Senate Leader de León and Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Host Conference Call

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Earlier The this is Dan Rutz we're about to start Mr holder online Okay Thank you Fantastic

What want to say first and foremost a good morning to you each and everyone of you? It is not lost on me that Three individuals here today of presents and now with Mr Eric holder on the line from Washington C That when you have the last names of chew A Lara as well as W

known I'm sure that It's VAX is the present as well as the Attorney General of the United States of America

That you have three men Watch Thank you very much with three men of color Perhaps are maybe the original bad hombres that's a A present trump talked about earlier during the course is campaign

I'm I have directed the former U S attorney General of the United States America Eric holder whose law firm Covington and Burling Is on retainer with the Cathleen state Senate to seek a permission

Of the courts few filed an amicus brief in response the lawsuit filed by the nice view I think department of justice United States Attorney General Jeff sessions has targeted California Because we refuse To help the trump administration tear apart Hard working honest families

This lawsuit is less about beings And M S thirteen And more about intimidating the state of California

Its a conforming our values To present trumps inhumane And xenophobic immigration policies California will not be borrowed We shall see Mr sessions in courts

Based on United States departments of justice track record in court Quite frankly I like our odds Last summer I directed Eric holder to send a letter to Mr sessions and will make that

Letter available to all of you today That California has the constitutional power to prior to rise its limited resources in areas of state concern That state concern would be how we spend our precious public safety dollars Senate bill fifty four the California values act also known as the century state bill Represents California's constitutional exercise of that sovereign authority

California is not required In other words to diverge those resources and compromise security can force federal immigration laws No Let me be very clear California won't help president trump

Won't help Jeff sessions Or ice's attack dog Thomas Holman Rick children from the arms of the mothers Inhumane treatment One would expect in a rogue nation

Not the greatest nation Cities and counties that refused to force immigration laws are not only safe for But by comparison they are economically better off If it galls the US Attorney General And the president that we won't help enforce their racist xenophobic immigration policies

What we say tough? We embrace the cultural gifts immigrants bestow on us and our diversity And they are the backbone of our economy It will do everything within our legal power To protect them They're less of a public safety threats

The native born residents In fact studies have shown That crime rates in immigrant neighborhoods actually Are lower Than other neighborhoods

If Mr sessions Attorney General a United States America is in fact concerned about crime He should focus more on his own backyard According to twenty sixteen FBI crime statistics violent crime and property crime rates in Alabama or significantly higher Much higher than they are in California With us on the line today we have

David Zions of Covington as well as Monica Rimmer is Amman ID From Covington and the eighty seconds Attorney General of the United States America Eric holder I araucana turn it over to you and then we'll go with our colleagues here

From the Senate as well as assembly I don't think the president good afternoon to up everybody Up let me say that that principle The directives of our client Tom Senate that president de Leon and the other members of the They Senate we will be seeking permission to file for M

weakest brief to Expand for the court Considerations is to take into account when making a determination as to whether or not lawsuit filed by the justice department Yesterday is in fact an appropriate one shot from my perspective the truck administrations lawsuit is really A political it unconstitutional attack

On the state of California's well established rights under our system of government The the Supreme Court made it really absolutely clear that they cannot be forced To devote its resources to help the federal government enforce federal law And the problem is creation can pursue it what misguided and self defeating but immigration policies if that's what it was anybody cannot in i Just state of California you money it gets resources to help in that effort

No Californians through which legislature might have made the decision Ben reflect their values and their priority And California's concluded that they should not commit the limited resources that they have won the trump administrations warped view of immigration an immigration enforcement But not a California legislature meets Scott decision very careful And eight balance was struck to ensure that Cooperation with the federal government continues in appropriate cases in appropriate ways

Violent criminals off the stree Jeff sessions doesn't get punished Californians Could they aren't willing to sign up to help what I would consider an extreme agenda Now as garden Senate president Billy on said the the California values activity fifty four represent California's judgment that preserving

And enhancing trust That's really critical enhancing and preserving trust between law enforcement and the diverse communities that they serve is really essential For the safety and well being of all residents of the great state of California without that trust immigrants Avoid reporting crimes whether they are witnesses for victims because they fear that contacting local law enforcement may lead to the removal from the United States And being ripped away from their livelihood

