Professor 41 Plz 40 Give us 39 Extra 38 Credit 37 Im F4iling

J: URRRH Today I want to buy Baimei Dong West J: Do you know the white beauty? Sister: whitening

? Sister: this one J: This? UUUUURRRHHH so expensive J: Do you think this could be my skin white it? Sister: You should not do it

Sister: This is to help you become brighter Not bleach W: bleaching there? Sister: no bleach J: Hello children what is this? Sister: we're just taking pictures J: I do not speak English

Sister: I do not really know Mandarin J: What did he say? W: I do not know Sister: We are Cantonese, so W: I am a Vietnamese sister: ohhh Ok Sister: My Mandarin is not very good W: I do not Sister: This is the restaurant's anniversary Sister: We're in uhh pictures W: What do you do? Sister: I do own ONLINE STORE W: o

on Sister: to help my father, she is here MANAGER W: sht no way good W: This photo is put online, right? Sister: Right, in INSTAGRAM Sister :: follow us on INSTAGRAM shameless Sister: You can help us to do hand modeling children! ! ! ! ! Sister: you going to help me take some pictures? Sister: Use your hand W: My hands are dry ah today, do you have any LOTION? still is? W: Really dry W: You help us J: But my skin Sister: ITS OKAY W: He felt his skin is too dark What do you think? Sister: ITS OKAY X4 J: WOW this is Guangdong cuisine? Sister: for J: Next time I come here to eat a food J: Very tasty? J: Are you sure? ? ? ? Sister: yes J: Your good Putonghua W: Do you have to learn? Sister: I learned W: You know what Times Square really go? W: Times Square, really go? Sister: you out ? ? SUBWAY? ? W: What? J: age! W + J: Times Square, really go? W: always ten? ? ? ? Sister: I know Sister: you, you have in your body fight father W: Dad body? ? W + J: subway, take the subway J: What really go? Sister: um you can out of you to go over there, and then in a $ # @ # $% $ * & ^% $ # @@ # $% $ ##% W + J: We will not English Sister: Do you not speak English? W: He is Chinese W: I am a Vietnamese W: He is Japanese J: You are young, all right children children children children children children children W: Well thank you

Source: Youtube

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