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At the end of the Ching Dynasty, Chan, a famous lawyer A very arrogant person, though wise but he is cunning He likes to play jokes on other people he likes to ignorant with others to make himself proud and happy That is why he has many enemies

One day, Hung Sat Leut, head of the Beggar's Gang, persuaded by his friends to come to Chan's house to give Chan a run But, why and when they become enemies No one knows Give way to us! Chan is a bastard! I want to fight you today! Shit! Master, we are in big trouble this time! Teacher Foon, I have been waiting for you from before bear honey, bear single honey, double, touch ground Bear Honey turned! bear honey, sun bear Go! Teacher

Hung Sat Leut came to make trouble Is it true? Master, you have to find some solution Of course not! Because you look ugly, that's why I gave you a kick

Do not let me see you again or, I can not control myself and will give you another kick! Master's style of thought is really broad and striking! You're brilliant, that's why people call you "King of Cunning Brain" Do not flatter me! You give me a lot of pressure, old stealth! Correct Chan, get out, get out! Let! You think of yourself God! It's been time for you Are you afraid of me? If you do not get out, Akau will break your ancestral grave! Teacher I will destroy their bones and I make food for chickens Come out Boss, there are some words written on stone

What is that? nonsense? "Visitors have to knock on the door" How dare he! Chan Shan, listen up! I'll count to three, if you do not raise your hand and give up, I will break your door OK This is not kidding What will we do now? Master, they burned the back door Nothing strange, we just burned One! Shit

Two! Two and a half! Three! Do not force me otherwise I will kill hostages Save me Brother Hung, Help me! All right, pour the dirt and urine on him Devil! Is this a haunted house? They are too stupid They know to know if there is glass Master, you bought a piece of glass when visiting Germany last time, I just found out how it works! Why are you holding your breath? Do I smell? Chan Shan! You must know that God helps me! Rain rains down my body! more rain! Hung sister brother Hung beggars just have no brain muscles

stupid! They think violence can solve everything Look, I'm giving you a splash of urine You want any more? I will add! Boss No! I can not stand it either! Help me! Do not go! The bastard is drinking urine that has been mixed with stomachic medication! They know a great lesson What a pity! Boss, do you think the paper money will bring bad luck? Then you will be the 'with what banknotes or fingers? Do you feel itchy

deep inside your anus is it like being bitten by an insect? Chan, you again! Do not panic, no dirt on it But just words Hung Sat Leut, bastard, the paper money you use to clean your ass soaked in "Poisonous Herbal Oil" After you feel itchy, you'll keep scratching Constantly and will never stop until your anus bleeds Why are you silent? but I still hear you talking? However, I do not think it is your voice That's why my voice ended How? Do you feel itchy? Mosquito bites me, I feel itchy, I do not help scratch it! Ready, one two three four very itchy

so itchy Apply "Super Salad" on my wound! Hey! Here comes the "Super Salad" Thank you, you're welcome Chan, I'm losing! Give us an antidote Certain! To save time, I have asked Li to be our witness Call me brother! come on! All right Brother Li is very busy but he still comes to help me, I am very happy because you have pretty girls for me Am I good for you Hurry up! I would rather cut off my arm for this defeat in front of you You're the hero I will not let you call me "Brother" Foon To save time, we have prepared an antidote for you all Silver? You can put it in your anus, because your finger does not go too deep until you can not scratch again

Nice! She slips into her anus without thinking You brave hero! I love you so much Foon Master, you're joking Inimu, use to buy 02 tael from Chuen-bei, 03 tael Tuckahoe, four Prunella sheets, boiled with 4 bowls of water into a teaspoon of medicine, then pour into your anus, it will heal you immediately

7 days later, you will not feel any itch again, guaranteed! And it will soften the skin from your ass too! I give money Hung sister, please ride You are an honorable hero! I do not think you still want to help your enemy Now, the oceans of Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories conquered by a stranger Facing the national threat, we must forget the enmity! We must unite to fight foreign enemies Now I,,, As your brother, take my toast! Stop dreaming I hate you all my life !! But I always adore you and love my brother! Let's go! Foon Yes sir Forgiveness is a good deed, you have to forgive him! Yes sir