Families as well as from their communities By the California value that recognizes the California residents will be safer Now this is is something important California residents will be safer if local law enforcement preserves this trus And focuses on if jobs of insuring the safety and well being of all Californians While leaving immigration enforcement which is the federal government's job to the federal government

The constitution guarantees the California that choice It will be given by pan the contractor the trump administration's assertion the California values act Does not interfere with does not obstruct the importance of federal immigration programs by federal law enforcement officers It is not otherwise preempted by federal immigration law The lawsuit disregards that the act specifically allows of certain forms of cooperation and complies with all relevant federal law

Not Bradford that Cuba's president Mr trees yelled thank you very much William do now is gonna go to Center Ricardo Lara and innocently member David Chu who will discuss our respective pieces of legislation that are under threats With the lawsuit of the tourney Joel Jeff sessions a Senate Ricardo Lara Pick your last year California really made history by becoming the only state to give the authority

Of our Attorney General to look at what's really happening in the compound and the conditions of our immigration detention centers I it was a president that we were able to secure a million dollars in our budget And gives specifically the authority to Attorney General haven't receta To really see what we've been hearing in terms of what has been a very close to Community when it comes to what is really happening in our immigration detention centers both for profit and public we've seen time and time again by ice is owned

Recommendations and Standards that there's been multiple deaths there has been miss classification of immigrants In these detention centers there have been pregnant women without appropriate accommodations and children In ourselves with actual criminals And so for us it was an opportunity Ted now need

Be first in the nation to be would offer this to see what's really happening but also put a moratorium On these for profit detention centers both in That currently exist But also it's really get to that find out what is happening in these areas and that was a tremendous victory for us in the state budget Are now for some reason Attorney General Jeff session think that is gonna create an obstruction to their work

Through ice which is ludicrous and passed because we're not limiting their work whatsoever they can still detain immigrants he can still play summoned his detention centers But what we have now what we didn't have before is the power and the authority of our own Attorney General To look investigate what the conditions are in the so called detention centers and the call centers but let's not be fooled this is jail These are people going without care these are people going without access to an attorney And many times activist how often fight their way into these detention centers to see what is really happening

And these are rights and recommendations that ice has own recommended that should be implemented in these detention centers that currently are not being respected And so we're using isis on standards As the foundation for the work that we have done in the budget and what we did SP twenty nine That are now under scrutiny by Attorney General Jeff sessions again we feel this is just a political ploy This

Gifted within our right as a state To determine what are the conditions in these immigration detention centers within the borders of our state and we look forward to having our day in court And fighting to ensure that those immigrants are being detained in the centers have Adequate food that they have a place to sleep and that they have adequate shelter so that Their life can be protected just as we do anybody who was detained in the state

Thank you Thank you very much so Senate Ricardo Lara we have assembly member David Chu from some to Thank you Mister prince M and I first saw me start by appreciating the leadership here in the Senate and here in Sacramento As we are standing up for immigrant families in our immigrant workers

Unfortunately we are here because Jeff sessions decided to come today to California on a publicity stunt as he sues our state Also unfortunately Mr sessions as well as our president has forgotten that the United States was built on the backs of immigrants that our future success Hands on immigrant and in particular immigrant workers The trump administration has declared war on our immigrant families with unconstitutional executive orders and with proposals to hire ten thousand new ice agents

He is leading the most euphoric anti immigrant and racists presidential ministration in modern history And we are here because we had offered bills to ensure that we are not aiding and abetting His out of control deportation machine Last night when I learned that Jeff session had sued the laws that we are discussing Including the bill that I authored eighty four fifty the immigrant worker protection act

I was disturbed but not surprised And I think many of us have been asked this morning if we could speak to Mr sessions what would we say And I would say to him I would ask him to read the constitutio A follow the constitution in the constitution is the Fourth Amendment It says that people in the United States have a right to not be subjected to unreasonable searches and seizures

This applies in the context of ice and ice rates And our lot eighty four fifty simply says to follow the constitution If there's going to be an ice raid Ice agents need to provide the appropriate paperwork the bill says that employers shop ask for judicial warts There's going to be a raid conducted at a workplace or ask for

A subpoena before confidential employee information is provide This is what any of us would do and I if someone came knocking on our doors Unfortunately we're in the situation because the trump administration and his Republican allies have failed to pass comprehensive immigration reform And ever since Donald Trump was elected we've anticipated these workplace rights Unfortunately in our state of California we have many many workers who lack documentation because of the failure

