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good afternoon YouTube good-morning warriors good evening Internet okay so we're looking at CBS fires a president who said Vegas victims didn't deserve sympathy because country music fans are often Republican and in and so this is kind of twofold so her rights have been violated her freedom of speech has been violated I actually see a problem with that you know so she's just making a statement you know that I actually don't agree with you know regarding the country music fans but I think that a lot of people you know there's a wide range of people who like country music but I actually think her civil rights have been violated by them firing her I I don't see it any other way if she wants why does she have to take on the persona of that company just because she's working for that company I don't think she should so CBS basically is telling her that she has to think a certain way you know so if she wants to believe that that's her freedom of choice to believe that and to say that publicly if she wants to say it her rights have been violated her freedom of speech rights I would actually wonder if it's a civil rights violation as well I mean she's an attorney so hopefully she'll sue them for firing her and get some money out of it I mean that's I mean that's what attorneys do right and I mean she could actually argue with me that that's not true but I think she'd probably agree that it is true our attorneys argue about things to get money money and to you know law you know change law and so I said I do I see a problem with this because you can say things you can say whatever you want to say and you may believe that at point in time um you know I I don't think any of them anybody nobody should have been shot for any reason but I guess I kind of saw this old man as being like Trump himself kind of like reflecting the baby boom boomer old man era that's what they're appealing to angry old men who are just kind of stuck in their ways and so then they get just get mad at a bunch of young kids so that's kind of how I see this whole thing happening because all I saw what I saw was a bunch of people having fun there was a wide range of people there they were doing something fun that was entertaining it's kind of like on the cruise ship to UM nobody actually cares when you go cruising or go on vacation nobody is looking at what your political views are but then you know one of the things that I noticed when we were the last cruises the last two cruises we did on the magic in the Norwegian Pearl there was these old men that were just always spouting off you know about how they carry their guns all over the place and then you've got old women where and make America great again hats and and so it's like for the most part people don't carry their political views around telling people what they are however they're all but all of our life is politics you know every store you go into as politics every you know healthcare is politics our roads or politics the taxes we pay are politics our craft stores Hobby Lobby is politics they have Church in Hobby Lobby you know they have Church stuff in there so they're promoting church in Hobby Lobby that's politics and one of the first things someone told me they said Oh gene lean lying Hauser I think was her name and she was she she was someone who wrote for Leisure Arts oh don't mix Church and politics with crochet but I'm thinking crochet is completely full of religion politics I mean because the religious groups get tax breaks and you know so-so and the churches don't have to pay taxes so isn't it kind of funny to say don't mix politics when everything in our life is politics it's all political I just think that's kind of funny and and so the thing is is is that this is censoring so with this the woman the lawyer at CBS let me show you what she looks like here there's what she looks like right there so uh CBS is encouraging self-censorship that's what this is about getting people to be quiet not talk about things that are important scaring them into silence that's what they're doing so this is like a mainstream media being a big bully that's what they're doing being a big bully and telling them to be quiet basically so if you want to work for us you have to be quiet that's what they're saying they're telling her this woman if you want to work for us you got to be quiet that's bullshit that's a bully mentality CBS is taking on a bully mentality with this attorney you know I mean I may not agree I I I have sympathy for all people when something happens I do I really do I have sympathy for everybody even even the gun man who killed himself you know I have sympathy for him because my thinking goes to like did this happen because he listened to all this bullshit from the TV did he get so mentally deranged because of all the propaganda you know bang bang bang bang bang they're banging this it's just like when they were banging Isis bang bang bang they're banging the propaganda this psychological warfare bang bang bang bang hard and heavy on these people was he on medication did that cause him to break did that caused him to snap or is it the oh gosh the sounds the vibrations coming from from the electromagnetic our cable boxes and our modems and cell phone towers and is that what it is the dirty the dirty energy the the dirty microwave frequency waves is that what it is so yeah but I think that's it for right now she was wrongfully fired I hope she sues him and I hope she wins because to me I see it as a civil rights violation to tell someone that they can't have a view if you're working for this company you can have a view and you should speak out how else do you prevent okay so if CBS is doing something wrong and somebody knows it are there supposed to be quiet but that's it for right now I want to thank you guys for watching

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