Rep. Schneider Questions Attorney General Sessions

You’ve been asked a couple times today, I believe, what steps you’ve taken since you spoke a couple weeks ago, October 18, in the Senate Judiciary committee, what you were doing Senator Sasse asked you there if the department is doing enough to prevent foreign interference in our elections

Just to repeat what you said, and I’ll quote, “Probably not We’re not And the matter is so complex that for most of us, we are not able to grasp the technical dangers that are out there” These are real dangers to our elections Our elections are the foundations of our democracy

You also said, at that time several weeks ago, it requires a real review But today you said there is not review taking place My first questions is: I am very concerned With the 2018 elections, less than one year away, and given your acknowledgement that this is a serious complex matter that is deserving of a real review, specifically what steps have you taken to protect our elections next year? You raise a good point I have not followed through to see where we are on that and I will personally take action to do so

There are a lot of things that have been happening We are working on a lot of great agenda items, but this one is important and I acknowledge that I should be able to give you better information today than I am And I appreciate that there are many things that are important but I hazard to state, nothing more important to our democracy than the integrity of our elections As the head of the department of justice, it is important, that as a nation, as others have said, that justice remained blind carrying the balanced scale without a finger on the scale

We need to do that But protecting our elections is important What steps does the department need to do to address these issues? What can we be looking forward as the next steps? Well, one of the things that need to be done, is our states need to review their own vulnerabilities I would say our FBI has extraordinary capabilities when it comes to hacking and those of kind of issues We probably need to work on that with them

They should have a very important role They are highly sophisticated in that And then our intelligence communities also To the extent that this is driven by some foreign power, then we are dealing with international, potential international involvement So, all of those agencies and states need to be involved, I would think

I appreciate your interest because if we need legislation it will take some aggressive push to get in, at least through the Senate You said earlier, others have touched on this, that the intelligence community has said Russia did try to interfere in our elections in 2016 You feel that that is still a statement of truth, or is it open for question? I have no basis to dispute that I do think they’ve said they don’t believe votes were changed As I see I’m about to run out of time

My last question—I’ll jump to the end, is to what you were just touching on Can I ask for your commitment to provide a briefing to us on this committee that are interested in addressing this problem, making sure, irrespective of whether it is a democratic or republican state, community, that we have safe, sound elections with integrity Will you meet with us? I would be glad to I think that would be valuable

Source: Youtube

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