To pass comprehensive immigration reform In our agriculture industry it's estimated one out of two workers lacks documentation In our restaurant industry one out of three In our construction and trades one out of five Don't trumpet Jeff sessions know this their goal is to disrupt the sixth largest economy in the world that is here in Californi

I think my colleagues also for other laws that we move forward to establish a century state I Goal of our bills are is to make sure that our families are safe as a former criminal prosecutor I know That the policies that we've moved forward to further cooperation and trust between our immigrant communities and local law enforcement builds that trust Let me just close by also observing as the pretend observed up who we are today

The three of us we are of immigrant backgrounds we are either immigrants or cells or the sons the children of immigrants I was a former immigrant rights attorney All of us were shaped Years ago And I think from a from a political formative standpoint when another executive of this state try to propose with proposition one eighty seven

That immigrants be scapegoated and tart And while that was a very difficult time in ours to straight history has borne us out and I think that history will Again Reiterate that immigrants are the backbone ever Connie Are the future of our success are and that is why we are here

And Very much appreciate the work or Attorney General I as well as I want to just take a moment and thank our California labor commissioner who has Help to enforce all the laws that we put in place as well as of the leadership of labor as well as our democratic colleagues to insure that these laws are put in place to protect immigrant families And ensure that our communities are not ripped apart Victims who were

Thank you very much so my member a David shoe for your very powerful and for a very eloquent words what we're gonna do is before we go to questions and answers of Of ourselves around this table and the Attorney General as well as Mr scion and miss Ramirez who are on the line let me just take about sixty seconds let me take about six seconds very quickly that The show a few words I Spanish Sylvia sculptural supposed news Jeff sessions

It's not in my Ben a California When they got most I do that I is the precedent thing it's a person becomes political support mantis But at You know my lamenting assimilates when is the suitable colors

Boy but decide useful books what I admiral C Anthony You Liz Is done mostly stocks

It's project don't delay cincuenta quattro we left for you because there's an old Ricardo Lara somebody's that David Chu Electoral Mendoza California the person de la have C struggles between now and The California this set body that So when I'm Kevin macleod

No Is whistles western Got you no are you an out on person to trump I Jeff sessions and for Scott who had also battle club Nielse Thomas Holman that ice

But I'd grade meant there was Nielsen also is that those of us with this madness went up to my no Gay women despite any yeah Cannella soon the camellias No Lana so must Bourassa give languished for this thing in place CV skulker hundreds thousands Jeff sessions in person then List matlab yet

Again no I you that M since have computers political support meant this poor because I'm gonna stone to see first It's an awful because then the bank one thousand bone Kevin macleod

Sylvie skulltula Jeff sessions is typical bother putting clean David if because it must so popular style installed Alabama Neck what does that those studies because they believed was the life of me that levels militia Seyss In Newman or the creaminess bill lentils In this will spell Alabama is the muscle in which you must live W

question almost a little radical on west without the California So with that I will open up to questions And after Coming teri's a

The press we have Eric holder On the line Obviously we have so Ricardo Lara and we have some immigrant David should Yeah And the Muslim woman weapon not discovery

You wish that some of Bob Eric are you there Bill here Eric the question is of from John Walters of from side That rain as I Vannatter

Proof of the Bill Walton is That Good god moraine one illustriou Reporters and from California is repeat one more time de

That was kind of discovery Alyssa At Out of Eric what kind of discovery CAD the defendant's elicit from the trump administration Well I think that we are pretty interesting question I mean I think one of the things that we would obviously want to do would be to find out the extent that we can what's the true motivation Of behind the This this integration effort and and the the lawsuit that has been has been filed You know want to see as much as we are Palau to see

The interaction Twin the various components within the federal government within the justice department To listen if we can What is the as I said the motivation behind the super crash think August? This is a in some ways a pretty clear cut case On the in terms of the law and I think that what you have here is really a and a political expression by the

A truck administration as opposed to eighteen legal concern But I think also that what they have done By filing this suit yesterday but it is because even so the more radical parts of the it distraction And is that possible heavy safe radical with the radical part of a radical administration but with the extreme part of a radical administration Giving into them arm and up filing a lawsuit that I think i