You are too proud to say so after the victory I really admire! Well, let's go to the club, you're gonna be the boss! Do I have to pay again? I think you're pretty sophisticated for this Of course let's go Taun Chan Wait! I am guessing A black cat is black, white white cat, how about panda? It's too hard for me pandas are pandas, actually, it's not a cat

Really! I have another guess There is an old word, from start to finish, a distance of one mile What is that? I may ask for porridge? Can not you answer that? The answer is "Smile" Great! Many people think it is a Chinese character

Well, what's the party here! Why not tell us some good ideas? No, I just make a living from the tongue If I have a smart idea, I will not sit here Come on, let's eat, come on You're famous for tricks, why not tell us some great ideas? That's right, come on! You must have an intelligent mind No, you flatter me! What happened? People say you always have an arrogant attitude, practical and meaningful You're really practical! Would you know if we do not pay it? We are rich and handsome, everyone knows that

You're really handsome! That's right, we're very handsome, but our restaurant is built to make a profit! So we want you to think something for us to grow the business why are you so serious about talking about business? You really talk money money open a friendship! But, Taun Chan, friendship is not between us, we better talk about money! You're really wise, OK! replace all girls First you have to have some girls who are really girls We have replaced several times They should be the best, you can see that Taun Chan, you do not match the name "Brainy Brain"

You're better named "Brain Slick" "Sleek Brain"! Well, you demand Well Shit! Business continues to grow! We have to hire more servants Everyone has curiosity You have to remember Every day, you have to ask your servant to jump off the 3rd floor To attract customers' attention, then money will come But it's too dangerous to jump off the 3rd floor

To earn a living, You'll do it even if you're asked to jump off the 7th floor It is true Send money to my home Certain Foon

Let's go! Good job! Do you want to betray me? Why do not you ask me to see it? this one is so cute! thanks Funny Master, she smiled at me You're wrong, she smiled at me! Not! Master, she smiled at me One two three, guess what's next Did you touch my ass? Open! Ten! You Did you touch my ass? Drinks! Chan, swearing that I will not do shameless things Let! Right! Stop! Miss, you must have proof to accuse someone

If you have no proof, better keep your tongue Let's go! Master, let her feel better, OK! I acknowledge the allegations I touched my ass as compensation, agreed? What's in it for you! What a bastard! Fong Tong-ken? Chan, you two are civilized people! How dare you bully a girl like this helpless? You take advantage of it, and you insult him by playing a dirty guess game Tell me, where is the truth? Bastard! I won when I played mahjong with him last time, he did the humiliation and always wanted to get revenge That's it! Miss, maybe I know your name? His name is Shui

Fong tong-ken, will fight for justice and teach him a lesson Friends, let's sit and Cut the crap, grab the Lysee out Lysee, a generous dog? That's right, He must be very tired

With one hair suspect, the criminal can walk, he will find it and bite it Now, I will show the demonstration Attack! Miss Shui, do not worry, let her kiss your ass quiet! Teacher, if something is wrong, I will gather colleagues to fight Just put them off as long as you can

I will never care! Come on Attack! good dog Oh, love to eat bread! Shit! Oh, thieves cry to catch the thief! so Fong who touches Ms Shiu's ass! Now, the truth has been found! She can not imagine that the dog being trained will prove his mistake my truth and his conscience! Apparently to fight his master! really a smart dog! Let's applause! Lysee, is a good dog Lysee, is a good dog! We have found a good dog Named Lysee! Miss, do you want to talk to me? I apologize for this error I'm so stupid! I was almost tricked by that bastard So, you owe something! I will definitely pay for it He is Foon, my student

Brother Foon! He is a merciful saint Master, you're disgusting! But you do not have to fall in love with him Well, at 3:00 am tomorrow, come to my house on time Let's discuss what you paid for What do you think? I will be there on time Let's go! Let's go! Master, we have got it Daddy, we got it God bless Yu-fa and Nim-sai, let them live happily in heaven, thank God! Mr

beware of the flu let us handle it Chung, open the coffin and check his body How's her body? We can still see his face Turn the body upside down and open his trousers What do you see? his ass

there pa in his ass? triangle stain it is a birthmark Yes, he is your brother Nim-sai are not you selling it in Cantoon more than 20 years ago If he's alive, you can recognize him? You know, when someone is happy, he will have one look

