SCCY Network talks about insurance

this is Yamil Sued for the SCCY Network and today we're going to talk about insurance you might wonder why insurance well we have to be realistic there are times that things happen that you might you know somebody might steal your firearm or you might lose it or it could be damaged in any other way and I said it's a good idea in today with today's technology to make sure that you have all this information in a safe and secure place like your serial number and a full description or your firearm what I would recommend is that you photograph your pistol or any other firearm both sides and get a close-up of the serial number in the case of the sky firearms the serial number is way in the back here next to the hammer the tucked away hammer in here and you just get a close up picture of that get a nice photograph both sides left and right and you know put it in a safe secure place whether it be on the cloud with your phone because today's phones are all stored in the cloud it could be also on your computer keeping in two or three different places if this electronic data make sure you back it up in other places in other computers keep a hard copy of it till in case that you need to make a claim to your insurance company it's a whole lot easier when you have a photograph serial number all that kind of information and it's also good to have for the police if you mean if your gun gets lost or stolen so they know that that pistol and you can declare it as a stolen firearm they don't come back to you and say you know this firearm must use in a crime and it's registered to you remember make sure you protect yourself on others by keeping all pertinent information about your firearm serial number and photographs so thank you for watching if you have any questions please feel free to send us down here in the comment section put some questions that you might have and we'll answer them for you or we'll make a video about it thank you for watching this guy network

Source: Youtube

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