[SUBBED] The Great Ace Attorney 2 ~ The Adventure of the Blossoming Attorney – Trial, Day 1 (1/2)

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However, you may only skip through dialogues you have already read by default This concludes the tutorial for settings Please enjoy the content coming up next When I stand like this under the sobering blue skies Those nostalgic days in London feel like an illusionThat dear capital overseas That man has become a brilliant attorney I believe he must surely be fighting courageously even now in the courtroom across the ocean I am truly sorry for not meeting you sooner It has been busy ever since my return to this land

And just who would have imagined it? Not two months back in this countryand another horrible case happensA report was issued today

Tomorrow, I shall be standing in the Imperial CourtFor the only time in my life- As an attorney

Please, may you grant strength to me Kazuma-sama -Chapter 1- -The Adventures Of An Attorney Girl And Her Resolve- 13th August 8:26AM Supreme Court Defendant Lobby #3 Susato: (It's been 9 long months since I've last stepped foot into the Supreme Court of the Empire of Japan) Susato: (I feel as though I'm about to lose my mind from this anxiety, overwhelming enough to paralyze me) Mikotoba: Ah, here you are, Sir Attorney

Susato: Ah! Y-Yeah Good morning! Mikotoba: You had me completely fooled

That's quite a well done attorney get-up Mikotoba: Pity you're pale as a sheet and your eyes can't stop darting about

Susato: Uuugh Susato: I must be honest

I'm so nervous I feel as though I might hurl Susato: A heavy thought rests on my mind Wishing that I should have never been born Mikotoba: Ohoh What a thing to say in front of your own father Susato: (This man is Yuujin Mikotoba A medical professor of Teito Yuumei University) Susato: (Having a doctorate in medicine, he had once studied the latest forensic medicine in the Great British Empire) Susato: (And my father, who I deeply respect) ???: Um, excuse me Sir ???: Might you be my attorney

perhaps? Susato: Er Uh, yes! Indeed I am!! ???: Uum Well, uhm

Please take care of me today! ???: I I swear And I swear, cross my heart

???: Everything is entirely groundless! Susato: (This is Haori Murasame-sama She is my dearest and closest friend) Susato: (Since she is a female, she's helping out my father as an assistant in Yuumei University's laboratories) Susato: (

She is also the defendant for the trial today) Susato: (For being accused of a terrible murder) Susato: Er, is there something wrong? Susato: Your face has been rather

red for some time now Haori: Oh no! W-well It's just that sir attorney's very

Um Haori: Very gallant Susato: Wh-? Haori: Looking you in your eyes makes

makes Murasame very shy Susato: Susato: (It looks like Haori-sama hasn't noticed it yet) Susato: (My identity is still safe) Mikotoba: Wahahhahhah! Mikotoba: Seems like today's trial will proceed smoothly Haori: Huh? W-what do you mean by that, Professor Mikotoba? Mikotoba: Well, see for yourself Not even your best friend was able to look past the surface Haori: S-surface? Susato: Yes I mean, this is the first time I've been in a get-up such as this Susato: I must say I am rather relieved, father

Haori: F-"Father"? Haori: Haori: Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?! D-don't tell me?! Haori: Is that you Susato-chan? Susato: I'm very sorry I kept quiet about it, Haori-sama The truth is Haori: Kyaaaaaaaaaaaah!! What? In? What's going on? Haori: The student cap! The uniform! The mantle! That student badge!! Haori: I look from every angle, but you look exactly as a male student of Teito Yuumei University ought to! Susato: Hearing you say that makes me very happy Susato: I woke up at four in the morning to prepare for this

Susato: B-but still, Susato-chan Why the reason to dress like this? Susato: A-about that Mikotoba: There weren't any other options

Mikotoba: None but to let this girl here stand in the Supreme Courtroom and defend you Haori: Huh? M-my defense

Susato: (

I've never felt as vexed as I am now in my whole life born as a female) (There's a female ban in the laws of the this country Women are not allowed to step even a foot in) (Even though the law exists as a right for all) Haori: Female ban Susato: Today Just for today, I will give up on my femininity

Susato: So I may be an attorney Haori: S-Susato-chan You would do all of that, for me

? Susato: For my dearest friend? But of course However Susato: I must admit that I am perhaps lacking as an attorney Haori: Nuh-uh! Don't say that! Susato: Haori-sama