And when he is sad, he sees again I can not guarantee a change of appearance Do you remember anything special about Nim-sai? He uses a jade necklace around his neck There is a small door above it, behind the door, there is the name "Sai" Ho Sai carved on it Master, what are you doing? Wait

Master, what are you doing here? Wait Teacher You're lucky! What happened? Do you want to kiss Shui? Master, are you kidding? Am I going to be so lucky? It is true! When Shui arrived, I will ask Yan to let him sit in this chair Then Yan will get tea quickly Is not that great? It was great! Am I smart? Master, how to kiss her? sit! When he was wet, what did he do? She will be very ugly and she will scream! No, no! She'll change clothes! Master, how can she change clothes in public? See! This door will lock automatically when closed At the same time, water will push out of this hole

According to human instinct Shui will stuffed with his finger At the same time, water from this side comes out He will be clumped with another finger

But he can not imagine that water out of her face! Master, I know what you mean Poor Shui! He can not ask for help from anyone! He must be afraid and do not know what to do To stop the water, everyone knows he will

close the hole with his tongue That's right, you're standing in front of the dressing room Then you pull out the hose then you can kiss him

So I can smell it Calculating to satisfy yourself! When you hear the ringing of the bell, go ahead and kiss it aga to kiss her? Foon, Are you fooling me? Master, if he bites me, what will I do? If you put your tongue on his tongue he will not bite you! Master, you're so kind to me I do my best for you Yes Brother Yan Guru

Come here have him in this room and not go then, the water comes out through this hole and leads to your face

Put the pig's tongue into the hole! You understand? Yes Repeat! Please Shit! so water will come out through this hole When you get wet You put this pig's tongue in bloody hole You should say this way What a bastard! Let me think about it again! When Foon kissing with a pig's tongue held that I will be here to kiss Shui If he accuses us, Foon will admit it all! and he will be disbanded! Shui will slap Foon badly, again and again and I will go forward and kick hard too

Shui will lean on my chest, and I will cheer him up I'll make him drunk, then I will Who else can be the King of Brainy Brains in this world except me? No one else! Why did you carry luggage? want to move? Madame is back

Mother? Yes, he's going to the sitting room with his friend it's a big house, but there's only one seat! You are my guest, please sit down Shit! Sorry, you better change clothes do not! Dear

not you! I mean whose teeth stand out! This room No problem, you're in urgent need You first! Shit! Please! Please Shit

Please! Please! Please! there are people killed! It is a lie! Master, we are in trouble This is not possible Mother! Foon! No one was killed! Everything is alright Miss Shiu, I will return your tongue I'm sorry, I did not mean that! Sorry, I am late Ghost! Ghost! Hey! What happened? messy I can not manage to explain Please

Wu Man What's this really, husband? I sent you to England to study law, why did you come back all of a sudden? I want to surprise you This is really a surprise

Let us eat By the way, why are you stuck in a water chamber? And I see a lot of traps at home I ask for it You explain it I have time, but it is not convenient to talk now Mother, do not worry about that! Master knows that I have an indecent and brutal desire So he set all the traps, so I can smell Miss Shiu Do not get me wrong But, Master

About the tongue of pigs, can you explain to me? Sure, but I do not have time That is good! even if you have time to talk, we do not have time to listen Foon, do not you smell the tongue of a pig? I do that

true, i bought it specifically for you Teacher, You promised to help me kiss Miss Shiu but, I'm the one who wants to kiss her and the pig's tongue is for you alone I want to trick you I want to take your profits, So what? I will not give it to tell the truth

this is hot, and life is boring, I just want to have fun, there is a problem? That's fine! Well, that's fine! Why are you staring at me? Because of our friendship, I will make you smell something else! You better not have to talk Excuse me Chan, you're a married man why do you still want to date me for dinner? You have made me misjudge Do not you think about my feelings? A smart man is not a hotshot Miss Shiu Very simple! He secretly admired him He was attracted by him He wants to kiss her

