Stormy Daniels’ lawyer: at least 10 people have offered to pay her $1 million fine

invalid >> Therefore I come back to where I began which is shouldn't she refuse to have taken the 130 K until there was full execution? >> Well, I mean that certainly was an option

That is not what happened And so we look at where we stand now and where we stand now is that we've got an agreement that was never signed by all parties which is required under California law and expressry required under paragraph 866 the agreement We are highly confident that this agreement is going to be tossed outagreement

We are highly confident that this agreement is going to be tossed out And if so she is prepared to return the money >> It seems like the question is offer, acceptance, consideration I think you have all three Let me show you something

Go to exhibit number three Each page of this agreement needed to be initialed And on the initials line, I'm putting it up on the screen, instead of David Denison, it is ec Which is that other entity that was created by Michael Cohen presumably to settle this case In other words, all throughout the document, ec signed, not David Denison

I think by virtue of that language that said that it could be either of them And/or >> I disagree And we'll have the court decide But I want to address something you just said

Offer, acceptance, consideration There was no acceptance by dd of this agreement He never signed it Furthermore, where is the consideration from dd? The agreement and as you know there has to be consideration from dd Everybody talks about the $130,000

But you know based on your detailed review of the agreement and the tabs that you have on the side of the page, you know that my client bargained for not just money, my client bargained for other consideration from Mr Trump It is in the document that he was required to provide And by not signing it, my client did not get the benefit of the bargain >> Let me talk to you about the arbitration process which I know that you think was bogus

I note that the notice 88, the notice provision required E mailing or facsimile and telephone of your predecessor Was Keith Davidson notified in advance? >> Not that we're aware of But Mr Cohen could not — ec could not proceed with the arbitration

It required only dd If you look at who was able to get a temporary restraining order, Mr Cohen nor ec had standing or the right to do that pursuant to the express terms of the agreement Only dd Only Mr

Trump And we believe that the reason why is because they wanted to continue to keep this quiet and continue to basically hide his involvement >> Okay Another question based on the documents Put up exhibit four

This is 31 C And there is a lot of language Mr Avenatti throughout the agreement about this Here's what it essentially says

It says that your client needs to return to dd let's just say president trump all evidence relative to what went on here And that includes e-mail messages, text messages, instragram messages, Facebook posting or any other type of creation Question, did stormy Daniels hand over whatever evidence she's got of this liaison? >> I'm not going to answer that question but here's what I'm going to say Mr Trump and Mr

Cohen and others better be very, very careful relating to statements publish as to whether this actually happened or not That is what I'm going to say >> But she had a contractual obligation to hand over whatever she was in possession of before she took the 130 K >> And I didn't say that she didn't And I didn't say that she did

What I've said is I won't answer the question >> Okay One other question if I might There is another paragraph I don't think I blew it up, but 511, disgorgement

This says that if she violates it, she owes $1 million for every episode that she goes out and speaks in violation of the confidentiality It occurs to me that Michael Cohen may have made a wide business decision Everybody is laughing about him giving her 130 K if it came from him, but he will get a ten fold return on that money if in fact she speaks and violates this agreement That is not a bad return >> Michael, you know based on your experience that term even meaning so beyond the pale that there is not a court that would enforce that at that level with $130,000 at the front end and a million liquidated damage clause per instance

No court in California is going to ever enforce that >> If that is the case, then why doesn't she come on a program like mine right now and tell whatever the story is that she is dying to tell? >> Well, I mean I think we may see that I think we may see her provide a very detailed explanation of what happened She is going to discuss what happened Let Mr

Trump come forward and provide his version of events And let's the American people decide who is shooting straight with them and who is covering things up >> Has anyone offered, has anyone, including Larry Flint, but I want to ask this in universal sense, has anyone offered to pony up the million dollars to protect per and say here, I'm good for it, go tell your story Iner and say here, I'm good for it, go tell your story inher and say here, I'm good for it, go tell your story in? >> At least ten individuals in the last three days alonen? >> At least ten individuals in the last three days alone? >> At least ten individuals in the last three days alone

>> Ten individuals in the last three days Are any Larry Flint? >> Not that I know of >> Is she contemplating taking any of those ten offers? >> No >> Does she think in retrospect that 130 K was chump change? Because after all, he was elected president I'm really asking whether that amount was determined by her perhaps believing the polls a week out from the election, hey, he's not going to win anyway, I may as well take the money

>> No, I think when and if she is able to tell her story the American people will learn how that amount was arrived at among the parties But this isn't about her having buyer's remorse It really isn't >> Final question I'm intrigued

Peggy Peterson, how do you come up with Peggy Peterson, how do you come up with David Denison? >> Well, you'll have to ask Mr Cohen because he is the one that came up with these aliases We have no idea >> All right I hope you get the chance

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