Public Health Insurance in Paraguay – IPS

well it's a rainy Sunday here in Atyra and my plan for today was to plant this macadamia and this tangerine which is sitting it's it's pot there and the banana plant that you see in the back which took a beating in the last week when we got a cold spell lost a couple leaves it's time to plant it so but seeing as how it's raining, that ain't gonna happen today I'm not feeling it so I figured I'd take the opportunity to to talk about public health care here in Paraguay and there are two different types of public health care there is completely free health care for the indigent you know those who have no money and there are special facilities that they can go to basically to you know to get treated specific hospitals and health centers but of course that is not the best quality you know you get what you pay for so there's another system which is a government-run system which is called IPS instituto instituto de Prevision Social okay that's what it stands for and that has been functioning since 1943 it was started and the way that that works is I'm enrolled in IPS I I have IPS insurance – even though I have private insurance I supplement it also with IPS and the way that works is as an employee you pay nine percent of your salary so let's say you made a thousand bucks a month you're gonna pay ninety bucks for this insurance okay and this is total healthcare you know complete complete coverage and your employer pays sixteen percent of your salary so in other words if you were making a thousand dollars a month 90 bucks comes out of your pocket but your employer pays a hundred and sixty to the IPS system so basically it's 25% of your salary it's what goes towards your IPS coverage now IPS is not only healthcare it's also retirement so basically after you do 30 years of work 30 years of being enrolled in and paying into the system like Social Security in the States and you're over 55 I think it is you can get your retirement and you retire at full salary whatever you're making so but the issue is we're talking about healthcare right now so getting back to the health care part of it the problem with the problem with IPS is like every other thing that's run by the government it is screwed up okay the problem is that back in the 90s the president one of the presidents that was the president here in Paraguay dipped into the funding much like Bill Clinton had dipped into the Social Security funding in the 90s that happened here too and they they basically built a lot of new facilities and then never completed them and it was money was stolen basically embezzled and you know anyway make a long story short the IPS system even though it collects 25 percent of the monthly salary of everybody who's enrolled is hurting for money so when you go to an IPS Hospital you know you're not at the same level you are is if you go to a private hospital like La Coste or Santa Julia okay basically you know you go to the central hospital of IPs when you go there and you're waiting in line if you I've never had to do this but I've been with friends and family members who have had to do this it looks like I don't know a bunker at Stalingrad you know or at Dien Bien Phu or something like this you know you got people bleeding all over the place peep it's it's it's frickin horrible I mean they're waiting to get enrolled into you know a room given a room and start getting their treatment I mean there's people standing in the hallway laying down in the hallway there with their family members I mean it's it's it's terrible you know the thing is with IPS because the way the system works here is and I'm gonna do another video about this to everything in in Paraguay is about connections and friendship so if you've got a contact in the system you know you bypass that and you go to one of the great places that IPS has you know you go to a good a good IPS hospital and you know you get good treatment and everything else if you don't you're with the also-rans and you know you know you get what you get and like I said I mean it's it's not a pretty picture IPS it's it's consistently being looted and because of the retirement system it's unsupportable it's much like the United States Social Security system you know I paid in for a lot of years Social Security and I don't think I'm ever gonna see a dime of it because I think the whole thing is gonna collapse before I ever get to the age where I'm eligible to get my money back but anyway but I was forced to do it at least here you know you're not forced to it you you know you cannot you can choose not to enroll now having spoken so badly about IPS I will explain why I'm a member of it why am i why am I enrolled in it private hospitals give excellent care but for something big if you have a major disease you're not gonna have coverage for it for example if you get cancer or if you needed a transplant an organ transplant or something like that something major the insurance that you have the coverage that you have in a private hospital is not going to cover it and you're going to be looking at thousands tens of thousands of dollars whereas in IBS that will be covered and IPS despite the bad reputation that it has for having inadequate amount of medication having facilities which are not kept to a good standard or you know the the standard that it should be for a hospital aside from that they have the best doctors in Paraguay because and I will just say my wife's uncle my father-in-law's brother is a doctor and he is an endocrinologist I think it's called but anyway he specializes in glandular stuff thyroid gland and I I don't know I'm not I'm not you know well versed in the different medical fields but but anyway he is like the the number one guy in his field in in Paraguay and he as a doctor is required even though he has his own practice he is required to donate basically a certain amount of hours per week where he works at IPS hospitals doing his thing and like I said I mean he trained in the states he worked for several years in Chicago so he's obviously fluent in English he's a cool guy but but I know for a fact that IPS you know like I said they have great doctors working for them the problem is in the infrastructure and in the supplies that they have but in our case IPS being a member of IPs works because he's our in parallel you say palanca he's our a lever he's our contact so if God forbid anything ever happened to major to myself or to my wife or to my child you know he can pick up a telephone and get us you know what we need and what what we're supposed to get you know by being a member of IPs but anyway I'm kind of rambling on about this I guess IPS is basically an option if you come here and you're working for a company you know you can't just come here and say yeah I want to sign up for IPS you know you gotta you gotta have a job with a company here and that is part of the labor code part of the labor law they are required to enroll you in IPS

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