Haori: This is messed up Haori: Susato-chan, you're one of the most amazing legal assistants Haori: And yet simply because you're a female It's such a stupid reason! Haori: They won't allow you to stand in the courtroom! Even though you're so gallant! Susato: Uhm, Haori-sama? Susato: I would appreciate it very much if you'd refrain from sighing so much whilst looking at me Haori: B-but Susato-chan You're just so strangely gallant Susato: I-I get it, really Mikotoba: Hahhahhah! Well, why not leave this matter be? She's supposed to be looking at a man anyway Susato: While I do feel modestly confident now, I feel like I'm also

saddled with unnecessary feelings Susato: (Haori-sama) Susato: (I may be putting up a brave front, but I know

) Susato: (How your shoulder trembles ever so slightly from the anxiety that washes over you) Haori: Uhm, Susato-chan Haori: You believe me, right? Haori: I

I didn't do it I didn't kill Susato: I know, you would never

Susato: Haori-sama has absolutely nothing to feel guilty about! Susato: Is that not so? Haori: Y-yeah! Guilty of nothing! Susato: Susato believes in Haori-sama from the bottom of her heart Susato: So Until the bitter end, no matter what may come Susato: Susato shall fight by Haori-sama's side as her ally through it all! Susato: (Yes Because that's what an attorney does!) Haori: Thank you Susato-chan Bailiff: You lot over there! Bailiff: It's time for the trial in the Supreme Court

Make your way to the Great Courtroom at once!! Mikotoba: We ought to hurryMurasame-kun? Mikotoba: Any iota of tardiness

and it's an immediate Guilty verdict Haori: Ye Haori: YESSIRRRRRRRRRRR!! Susato: (Haori-sama has took off like a speeding carriage) Mikotoba:

Susato You are truly full of surprises Mikotoba: You have no experience as an attorney, and yet you still willingly dressed up and take up the stand in the courtroom

Susato: There are simply no other options availableThere's all there is to this Susato: And more importantly, Father? Susato: Am I correct to assume that Haori-sama does not know about that matter? Mikotoba: Yes, she knows not The secret is kept from her Mikotoba: Not a single attorney was willing to take her case Mikotoba: I could never tell her why Susato: Not even one attonrey And that must be because Susato: The victim in this case is that particular person, is it not? Mikotoba: Mikotoba: Right then Shall we be off? Mikotoba: The law may be out of my field

But I still hope I may be of some help to my student nevertheless Susato: Thank you very much, Father (

My name is Susato Mikotoba I'm a legal assistant who aids attorneys) (Eight months ago, I migrated to the Great British Empire along with a judicial exchange student

) (And then, due to some circumstances, I returned to Japan two months ago) I've lost count the number of times I thought "If only that man was here"But matters has come to this, and I need to face the challenge Watch me, Naruhodo-sama Same day 9AM Supreme Court Courtroom No 1 Judge: The trial for Haori Murasame shall henceforth commence Auchi: The prosecution's preparations are complete, Your Honor Judge: Defense! What say you?! Mikotoba: AttorneyBe ready Ready!! Judge: Right Attorney

Judge: According to the form you sent in, your name is, er Judge: Ryuutarou NaruhodouCorrect? Naruhodou: Erm

Mikotoba: Ah yes You needed an appropriate name as a male, you see Mikotoba: So I wrote a random name on the form as an alias and had it sent in Judge: Defense Your answer?! Naruhodou: Oh That is indeed

Er! I am sh- Naruhodou: Indeed I am! I am none other than that man, Naruhodo himself!! Judge: Hmm Mikotoba: It sounds like you are overdoing it, even to me Mikotoba: Also Cease those wandering eyes and have your ears open instead, will you? Haori: Naru hodou

? Auchi: This is the first I have seen such a face in this Imperial Court Auchi: But Naruhodo? Perhaps he is related to that one? Mikotoba: Yes The same Naruhodou Ryuunosuke currently undergoing the exchange program in Britain

This is his Er Naruhodou: HIS COUSIN, AS YOU CAN SEE! Mikotoba: He is currently studying the law here