You're mad at him I want to hit you, you know? Siu-tso! Wait for me! Miss Shui Wait! Miss Shui, outside the dark, I take home

No, you better lend me that light I will return tomorrow! Does that mean I'm still given the chance to see you again? If not you do not need it I prefer to keep it I can not be his wife, i can not get his heart, now, i love to keep it for memories Miss Shui, why do you want my master? All women want to find a capable husband, the man who can protect her Miss Shui, if there is a man, which is a bit stronger than you, but he can protect you, are you gonna take it? People are always looking for the best, if i can not find a good husband, I would rather not get married! Better to be a self-made woman! Great! Foon, a man must achieve something in his life You'd better forget about loving affairs, the world you will leave You will fight for your future Where should I go for my future? Did not all go? Yes

Is it true? Let me see! Is not this popular in Britain now? What? See! What do you mean? Look at me! Take a look! Oh! See! You speak English fluently I have no loss to let you study in England I am proud to show you this See! You look very smart Even deaf people can hear that

You're talking wholeheartedly You can read my mind! You really understand me You talk in such a romantic way! too late, let's go to bed

That is good You go first! You go first! No, you go first! Come on! No, I mean, I do not dare, I really do not dare Come on, just give me a chance Not me All right, I'll listen to you I think my husband does not like me anymore We have been married for 7 years, and I went to England for a year He did not see my eyes when he spoke to me I'm also confused, so I do not see his eyes when talking to him Foon, he sent me to university and asked me to study law, actually, i learned something else

What is that? Fashion design what's that lesson? sewing! Woo! is it interesting The world has changed a lot! Even sewing can be a subject at the university! So you have to go out to see the world You knocked on the door for me! A man must fight for his future! I have to go somewhere Maybe the nearest city, Hong Kong Are you going to Hong Kong? Yes, Master But that's not China anymore

This is a British colony now! I do not care! I will not let anyone bully me OK Leave me alone! salary that you have not paid? it would be nice if I got it back What did you say? My salary the previous line

You told me to leave you alone, did not you? Nice! Very good! You tell me yourself! Master, you love to eat chicken kidneys very much Eat more rice again! Let me do it Teacher, rice Do not you know that I'm on a diet? I want half rice! Let me do it Bastard, you're useless! Half! Look, half the rice bowl you want! Eat it! You do this in my place, You did not give me! You said you would leave me alone

You're lost, Chan! Peace! Peace! Shut up! This is my place, you do not say here! Now, I swear by the lights! I will never care about Ho Foon If I do not obey my oath I will be punished by law Do not you care about me anymore? Are you serious? You're selfish! You are unreasonable You're impotent! Bastard! Son of a bitch! Are you really serious? Bastard! How dare you cheat my money? Foon! Brother, hide first Hide! Yan, finish it I am not impotent I do not! Honey, what's wrong with you? Just a dream Foon says that I am outrageous and selfish Is that true? I feel lonely, how to say it in English? I love you I love you

Is it true? I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! too late, why did you come? Miss Shui, Chan is a sycophant I have been with him all this time, but he treats me badly Is not he very nice to you? That's different again Miss Shui You're old enough to get married Take this piece of Jade! Please Go in and get some clothes

Come with me to Hong Kong, you want? You No? This is a long way to Hong Kong, take this jade piece for you If you're robbed You still have something worthwhile, so they will not kill you

too late, better go now Take care of yourself Teacher Who's the one who sold this jade piece? That's not my business I do not take pictures of his face I did not kill! I do not kill I do not kill! I'm not guilty! come in! Foreigners? You're a killer! Uncle, why is he mad at me? Please! Will you torture me? Oh! my cock! Now, you will be punished for killing You can use your own lawyer to defend you Do you have a lawyer? Yes! Chan Fo Leut! Shit! Sir, are you ready? I have found Master Nice! Let's go After shaving, hair will not change your mind You can not be sorry, sir, You want to think twice? Come on

Stop! there is a live tick in my armpits, why did you stop me? let me have some freedom Sir, do you want to go? Yes please Foon is in prison on murder charges in Hong Kong What? Yes Hey! What? Are you going to save him? How? If you do not, he will die People will die sooner or later! You're smart and wise! I can not help

