Steamfitter Worked With Asbestos Now Has Mesothelioma | Attorney Joe Williams

You're a steamfitter You've been working your entire life with asbestos gaskets and pipe covering and now you've been diagnosed with mesothelioma and you're struggling with how you're going to handle your case

Hi I'm Joe Williams I'm a mesothelioma trial attorney in New York City And I've represented many, many steamfitters over the years and I can tell you that their exposures are always the same Steamfitters worked with pipes and gaskets each and every day and steamfitters helped to build this city

And in so doing, they worked at every powerhouse, built the powerhouses and were exposed to asbestos gaskets that were in between the flanges of every pipe in those powerhouses The prefabricated gaskets as well as the sheet gaskets that you cut with thick shears to fit over those flanges and then you take a hammer to pound through the flange where the bolt hole is so you can make that gasket fit securely While you were doing your work, other trades were working around you Insulators were insulating some of the very same pipes that you were working on and they were insulating equipment that was nearby to your work And while you working on these pipes and dealing with these flanges, you were attaching these pipes to large pieces of equipment like boilers or pumps

And those pieces of equipment were covered with asbestos causing you to be exposed again Well there are many ways that steamfitters were exposed to asbestos, both from their work and from the work of others in their working vicinity Why am I telling you this? Because you've been exposed to asbestos Over the years, I've represented many members of the Local 638 Steamfitters Union here in New York City and each of them has talked to me (and talked in their deposition in their case) about their exposures to asbestos gaskets and asbestos insulation and asbestos pipe covering And if you're a steamfitter, I'm sure you had many of the same exposures

I'm sure you have many questions about mesothelioma Well, I have the answers to those questions I'm Joe Williams I invite you to call me at my office at the number below and we'll answer your questions We represent mesothelioma victims every day

This is what we do and I'd be happy to speak to you Thank you

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