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Hi, my name is Anthony Lopez, and I’m an Insurance Attorney at Marin, Eljaiek, Lopez & Martinez At my law firm, we've helped thousands of South Florida homeowners get the insurance claims they are entitled to, but we've never done anything like what we're about to do now If you are having trouble getting paid by your insurance company or if your claim has been denied or if you've received a ridiculously low settlement offer, I want you to know, you are not alone! Most home owners are finding out that when they file a property damage claim directly with the insurance company, their claims are either getting denied or they're getting ridiculously low ball offers

To make matters worse, it's taking some property owners weeks, if not months to find out the statuses of their claims More than that, some property owners are getting their claims denied and they don’t even know it yet If you filed a claim before or after Hurricane Irma and are having a hard time getting paid, here is what you need to know: Nearly $2 Billion in property claims have already been filed by South Florida homeowners Moreover the insurance companies are looking after their best interest first, not yours There are too many property owners filing claims and a limited amount of money to be distributed

If you have property insurance, you can protect yourself and get the money you deserve to fix your home or business During the storm, your property may have undergone damages such as: roof leak, water damage from the windows, water damage from underneath the doors, a broken AC, a broken window, whatever it is, since the storm, I’ve been allowing South Florida homeowners FREE property inspections, that's right, FREE with no obligation That's right, so rather than having to settle for that low ball offer from the insurance company that doesn't cover the full cost to repair your property damage, or end up having to pay pay 100% of the costs of the damage yourself, our FREE, no-obligation evaluation can provide you with the insight and help you need to receive the settlement you rightfully deserve So why am I doing this? Why am I offering South Florida Homeowners the opportunity to sign up for a FREE On-Site Property Damage Evaluation? It’s simple… My law firm has a team dedicated to serving South Florida homeowners with respect to any sort of property damage We can give you the insight and knowledge you need to properly negotiate and adjust your insurance claim Signing up and having someone from my team evaluate your property will help maximize your recovery

Based on a 2010 independent government study, homeowners that hired public adjusters received 747% more for major claims than those who fought the insurance company alone That's an important statistic To schedule your FREE On-Site Property Damage Evaluation, just give us a call at 305-800-IRMA or 305-800-4762 or simply click on the link below and someone from my office will get in touch with you But fair warning, due to the current high demand after the storm, the sooner you sign up, the sooner I can have someone from my team reach out to you so that you could have that FREE, no obligation home inspection So whether you're dealing with a low ball insurance offer, a claim denial, or if you think you may have a claim and you haven't reported it yet, let my experience in this process help you overcome any hurdles that may be put in your way

So go ahead, sign up today and have someone from my office review your policy for free, assess any property damages for free and with no obligations I think you’ll be glad you did it and thanks again, and I'm Anthony Lopez

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