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– Hey what's up YouTube fam, Brandon Weaver here once again and I'm here to talk to you today about the Section 609 credit repair loophole (uplifting music) Alright guys, so the Section 609 credit repair loophole is all about unverified accounts on your credit reports

So the letters, ebook that teach you the whole deal My video series, everything that you need to know about unverified collections, unverified charge offs Foreclosures, old student loans, repos, all that good stuff You'll learn it in the ebook and the letters Now, the process is very simple

You send letters to the credit bureaus to ask for verification for these unverified accounts They need to be verified 100%, 100% Not 99%, 100% for the Fair Credit Reporting Act If they're not 100% accurate and verified through a signed contract with your name on it or other instrument of indebtedness that they can prove and show you Or if a collector or a creditor can prove and show you or give to the bureau it must be deleted

So if it's not 100% accurate during this verification method it must be deleted So, they have about 30 days from the date they get it postmarked to them okay? So, they have 30 days to the date that they get it, to postmark your response okay? So you send it out on the 1st, they get it on the 7th they have until the 7th to postmark you a response alright? Now, during that process, you may or may not see anything Yeah, they're not, they might send you a letter that says oh, we verified it This is verified, oh it's verified Oh yeah, it was verified

Well how was it verified? Who verified it? What was this method of verification? That is in the letters and the ebook as well That's your next round of letters and so on and so forth Until you get the verification 100% accurate or it's deleted from your credit report Now, that's how it worked for me That's how it works for many people out there

Many clients have used this process Many customers have gotten great results with this Now, this Section 609 credit repair loophole has changed a lot of people's lives I remember I had 15 negative accounts and I'm sure you know my story and you've seen my other videos But I just wanted to update you and make sure that you know that this is still out there for you to help you

These are your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act alright? And these rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act helped me as well alright? So you know my story I had 15 negative accounts on each one of the bureaus That's a lot okay I couldn't get an apartment without paying more for a deposit I couldn't get those miles earning credit cards that I liked, that got me to Tokyo and to Hawaii and to the United Kingdom and helped me travel for free

I couldn't open up lines for my business you know? I've used some business credit to help with my businesses Get a merchant account Get a high quality loan if I wanted to get a home or a car Anything that you want to do, credit is key right now Right, and everybody needs credit

I've had a lot of people who have emailed with help with this alright These are your rights and you totally can have the awesome life, the amazing life You can get that apartment, you can get that job I've had people who need to get security clearances and top secret clearances for the government or get law enforcement jobs where credit is a big issue alright? There's so many reasons why people need good credit So think about it, 609creditrepair

com is your go to We can help you out and do it for you alright? Now, if this video helped you out of course, comment, like, and subscribe, subscribe guys You know, it's been fantastic having all these subscribers here It helps me keep doing what I'm doing I'm so floored and so grateful for everything that we have together here

So I really appreciate you Alright, if there's anything else you need you know where to go, 609creditrepaircom Where we can do it for you Thanks guys and I'll see you on the other side

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