He commits a crime in HK that is governed by English law I can not help You sent me to study law in England

Maybe, maybe, I think I can give him a little help I can hear the fear of your voice i am not suitable for you I think I should help you! Teacher Time to eat Time to eat Where can I get my food, sir? Are you new? correct

Time to play! Do not play with me! you do not know my master About the case of Ho Foon, the British and Chinese governments have reached an agreement This case will be judged in a UK court No appeal! And, Chan Fo Leut will become Ho Foon's lawyer

I have been told! And, His Honor Li Hung-chang said, if you can free Ho Foon, you will become a hero Money and fame will come sooner or later Congratulations If I lose, I do not think I will lose This is an affront to the state You will be punished, maybe capital punishment for your tribe

You threw me into the shark's mouth! Come on, do not be angry not enough seats for all of us, you know? What is wrong with you? What is wrong? where did you cut your hair? Jl Nathan no 9 Do you know, You're not worth following your haircut trick like this! Different people should have different hairstyles Look, your hair does not fit your face And your face does not fit your body

Your body does not fit your hair either Complete your ugliness! What do you want? Master, I know this is my fault, do not blame me I am sorry for cutting my hair Sit down first Tell the whole story OK

That day, I walked alone on Nathan Road When I reached on Jl Nathan no 9 fat ladies waved at me He said, "Let's cut your hair, it costs 5 cents only!" That's why I followed him I always say, cheap is not good! You know your mistake now? Let's go back to kasu! On that day, I went to the HK Club for a lion dance as usual After work, I go back to back stage Suddenly someone closed my head with a bag of rice he pushed me on the wall, when I struggle with him

Suddenly, someone took off my pants Did he rape you? No! What's your feeling? Painful? Funny? There is no! he saw my ass! and I feel a bit cold What is next? Then I fought it my bag was seized and I saw him mugging me with a gun What do you want? You sex maniac! What do you want? You seduced my wife and you wanted to accuse me? Do not kill me This is not my business I do not know how to shoot! Correct, that is, someone shot Ho Chun in the dark Then, Ho Foon becomes the scapegoat But, do you have a secret relationship with Chun's wife? Teacher, I have not seen his wife at all How can I have a secret relationship with him? Ho Chun lied But why was he killed? That's good, the key point is

your ass What is the sign of this triangle? A birthmark birthmark? See! there are some acne as well Not serious, ma'am

You've fallen in love! dominoes! Can you explain it to me? Master, this is a custom sort in prison In this prison, Newcomers must serve the prisoner in jail and strangers keep the gambling tools inside the anus Master, help me put it in again? Because you have to put it, I have brought you chicken legs, better keep it too If you feel hungry, you can take it out and eat

That's a good idea! Teacher Come on Nice! Thank you, teacher Come on, do not mention it Shit, I have inserted my ring too

Foon, can you take my ring? Sure, Master This is a chicken leg, my ring is still inside Not this one? Oh, it's full! Master, do you mind looking for yourself? OK She took my bag! As determined by the court, though not his desire to be baptized we still welcome him to join the family of God Let him go

Why is the time of baptism of women so short But the baptism of a man for so long? Why are you fighting? Bleeding on your nose! I did not hit him But this is not my business! See! I hate blonde people! I think that's acceptable! Damn you! Enter all back the domino card

And mahjong too And chairs and tables, ready! What? Thank you, brother Hung Do not say like that As requested by Chan Fo Leut, i will take care of you Strike him strongly! Court My master is really great

My master is really great Please ask prospective jurors to come for the election Taun Cheung Ti-sung, you're disabled, I want to get you out of serving the jury Objection! Why do you mind? This is contrary to the legal spirit to degrade the disabled Although I am blind, I am always right and just

My desire is to become a member of the jury If you do not let me be a jury, I will complain against you All right, I'll let you do it thanks We have a jury and a judge here, actually, who will be trial from the court? Yup

So do you think you have an answer? Well Prosecutor Jury In the coming days, I will reveal the ugliest human face in front of you She was terrible and unabashed murder

