide to get the program where you do it yourself you're gonna have very effective dispute letters you can send to the credit porting agencies collections bankruptcies taxing whatever that you're looking to get accomplished again what to do training walkthrough videos to help increase your confidence you want to send everything by certified mail everything by certified mail so that you can attract and when you can track it you could the company can say well I never received your letter you said no you put the tracking number here it was shown it was delivered all right we call these tools of engagement and then we're gonna go to your approve so you know you already have the C's phone call letter one of the collection validation letters you kind of load that harassed harassment may be started get some discharges you're gonna start to see some negatives remove maybe it happens on the first round second round third round alright and you're gonna go from a low credit score to start seeing increasing your credit score and then to your goal write your goals have a better credit lifestyle and you know lower interest rates you kind of get your buying power back and so this is the process one through nine and I just want to give you an inside look on this process because most individuals aren't doing so hope this hope this helped you help this give you maybe some value so onto the next steps all right now what's that valuable I know that was valuable I mean I wish somebody we've done that for me when I got this process going but I want to make sure you had this so you not have two letters your Assis phone call letter so all those collectors and creditors that are calling you you know you're not cutting our communication you're just reducing it down to letters so they can stop calling it work on your house phone on your cell phone right and then now you have your collection validation letter because again like I mentioned some collection agencies that I loved in our then they're not always forthcoming so you can say hey I need this this business to make sure this that this is a valid collection effort all right now what are the next steps one of the next is now you have a few options some of you may be one of those individuals that I okay model I'm ready to go I'm ready to get my start doing this this credit repair process going well right below this video are two buttons the one over to the left is the one where you go get the the do-it-yourself credit repair program and inside that that that program is gonna you're gonna access over 50 different dispute letters there's an optional coaching program on the inside so if you have questions you need guidance you can sign up for that also on the inside you're gonna be able to get access to our financial offense v wealth seekers training program because credit repair is just one pillar of financial success you're gonna be able to get access to that training and then also you have access to our affiliate program because you can earn a commission by sharing this with other people who get these programs through you okay that's on the left hand side on the right hand side is the let us do it for you program where we do all of the work for you we send the letters right we draft the mug we mail them out and all that you do is send us the information we're gonna cover your credit report a few other things and then when you get responses about you just send that over to us and we send the correct responses you access to training and coaching and that that a financial offense five well seekers training you get access to for free all right for free as allowing us to do the work for you so those are that's that's if you're that person is ready to go right now let's do it now some of you may have more questions right and you may need to see a little bit more well also down below you get access to our free training it's gonna be free training where I go over in detail and walk you through exactly how this process works alright this credit repair credit rebuilding process works all right you better get a little bit more information also my numbers down this somewhere text me might even be on this video I'm not sure but text me alright don't call text alright and if you if you don't believe our answer text me right now text me right now and I will I will answer you back alright and then also you can schedule a consultation so that means that you maybe you need like fifteen to thirty minutes to explain hey what's going this is what's going on with me and well let you know how we can help you if we could help all right so you have several options take advantage of all of it or you know what wherever you are right now in this in this moment but those are the next steps again my name is Marlon her the value Nair I want to thank you for coming to this video I look forward to helping you look forward to serving you with this process and we've been connecting really really soon talk to you later credit repair programs that work credit repair programs that work in atlanta ga credit repair programs that work in columbus oh how to increase your credit score 100 points in 45 days

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