Remove Public Records from Credit Reports || How to Fix Your Credit Fast

– Hey! What's up YouTube Fam! Brandon Weaver here! Once again and today we're talking about public records removals Alright, so, you've got a public record, perhaps you didn't show up in court and you got a default judgment against you

Always guys, remember, show up in court At the very least, you can always get a consumer protection lawyer who can help protect you Get those free consultations and talk to them They're usually pretty reasonable about the prices 'cause it can help you out, but maybe you've got a default judgment or you had to do a bankruptcy unfortunately or you have a lien or some other public record Now, when you look at your credit report, sometimes on the very back, it will say one of the furnishers of that information for your public record is LexisNexis

Sometimes they don't Sometimes it says, oh, it was verified at the courthouse that you were at, where you had to file your bankruptcy or whatever Now, at the courthouse, they are not giving out full socials, full address, full names, full everything, 100% to the credit bureaus Okay, the original furnisher is the courthouse That's where it got to go to 100% to be 100% verified by the fair credit reporting act

Therefore, if you are in a situation where you are getting verification back on your public records You may want to, one, seal your LexisNexis file, two, go to the courthouse or send a letter to the clerk and ask if they do furnish that type of information to the credit bureaus Full socials, address, full names, all that good stuff They won't They will send you, they don't

They will send you a letter saying that they don't provide that type of information to third parties and the credit bureaus can't 100% verify to the fair credit reporting act standard that it is indeed your public record Therefore, during the dispute process you can send that in, that letter, that you get from the courthouse in as supporting documentation with your disputes and you can have your LexisNexis file sealed and you can move forward and have that potentially removed, deleted, if it's completely inaccurate as it probably is or unverifiable So, if you need help with that and you would like us to do it We can do it for you You can get the letters at 609creditrepair

com You can shoot me an email, you can throw some comments in the comments section below and thank you so much! For all the subscribers, I love you all out there I really appreciate it You help me keep doing what I'm doing Give me a thumbs up if you like this

Subscribe and hit the little bell for notifications Alright guys, I'm Brandon Weaver and I will see you on the other side Take care!

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