Ho accuses Foon of having an affair with Yuk victim's wife He seduced the victim's wife, and he plans to have Yuk as well He goes to Ho Chun and then kills him Yuk have disappeared We have reason to believe that he was killed by Foon as well

We believe that Almighty, our God The cause of His justice This is the court, and the place of God shows justice! He really did Defense advice

Your Majesty, may I ask some jurors? What kind of question is that? question is very important Please If you think handsome defendant, please raise your hand If not, please raise your hand If you think the defendant is very ugly, please raise your hand

All the attendees, bad and poor defendants, Can you see how bad she is? How he can seduce wife of the manager of a wealthy family? Your Majesty, mind it! Your Honour, I just want to prove the motive of murder actually ridiculous! Your Honor, a silly and impractical defense advisor! All right, a little practical Madam, if the defendant invites you to cheat Do you want with him? Of course not

If he gives you a thousand, Can you stay with her for one night? Crazy! Does not he think he can get me with a thousand? Son of a bitch! Auntie, you have to answer the question Why are you scolding me Who do you think you are? You are a pervert! You're a killer! I tell you, I will not fall in love with you! You deserve to be put behind bars You're worth dying in jail! You're too bad! I say, you bring bad luck! Your waiter is right! Quiet Your Honour, I have proven that his motives are in doubt Your Honour, view of defendant does not make sense with murder

But, Wait! You have to wait, But Listen to me first Even if he wants to kill Chun, he's doing it somewhere else does it make sense to kill where he works What do you think is the cause of Chun's death? I do not know, you better think for yourself! Maybe, Ho Chun want to rape Foon But he failed So he committed suicide and made Foon a scapegoat Chan Fo Leut, this is a British court, not a poor court of China I do not know what you're doing here You do not know anything about the law go back to school again

In fact you do not think of your own reputation, You will think the face of a fellow Sorry He always calls England

It seems he forgot that Hong Kong was leased to England They must return it one day! Damn, how dare he become arrogant in our territory? For Foon's sake, do not offend him! But that is the reality! Sorry Call witness

I was washing the rice in the kitchen When I heard gunfire, I rushed to the backyard! What do you see? I saw Ho Chun lying on the ground, with blood all over his body Foon holds the gun and he laughs He said, "Ho Chun, you are dead meat now" What is next? I'm scared and screamed! Ho Foon is angry and chases us

Objection! What did you say? You just said a different statement than you gave to the police I just wanted to ask why did you change your statement? Objection received witnesses must answer that question I'm worried that Ho Foon will reward me So I do not say all the truth I have no question, it's your turn

I want to show the proof jury, the first item number Witness, this weapon can only shoot one bullet You said you heard gunfire, so how could he shoot again? He did not want to kill me with a gun But with what? Sword Are you kidding me? Is it true? He pursued me and wanted to kill me with a "capital helicopter"

He's chasing me, and I'm so scared He hit me with a stick nonstop He hit from left and then from right He wants to use a pair of swords to kill me I have not seen this evidence before that is our new discovery To kill someone, why does he carry so many weapons? That's very proof that he planned well to kill Chun

He even wanted to kill innocent people Although, he does not mind to die with everyone Bullshit! You spread! You're mine, you'll die like a dog! Bastard! you will go to hell! Your Majesty, I ask to fill Foon with the cost again threatening judicial officers, insulting courts, bodily injury, and disposing of trash in public places

Chan Fo Leut I did not do it, I did not do it Do not lose your mind Why did you throw my shoes? Return my shoes Take this first super sword! Chopper Capital! I smell something weird

What is this? Paint are you hungry? Perhaps instructions are very important Lone sister, what makes you think that? Because of my name I made a lot of pointers What about those shoes? Yes, many found! Give it to Lone's sister, it's very important! Great Lone Sister

Lone's sister I hear steps And far too late, Lone sister, just call it a day Wait for me super swords and capital choppers I know it is a trap the proud prosecutor! Who is he? A very sharp-tongued lawyer

Bagiman incident he is the boss of Ho Chun, named Ho Chung Who's the boss? His father, Ho Sai Ho Sai? He is a wealthy merchant, and is a board member He has many properties in the Western District Sai? Yes, Sai