Is is pretty clearly without much Yeah Sure now I'll take a stab is an attorney Although clearly another attorney in this case and that is Left to the work of the Attorney General up one of the contentions and the concerns that we've had is that ice is not following its own regulations when it conducts workplace rates

That there simply banging on doors flashing a badge and going in And I think it is entirely appropriate question for the state of California are in the discovery process to ask Ice how often have you produced paperwork under what circumstances are you producing paperwork are you violated your own federal law your own regulations and the constitutio That your belief

That remember that following It's not my belief it is what I have seen as a former immigrant rights attorney it is certainly what I've known Throughout my career That ice in before it the INS Would routinely

Conduct inspections without appropriate paperwork we've heard reports from the press even in recent weeks of Of investigations that out we believe our pre textual and simply reflect racial profiling and C Lumia Lumia that it seems to us that we have a the Federal operation

Curly making up the rules As ago This is a very clear Retribution Of from the bill that we passed

Last year It's also clear Richard mission Back in twenty sixteen on November eighth California's by margin of two to one rejected politics fueled by resentment of fuel by misogyny and fueled by bigotry So from day one California has been in the cross hairs

Of this president and especiall This Attorney General So we had we rogue operation tapping of the federal government headed up by the top cop of the nation So

That's why we're in the situation we're in today because we believe that When we did when I wrote a Senate bill fifty for Working closely with the former Attorney General that were on Solid

Constitutional legal ground So we welcome this lawsuit and now we will beat them in a court of law I don't elephant If Amanda Little political things for them I think you know this were put aside

Nor Is it one week almost sensible but but I'm definitely C Moorlach municipal that one Senate When I say Ikuko Metallica collusive And knows Mendoza saves as the person then lost the newest de list okay for him the whole metal plaque

I was gonna protects the possible ripple C but add that the navy diputado succumb to throw colored up But isn't is the most profitable throw on the corner and we Decepticon index is kind Cannella that stuff since ever colder He's the most bottles but again that is that in the court Senator wasn't very general's office

On April To earlier anybody here well are you Janet holding on with but also About their concerns over his long legs Any Connie if there wasn't additional legislation

What I won't speak to me half the Bernie general herbicide or of the governor? Jerry Brown I'll speak on behalf of The legislative branch and specifically the California State Senate now we have been received and media director edict via email via letter or telephone call Up from the attorney general's office in Washington DC or for that matter any district office throughout the nation are back here In California with regards any concerns about any the respective measures are being discussed today Of what we have heard incessantly

Our opinions and commentaries On fox news on on bright bart and other media outlets But never pick up the phone Citing a letter or Sending an email

Pressing inserts a hate These are our concerns can you work with us Can we you know meet somewhere in the middle and is These are the potential unintended consequences We work with some short there's been no collaboration cooperation and they're part of the new well our positions from day one so there was never any attempt on their part to to

To to reach out to us For the Jose five three Portable do you believe that of orders or no I don't believe in open water sigh I believe every nation in the world including that states of America has a right to protect its own sovereignty so arms I think that again its completion Of

The views of other of a small group of individuals in comparison to the rest the country and de the values of Californians As David you just mentioned where the immigrants sort where the son of immigrants who have been shaped by the immigrant experience And I've never advocated you know contrary to what popular belief may be A on any of us For open borders that silly

Connie about administration the seven Yeah I think our pan seventy terrorism Vidak out here on the part of that Organs He M

suggest Mike he's California la Habana no because that they think that that standard that they're using in comparison to our You're free to Senate bill ten seventy from Arizona That it's something as dramatically different I don't think that's a template that can be used Verbatim legally To say that now they're going to strike down either all the provisions of SB fifty four or the provisions or the measures themselves

Of our colleagues at the very separate Situation the they can use As a template there's no question about it you know But We believe in and I can only speak on behalf of Senate bill fifty four

From day one We always felt Cream the confidence That our measure was Scott is constitutional

It would pass muster Before a judge as I That if in fact we were ever suit We're being sued to litigate so we will meet Via the Tony Joel in court

Eric The question is from reporter well With regards to the Senate bil Ten seventy remember with Arizona Right

And if there's any comparisons with ten seventy when your tree general on there are president Barack Obama and the template that Jeff sessions and their lawyers and you J R R articulating