I called upon his help for the sake of this trial Mikotoba: He is second to none when it comes to knowledge on the law Naruhodou: SECOND TO NONE! Auchi: Good grief, how pitiful you are Auchi: Turned down by all attorney in the capital, and resorting to calling upon the help of a lowly bumpkin student Haori: Susato-chan is the most gallant attorney!! Haori: Mock her, and I shall not let you off lightly! Auchi:

"Susato-chan"? Haori: Ah! N-nothing Naruhodou: (Haori-sama) Auchi: Hehehe

Such unsightly rowdiness Auchi:

Is this alright, however? Auchi: Would an gallant attorney such as this wander their eyes about? Naruhodou: (Ugh This crippling nervousness) Naruhodou: (I think I understand it now, finally standing here Naruhodou-sama

) Naruhodou: (How your eyes can't help but to wander around!) Judge: The trial carried out in this courtroom today is one of the utmost importance to our Empire Judge: The verdict of which will no doubt affect the future of the Empire of Japan Auchi: It is similar to that incident from 9 months ago, is it not? Auchi: Standing in that same bench in the same court was a local student with no credit to his name Judge: It appears there is a need for questioning first

Judge: A test, in other words, to see if this person is qualified to stand within this courtroom! Mikotoba: 9 months ago He stood in the court, just as you have now

Mikotoba: Back then, he too was tested to see if he had the right to stand there Mikotoba: Despite being a student, he overcame the trial wonderfully Mikotoba: Surely this is a trivial matter to you, as a legal assistant

Judge: I shall henceforth pose some exceedingly simple questions to the attorney Naruhodou: (Now is the time I ought to brace myself) Naruhodou: Please proceed, Your Honor! (Be a tad lenient, please!) Judge:

Well then First Judge: State the name of the victim in this case! Naruhodou: (

That's not a problem I couldn't forget that name even if I tried) Naruhodou:

Hmm? Mikotoba: Whatever is the matter? Naruhodou: (I understand yet another thing now Naruhodo-sama

) Naruhodou: (That your head Is guaranteed to go blank!!) Mikotoba: Well

This is your first time on the defense, and your first in that role Mikotoba: Even a clear headed person such as you can't help but be confused Naruhodou: Ugh

This is the biggest fumble of my life Mikotoba: In that case, arm yourself with your knowledge as a legal assistant and overcome this Naruhodou:

! (That's right, the Court Records!) Naruhodou: All information on the case are within the Court Records Mikotoba: Yes First tap the Court Records icon on the bottom screen Mikotoba: Then, tap the Profiles icon Mikotoba: You ought to hurry His Honor is staring right at you Naruhodou: (First, touch the Court Record All the information I need should be there!) Judge:

Well then, attorney State your answer Judge: What is the name of the victim in this case?! > Jezail Brett Susato: SIR! Naruhodou: The name of the victim in this case

is Jezail Brett Auchi: Haori: Jezail Brett Mikotoba: It can be said that is an unforgettable name in the eyes of this land's law Judge: It is as you say Judge: All who are related to the law on this land will know what meaning that name holds Naruhodou: ! Judge: Allow me to clarify to you right here and now Judge: Jezail Brett was an exchange student deployed from Britain

Judge: And what would be the reason for her name to be entwined with the history of our Empire's law? Mikotoba: That case nine months ago It's not possible to forget about it Mikotoba: Her true identity is also recorded in the Court Records

Convenient, is it not? Naruhodou: (I remember it myself as well) Naruhodou: (That incident was the start of everything) Naruhodou: Jezail Brett

Naruhodou: The true colors beneath her facade as an exchange student was >A killer Naruhodou: SIR! Naruhodou: Nine months ago, a professor at Yumei University was murdered

Naruhodou: And the culprit was Jezail Brett Mikotoba: The killer

Our Empire had just signed a new treaty with the Great British Empire at the time And yet such an incident occurred when the two international relations were so precarious The victim was Dr John H Watson A British man

Professor Mikotoba Was he not an acquaintance of yours? Mikotoba: He had been my former teacher in forensic medicine back when I was studying in London

Mikotoba: The one who invited him to Yumei University as a professor was I as well Mikotoba: This British man's murder Our government had wished to resolve the matter quickly

Judge: That trial was carried out within the walls of this court, treated as a state secret The one arrested on suspicions of murder was a student from Teito Yumei UniversityRyuunosuke Naruhodo A 2nd year student from the English department With the help of his best friend who was a student attorney, he defended himself

