[Subbed] Ace Attorney Special Stage 2017 – Phoenix vs. Ryuunosuke

September 2017 Makuhari Messe Expo Hall Well then I hereby declare the 15th Anniversary Ace Attorney Special Court in session

Are the defense and prosecution ready? Um Never mind "ready" I'm not even sure where I am

The great courtroom of the Japanese Empire that, ah, Meiji Era thing! Wh-WHAAAAAT?! "That Meiji Era thing?!" Oh, in that case hey, we might get to meet our ancestors! Can't you be a little more surprised, Mayoi? It seems time and space have become twisted

It's nothing worth worrying about In any event is the prosecution ready? Well

How should I put this I'm actually a defense attorney, you see Well, given the circumstances, we'll just have you over there todayI get the feeling this is one of those things it won't do any good to pry further into If I may, prosecutor Just who are you, exactly? I feel like

there's some kind of kinship between us To be honest I was just thinking the same thing You almost don't feel like a stranger at all In that case, why don't we have the two of you introduce yourselves? I'm I'm attorney I'm attorney Naruhodou Ryuu- -ichi! -nosuke! Naruhodou? Oh Might this be

your older brother? Oh Might this be your older brother? After all, the two of you have so many points in common! I hate to break it to you, but as far as I know, I haven't got any long-lost siblings

Now I remember One of my ancestors was an attorney named Ryuunosuke

Really!? Then that means that geezer over there is He's my ancestor! They don't seem to have any problem with calling you a geezerSuddenly, I feel a decade older I knew it! I knew she had to be You over there

you must be _my_ ancestor! So graceful, so refined she's just like I imagined! Hello! I'm your something-times-great granddaughter, Ayasato Mayoi! Ah well, I'm actually legal assistant Mikotoba Susato She's got nothing to do with you, in other words Oof all my hopes and dreams, gone like thatI'm

terribly sorry? Well, I mean! It's not too late! Could you just go ahead and become part of the Ayasato family sometime? "Ayastao Susato" it does have something of a ring to itSusato, you do realize you've just been asked the most ridiculous request in human history? Aww

but "Ayasato Susato" does sound really good Today, we'll review Ace Attorney's 15th anniversary year F-fifteenth anniversary? That's right! "Gyakuten Saiban" was released in 2001 And we've done all sorts of things to celebrate this past year That's right! Like, we had that huge event back in January "The 15th Anniversary Special Court"

it was really fun! Yeah we could all really feel the weight of fifteen years HOLD IT! If I may

Wh- what is it? If you intend to commemorate the weight of timeThen you should be celebrating Naruhodou-sama's more-than-100th birthday first and foremost! M-MORE THAN ONE HUNDREDTH!? Let's stop right there I'm starting to feel like the floor's going to give way under the weight of all that time Ho, ho I suppose that makes you my senior! You have my appreciationI suppose that was a show of respect? Maybe we shouldn't be emphasizing the Meiji thing so much Anyway

Last year there was a play too, and we finally got an anime on TV! I couldn't wait to watch it each week! HOLD IT! "TV"? "Anime"? You you ought to explain what on earth "anime" is! (

I guess 100 years is a pretty big difference after all) Ah, yes, and we had that other thing this year, too Our first orchestra concert in 9 years! Nine years of emotion packed into one concert! I cried a little bit

HOLD IT! "Orchestra"? "Concert"? Oh! You mean a performance by a musical symphony We've got those too! Beethoven, Mozart, Bach they're wonderful! I can't read their textboxes at all, but I think they're happy What was up with people back then writing anything and everything in kanji, anyway? Yeah

Shakespeare was written "sand-elder", right? Then how about we start writing your name as "Naru-elder"? Can we maybe drop the "elder" part? Now I'm the one starting to feel old And finally

just the other month, on August 3rd "Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2", long-awaited by the citizens of the Japanese empire, was released! Oh! Thank you very much! We really enjoyed playing it too Yeah, I was really moved! Me too After all All of the mysteries were finally answered! Huh? What's the matter? It's just I don't think you realize how much stress that tagline brought us the past few yearsYou could say things were kind of complicated over here Well, that's understandable After all, everything began with this "ancestor"

Ho, ho You have my appreciation OBJECTION! If I may, your honor Your statement just now is completely contradictory! H-huh!? What's the meaning of all this? Actually, there's been something bugging me for a while now Mr Ancestor your animations all seem terribly smooth Yeah, I guess That's exactly the problem! You're right When you slam the desk, all you get is two frames of animation! By the way, what does your "Objection!" look like? Objection! Objection! You've gotta be kidding me In other words! This choppy animationMeans that _I'm_ the 'ancestor' here! I can't really argue with that

So you're each other's ancestors and each others' origins I guess when time and space get all twisted up, that's not too strange! Well then It's almost time to adjourn

In that case How exactly are we supposed to get back to the 21st century? Why don't you just do some sightseeing around the Meiji Era? Imperial Tokyo is pretty fantastic I'm sure 100 years will go by in a flash!

Somehow Somehow I always wind up having to say a certain thing Oooh! A duet between the ancestor and his origin! Then in the hopes of more Ace Attorney

all together now! One, two OBJECTION! Mayoi! Stop me already! They say time is a circle for a reason! And with that – until we meet again somewhere!

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