Hearing the word "Sai", I Does that ring your bell? Right, because I remember Foon has What? Jade with the words "Sai" Maybe, there is another story This may relate to the poor orphan, Ho Foon

Wu Man dear Do you know about Ho Sai? He is a Catholic, a righteous man Nice! Yan Yes, Send this photo to Ho Sai at once I want him to meet Foon in court

Master, why did you draw a pervertible image like that? Are you happy? Lone sister, we all count on you Please Witness must be bribed or threatened My eye for an eye wants to threaten them too find them

And then torture them, make them confess Good idea How can you figure this idea out? I I use my brain

Do not worry It's okay, you can count on me Do not worry, you have to rely on me Lone's brother is not good Your Majesty, I would like to call a new witness Who is he? your parents! Objection, how did he dare to scold my father? Come on, not always the object! You can listen to his words first Mr

Ho Sai I mean your father! This is my master Chan Fo Leut Sir, thank you for your help Please follow me I swear sincerely Sir, do you know Ho Foon? No! But he is like Yu-fa's concubine

What? You already have a son with your concubine? Yes, we have a son named Nim-sai But he's dead Why? I do not know Why do not you know? We've lost each other for over 20 years Why did you say he was dead? I saw the body

How could you know that the corpse is your son? From his ass Butt? Correct, I see the birthmark in the triangle's buttocks! It made me believe that the corpse was my child Sir, there are many unexpected things happening on earth many things, you may not believe it Foon, do you want me to teach you? Take off your pants! Now! Yes! What about what I see? You just look at his butt, but not face

birthmarks can be taken by someone can be pulled by someone So you're my son? I am very glad to see you meet your son! Nim-sai! Nim-sai Do not get too excited Guard, Please Mr Ho So you've seen, Mr Ho recognizes him as his son

This may be a deliberate conspiracy, trap for filius nullius But the witness did not swear in front of the Bible So, his words will not be accepted by the court She swears His hand touched the Bible, but he kept quiet

All right then Your Majesty, in spite of something sad the words of the witness said before his death should not be forgotten Shit! He did tell the truth, how can you deny it? Sorry, law is legal

Not a word must be changed Chan Fo Leut, I can not help you Your Majesty, you can! You better learn again Your father died, and you did not even shed a tear I think I better learn from you

It's all because of you! My father has heart disease If you do not ask him to be a witness, he will not die You're a killer! Your Majesty, I'm sorry my father died, i can not control my emotions Then? Shit! You pretend to cry! Son of a bitch! You do not even have tears in your eyes, can you see them? It's dry! You got caught! Why do you pretend to cry? Screw you! Hey, you'll behave better! Wait, let me tell you a story

Once upon a time, the noble named Ho He has a son named Ho Chung Mr Ho is old, his son will be his heir of course But, suddenly, He nullius filius Ho Foon appeared

Someone worried about his status will be affected So he sent his fellow Chun to kill a man named filius nullius

But Chun failed Someone just took this chance to kill Chun And make the poor child a scapegoat The man is really hard-hearted and cold-blooded! What do you think of my assumption? Prosecutor, why are you laughing? Because this is nonsense and stupid story Nonsense and stupid, huh? But you're sweating! This is really weird

Prosecutor, where were you when the murder took place? At home What are you doing? Reading What books do you read? The story of two cities where did you stop? Well army soldiers meet Snow White, is that right? Yes, they meet Snow White

No, you fool me! You're Smart! So where do you stop? Why should I answer your question? Right, I do not know why you want to answer me! Then why! Chan Fo Leut, you've gone too far! Wipe your sweat first! I think you have not slept soundly lately Does Ho Chun visit you every night? your Honour! Let's get back to our topic, what did you do that night? I say, I read at home No, I did not mean to kill Chun! I mean the night before he died

Before killing him, I go Yes! You're done! Your Honor, I ask to reach the final address Damn you! say what you did the night before Chun's death