And brought Jezail Brett's despicable actions to light Judge: Although Jezail Brett acknowledged her crimes at the end Judge: Ultimately, as for why was the victim, Professor Watson killed

? Judge: The trial eventually ended, with her motives unknown Auchi: After the trial concluded, the British government called for the right of consul Auchi: We became unable to pass judgement unto Jezail Brett under our own laws

Auchi: And were instructed to escort her very person to Shanghai Naruhodou: Shanghai Mikotoba: There is a consul office of Great Britain's in Shanghai, after all

Judge: I myself had went to the negotiation and coordination of her hand over Judge: The arrangements were finally finalized come last week Judge: All that was left was to send her off on a steamship, and our Empire would be done with her but

Auchi: Twas exactly the day before her departure that that British lady had been murdered! Naruhodou: The day before her departure Judge: In any event, I shall acknowledge this man qualified

Naruhodou: Ah Naruhodou: Thank you very much, Your Honor! (I made it) Judge: Now then Let us first go through the outlines of this case Judge: Prosecutor Auchi You may begin! Auchi: As you wish, Your Honor This horrifying murder happened midday on 11th August Near the capital, on the beach for seawater baths caressed by the salty breeze under blue skies It was in a place made for the purpose of changing clothes and breaks; a small bathing hut The cause of death: one stab into the back with a small knife

The blade penetrated into her lung That, appeared to be the fatal injury Auchi: Back then, there had been only two people within the shack

Auchi: They were Jezail Brett, who was changing into her swimwear, and the accused over there, Haori Murasame! Auchi: It could not have been anyone else! What's more, this woman has a violent motive! Auchi: Then upon the police arrived, and she stumbled into her arrest Naruhodou:

Judge: Judge: My word Judge: I am simply speechless for such an odd summary Naruhodou: (Indeed

The prosecutor's information just now) Naruhodou: (Has some points that I can't help but think be worth elaborating about

) Naruhodou: (As an attorney, the information I'm concerned about clarifying would be) > A violent motive Naruhodou: "Violent", you say? Would you please refrain from exaggerating? Auchi: My my Little country bumpkin, whatever are you saying with such a serious face? Naruhodou: Ugh

Auchi: Oh, why bother Let us ask the defendant, then Auchi: The defendant claimed she was a lab assistant in the medical department of Teito Yumei University, correct? Haori: Yes!! I am currently assisting Professor Mikotoba in his lab! Mikotoba: Murasame-kun has a strong sense of responsibility and has been of great help Auchi: Rather unnecessary

Now then, I ask you one additional question Auchi: Before you were in Professor Mikotoba laboratory, just which laboratory were you in? Haori: Huh?! Ah, t-that would be

Haori: Professor John H Watson's medical laboratory, for studies Judge: P-Professor Watson, you say?! Judge: Is that not same professor who had been murdered by Jezail Brett nine months ago?! Auchi: This defendant regards her late teacher, Professor Watson with the highest of respect

Auchi: Is it not so? Haori: Yes Professor Watson was the most wonderful teacher Auchi: Then What of your thoughts on that British exchange student who had murdered that same Professor? Haori:

I despise her, naturally Why yes! I feel nothing but violent hate towards her! Naruhodou: Kyah!! Haori-sama! Saying that is Haori: Oh Auchi: Revenge as motivationThat is all, Your Honor Judge: Hmmm Mikotoba: Seems like we've walked straight into that trap

Naruhodou: How could he use Haori-sama's pure feelings and gratitude towards the late professor like this? Naruhodou: (I have to find some information I can use to my advantage for Haori-sama's sake) Naruhodou: (As an attorney, the information I'm concerned about clarifying would be) >The only two Naruhodou: Excuse me, but a moment please, Haori-sama? Haori: Oh yes! What do you need, Susato-ch

Oh! No, eer, I mean Haori: Naurohodou-sama! Naruhodou: (Perhaps things would be going smoother if my alias was Ryutaro Susato instead

) Naruhodou: First off Why were you together with that female at the bathing beach? Naruhodou: And only the two of you is rather Haori: Ah No! No no! Absolutely not! It is not as you might think! Haori: An inspector was escorting her and others were present too at the time Haori: I was merely asked to accompany her, so we went together Auchi: However! The crucial detail to note here- Auchi: -is that the fact that when the murder happened, only those two were present in the hut