Publicly that they're using that as a template to come after Senate bill before Well I mean if you look at Tom FE fifty four that's still growing in stark contrast Really really start contrast to the state laws that were invalidated in Arizona came to me rather than creating a Separate state enforcement schemes to regulate immigration F Arizona

I if we put before Constitutes and that's a fact of state a party that evening inquire Of state sovereignty Obviously health and safety of its residents allocation of state resources

And supervision of state and local employees no surprise court in other courts have held that if they blog like goals that issue in Arizona Were preempted by federal immigration law when the states try to to regulate immigration themselves In a crowded on the federal government starting Beth me fifty four have no similar risk of preemption because at least federal immigration enforcement to federal authorities and that does not interfere With the federal government authority well this thing what exercise its constitutional prerogative to focus on state priority so

You're really comparing apples and oranges here of fifty fifty for a acknowledges and is consistent with of our constitutional scheme where the team seventy law out of Arizona Price superimpose structure not recognized by our founding documents Let me be very clear about that We're under no illusion

That it's That any legislator and the leader of the Senate Governor Maher any state Attorney General can usurp federal immigration laws Federal immigration laws are just that they are federal There's only one branch of government

That can cute the authority the federal immigration laws and that is of the federal executive branch But that being said We don't have to spend a single cent of local taxpayer dollars Or lift a single finger to be it Kobach in the trump deportation Jean

There's never been an argument never Has been an argument With regard to criminal violent felons Opposition noise Ben is good riddance Well the from Ireland when from Mexico with from China or else or we don't care where you from

Good riddance But what we're talking about hardworking families M conflating hardworking families with gang members and then miss thirteen You know that's a different ballgame all together

And local government or state government doesn't have to spend a single penny To be again a abba an extension of the trump deportation machine were not indifferent With immigration law that's the fellow immigrations Up Authority and rights to execute

We're getting in their way But we're not helping to facilitate Terry mothers Of from the children and children from the father's If I could just add with regards to eighty four fifty Bob our state laws meant to complement federal law because we believe that the trouble ministration will be violating federal law So under the constitution under the federal law under federations ice agents are supposed to be providing this documentation when I do ice rates

And our state law simply says let's see that documentation let's make sure that's funny because we've anticipated that Trump's ice agents will not be doing that Different circles on on this issue again to reiterate we are using ISIS own standards As the framework for how immigrants should be Treated in this immigration detention centers so again we're not interfering with immigrants being placed in the centers what we're saying is let's give them basic human rights

That anybody who was detained in the state obtains whether that's A cardinal family a call to I'm An attorney so they can understand what their rights are it seems that all this in honesty is honestly it's just an attempt to bully us To try to stop us from continue what we've been doing is pro you know working on legislation That incorporates are immigrants into our society that allows them to further contribute to our economy

And you know Hi I'm gonna say this my parents didn't cross border here and restore lives so that I can step aside and allow this to happen to other folks we're gonna fight and we're not gonna be bullied by this president This administration or this Attorney General and so if you want to fight he's gonna get one And you know we look for to see him in court No they don't thing and yet we Atkins it and you know

Other monarchies gap we don't I think many W money just get on the C said This ticket can Conoco them put forward By Nicole Alexia de

A Allen yellow It See what Alyssa is the prison thing is the fiscal kind itself simple mostly about symbolism yes that them yelling that by Nicole Nancy that You J in with us only as one at Abbas met him as a few California is but Ben Nuestro silvicultural ata

A David Chu who said we don't need them in his state of interstellar Lexus Gulliver Colton in quality He the de Santos led that the politicos are allowed one took distant Mr glanced out the bottle But that's when we had If was adorable Senate but a book to head either from that was attached If someone about the hit singleness

A patrol dialup component bombs and that is to have to come with little only want the mean I get I get history M stalked subtle center York And we'll be stern about us in movies to slip off of a community meeting Anthony not gonna muscala contend the cond mat on me at all Holly what chemical Bekasi on a single one US emotional intestines which and that's I C E

any working M scare up with honest review shows Game with a hobble I don't mean to put up with a program like many mean Anthony yes yeah I just saw another Christiane excessive growth a new Accessible for Newman No they medical scan was no challenge I stick up we don't open up a angels when I'm equal but I Senate sub after Anderson so that Intercept money that I seek it I cannot complete all C

on I couldn't M blonde But only one I chemical nearly naked having gay a M Castillo enough that I

Is to impede acting as

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