Police There is no! I mean Chan Fo Leut What happened? Personal Point Defense advocate is truly amazing! But according to the legal procedures Come on! Why are you so stubborn? You are charged with court humiliation I have to send you to jail for one day Immediate execution Your Majesty, are you kidding me? Your Majesty, you have to give me a chance? Dear This is not kidding? Your Majesty, for what we have just heard, should we forget them too? Since statements contradict legal procedures, The jury, you have to forget everything you've just heard Chan Fo Leut will be represented by Man Wu

Tomorrow, the last trial should be presented Court Brother Foon Miss Shui Why are you here? I came to save you

All right, I'll pack first I just want to prove your personality I am right You are a coward! coward What? If you let it like this, You will sin forever You can not live in peace and you will hide for the rest of your life

You'll be a criminal forever I have decided to stay That's why I love you Ho Foon, someone came to visit you Miss Shui

where did you cut your hair? Jl Nathan Number 9 Cut the crap, I will not go I'm not a cowardly coward! If I leave like this, I will sin for the rest of my life I will not live peacefully And I will be a villain forever

I will not go! I came to express my support You can not lose in this case Because your master's name is very important But now, I know that, You're a brave and generous hero I believe that you are innocent i will wait for you

Good speech! Are you waiting for me? You will be released at 5 pm tomorrow What about the last trial? They can not do anything for me They can not imagine that, you studied law in England too Tomorrow, you will take my place Dear You will save Foon's life! You sent me to study law in the UK not because you feel boring? Of course not! The world is so big! I think, it is a good deed

to let you see the world Honey, I do not study law in the UK They refused me So what did you learn in England? Fashion design

What did you say? My time is up for learning fashion design Fashion design Honey, what should we do? Fashion Design? Court Attorney, you can start your decision now Although the amount of sentiments outside the law One should be punished if he is killed You'd better think

If your family is killed, what would you do? Now, all the evidence in court confesses, proves Ho Foon is a killer I ask the jury will confess Ho Foon guilty Defense advice My husband paid me to study law in the UK But I deeply regret that I did not study law

I learned fashion design I'm not educated, but I do not understand one thing What is more important? legal or life procedures? Honor, if you do not mind me telling my point of view I think, You have studied many years of law, You've got nothing Like my husband, I have not studied law

But I dare to open my eyes to see what is right and wrong I am proud of my husband I love her Jury, I believe that you're not crazy You must know how to judge

If you're all just fooling around not useful to say anything Thank you very much You have been released! Yes You hear everything? Yes What do you think? Perfect! You are greatly appreciated

You flatter me Of course not! See the blind is touched by you, he is crying Your Majesty, if there is nothing special, I ask for rest I have eye problems You see pus from my eyes? Jury, do you have a decision? Yes Round? Yes

The jury has admitted the defendant is guilty As specified, the defendant must be hanged Court Wait Thank you for taking care of me

It's chicken legs for you Sir You killed me, but a lot of Ho Foons will show up Sir Wait Honor, what punishment should Ho Foon receive? He was set hanged It is okay

Yan Disappointing him What do you want? You just ordered to hang it Do not hang it until it "dies" Now, he has been hanged

So you have to free him now That's looking for a mistake on the words! Your Majesty, the law is the law Even one letter must be changed Now, I can not help you Your Honour! Think before you speak

If not, you will lose the face of the British government And you might be accused of being a murderer I want an emergency meeting first All right, get back to your job You're all crazy! Move out It's time! The final court decision has been reached punishment has been executed

Ho Foon is free now Great! I am free Ho Chung, you under prison, You are charged with murder Foon Shui beloved baby, your sudden appearance

makes me feel excited closer I am ready really? We'll take a picture of the bride, we should be a little serious, Hey, her husband must be right! Well, look at me! more serious! Great! Master, this is Foon

Master, madam Foon Foon Brother Gut where is Miss Shui? sent to study in the UK What did he learn? English literature

That is to study Shakespeare You cultivated You know Shakespeare too? He is suitable for studying English literature That's good for him Foon Teacher

your hair matches your face You look great I'm so glad to see it! Master, today, you married again, I am very glad to see you too Well, you should be happier No, you should be happier

Give me a face, say you're happier than me You're happier Come on, see the camera Concentration, Look It is okay! Jl Nahtan No

9! You bastard, you look great Shit, not a big deal? I do not mind telling you A man looks smart!

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