Naruhodou: ! Auchi: Additionally, you must know what that her one reason for accompanying the victim to the seawater bath was Auchi: For that reason drove her to believe it was her final opportunity to take the life of the victim!! Haori: B-but no! Auchi:

After all Auchi: Since she was going to be sent off to Shanghai the following day Auchi: Never againwould another opportunity to slaughter her arise Naruhodou: I-I must ask that you cease your false accusations! Auchi: Khkhkh

Mikotoba: That prosecutor is quite twisted with his tricks, I see Mikotoba: However, what we need now is informationWe must endure Naruhodou: (Uuugh It's scary, but I need more information or else

!) Naruhodou: (As an attorney, the information I'm concerned about clarifying would be) >Seawater Bath Naruhodou: Excuse me! May I have but a moment of your attention, Prosecutor Auchi-sama? Auchi: What is it?! You countryside bumpkin with the baby face? Naruhodou: What exactly do you mean by a seawater bath? Auchi: Hah! Such a thing might as well be worlds away for a country bumpkin Auchi: A seawater bath is the newest method of leisure brought forth by the Westerners Auchi: Miraculously The water from the seas heals disease, and smoothes one's skin Naruhodou: No, that is not what I am referring to Naruhodou: Jezail Brett was a despicable murderer, was she not? Naruhodou: So then why is that criminal free to leisure at the beach? Auchi: Auchi: To make memories Naruhodou: Pardon? Auchi: It was decided that Jezail Brett was to be sent off to Shanghai the following day Auchi: She had wanted to remember her final days here, and so she wished to leisure upon the beach of our land to the fullest extent Auchi: Her request was sent to the British's legal department, therefore exerting intense pressure on us to cooperate! Naruhodou: So t-they would heed such requests?! Mikotoba:

I see we haven't changed Our Empire is still weak to foreign powers Mikotoba: Even when it comes to diplomacy

We have no courage to refuse a criminal's absurdity Auchi: D-do not direct that stare of yours at me!! The government was the one who permitted it! Auchi: An inspector had even been assigned to watch her, so it deemed a non-issue! Naruhodou: And in spite of that The murder happened, did it not? Auchi: D-do not direct that stare of yours at me!! The one who killed her was that female student! Naruhodou: I must ask that you refrain from jumping to conclusions! Mikotoba: I believe it would be best not to rile up that prosecutor needlessly Judge: I believe I have a clear understanding of this case

Mikotoba: Jezail Brett was found guilty nine months ago Mikotoba: Without being imprisoned into a cell, she continued her research in the university Mikotoba: And of course, she had seen Murasame-kun within campus

Naruhodou: The professor's murderer did not pay for her crimes, and spent her time free Mikotoba: While true that it was merely temporary until her departure was decided Mikotoba: I would not fault Murasame-kun for feeling such hatred towards the murderer Naruhodou: (Haori-sama

) Auchi: Now then Your Honor I'd like you to take a gander at this Auchi: It is a photograph taken of the scene as it was left Judge: This is a quite the gruesome scene Auchi: As one may observe, it is impossible for anyone to have hidden within this tiny hut Auchi: This photograph shall hereby be accepted as evidence! Crime Scene Photograph A photograph taken by the police just after the murder It is clear the victim was stabbed in the back Judge: "There were no one else other than both the defendant and the victim in the closed room" Auchi: I must say this is indeed the most certain situation we have on hand Auchi: Oh and of course That is not all Your Honor Naruhodou: ! Auchi: We have prepared a decisive evidence that the defendant had committed the crime Auchi: This critical, final evidence

And also, the witnesses and their testimonial to the crime Naruhodou: WWitnesses?! There are such people? Haori:

Auchi: Furthermore, one of the witness is an outstanding inspector of the Teito police force Auchi: This Auchi dare says that man's testimony has nary a room for doubt!! Naruhodou:

!! Judge: Now then Prosecutor Auchi, you may proceed with presenting your evidence Auchi: Auchi: I, Prosecutor Auchi Taketsuchi, have waited for this day Naruhodou: Huh? Auchi: Yes That unforgettable event 9 months agoThat judgement passed within this very Imperial Court Auchi: That cheeky low life of a student, and the humiliation he had subjected me to Auchi: Gunghnghnghnghnghnghnghngh

