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What I've seen over the last 40 years is the evolution of the personal injury attorney, from an individual that handles personal injury cases individually – small time, small numbers, very personal service – to what we now see that there are factories There are firms where the staffing is incredible because it's a numbers game

Kibbey Wagner’s is a boutique law firm We don't accept everybody that wants us to represent them in a personal injury case Because when we take a case on, we devote a lot of time, we put a lot of our own money in that case and we won't get into a case if we don't think we can prevail and get the client a result and a judgment and a verdict or a settlement that they need And we don't take cases for nuisance value and just look for a couple thou- sand dollars and get out of it Some firms do, but that’s never been what we do, never will be what we do

This firm handles serious personal injury cases Cases involving wrongful death, ampu- tations, brain injuries – the serious ones I've yet to have a case where I always call it the magic wand settlement If I had a magic wand and I could tap my client on the head and say you are back to where you were before the accident, every single on my client would take the magic wand settlement instead of a paycheck But the fact of the matter is we don't have a magic wand and the only avenue or the only remedy in law available is for someone to get money to pay off their bills, to get the money back for the money they lost from work and to give them money for potential care in the future

Someone would hire myself as a personal injury attorney for two reasons One I worked for the insurance companies, so I know what it's like to handle cases on the other side and I know how cases are evaluated and analyzed And two, I’m an expert in this area of law That’s something that's only given to 1% of attorneys in the state I've tried cases

I've0 been in the courtroom I know the judges I know the lawyers And I have the expertise to handle a personal injury case And then on top of that when you add the fact that I know how insurance companies evaluate it, I feel like I give my clients the best opportunity to get the money they deserve in a case

Insurance companies are financial institutions and their job is to collect premiums and not pay out on claims, period And that's how they make money To make even more money is to hold on to that money for as long as possible If they can pay on a case that's worth $10,000 today and they could wait a year to do it, they’ll wait a year to do it because they’ll get interest on that money Having represented large insurance companies where the defense work and tried a lot of cases for them, I garnered a reputation amongst the adjus- ters as someone, who not only tries cases, but is successful and wins them

Now having been on this side, when I walk into mediation, they see me and they know here's an attorney who is not afraid to go to trial not afraid to go before a jury and if he does will do a good job might get a really good result

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