Ryuunosuke Naruhodou! Naruhodou: YYes? Auchi: This resentment I feel shall never be forgotten until the Auchi house meets its end!! Asougi: The prideful will have their rug be pulled from under by the preceding generation

Asougi: That is the inevitable historyCarve this sentiment cleanly into your heart! Auchi: "Tap the cropped head and you shall be able to hear the sound of Westernization" Auchi: Yes That day marked the end of my Bakumatsu era

Naruhodou: My, that sounds like quite the delayed transition into Meiji Auchi: Shut up!! Auchi: And since that day I vowed revenge A small miracle occurred

Auchi: Look how at I, Auchi resist! Auchi: On what I had thought to be a barren wasteland now sprouts something called hope! Naruhodou: (I do feel but a meager twinge of resistance from Auchi-sama!) Haori: E-excuse me

Haori: I'm afraid Murasame does not see it Wherever is this hope you refer to? Auchi: I told you to shut up!! Auchi: Today is the day I butcher the country bumpkin who carries the same name of Naruhodou

Auchi: My hope rides on the back of this verdictSteel yourself Auchi: Now, prosecution's witnesses! You may enter the court! Mikotoba: It appears that today's trial Mikotoba: Will be a grand showdown, a gamble for each of you and your stakes Naruhodou: Refrain from throwing that tiny fringe and Haori-sama into the same group! Auchi: Without further ado, state your own names and occupation to the court Hosonaga: I was in this appearance so that I could keep watch I am an Inspector of the Teito police force, Satoru Hosonaga Souseki: I am Why indeed, the future writer whose name shall roar within the capital Souseki: The! hottest selling book right now! "I Am A Cat"'s author! Souseki Natsume! Naruhodou: Aaaaah! Souseki: Hullo, Mr

country-bumpkin-student-in-agony Please go easy on us Naruhodou: Er? Souseki: I will not fault you if you find my presence so brilliant you freeze with nervousness Yes? Naruhodou: Ah Y-yes Naruhodou: (WhWhy is Souseki-sama here

?) Mikotoba: Tread with caution, Susato Mikotoba: You've met that now famous writer in London in the past Mikotoba: Should they know of your true identity, all will be for naught Narihodou: Y-yes I understand Naruhodou: (Souseki Natsume-sama I can't ever forget him) Naruhodou: (Though he does seemed to have changed somewhat since the last I had met him) Naruhodou: (

The inspector's bizarre appearance has also changed, if slightly towards the gross side) Hosonaga: Is there perhaps something on my face? Naruhodou: (Face, huh? If only fortune would smile on mine wait, I suppose it is smiling on mine) Naruhodou: (I think the good Inspector has not yet found out about my identity) Hosonaga: Aah Perhaps this appearance bothers you? Hosonaga: I simply reproduced the same appearance I was in when I had witnessed the events Hosonaga: "If you are going to testify, then do it to the utmost perfection" is my motto

You see Judge: Hmmm Still The matter of Teito's police inspector aside, Judge: How have you, a writer, come to be a witness to this case? Souseki: Ahh Well Wherever do I begin Souseki: I, a writer of literature, had been invited to a lecture that day

Souseki: It was before noon That's right To the auditorium of Teito Yumei University

Naruhodou: Y-Yumei University? Souseki: And so, after the lecture, I had a pleasant conversation in the laboratory of the medical department Souseki:

With the professor over yonder Naruhodou: Huh?! WIth Fa- With Professor Mikotoba?! Mikotoba: Yes

It was the scheduling of a certain newspaper company Mikotoba: They wanted us to have a grand dialogue, since we had both studied in Great Britain Souseki: Why, due to the topic of writers trending, they are giving complete coverage about me, even as we speak Souseki: Every single! Movement of my body! Candidly! Like so! Naruhodou: Right Souseki: The content of the dialogue has been, word for word, printed in the newspaper here Souseki: Feel free to read it, oh student in agony, for I have purchased multiple copies Naruhodou:

Thank you very much!! (He shoved the newspaper right into my face) Souseki's Newspaper Article The newspaper with what my Father and Souseki Natsume-sama had talked about He was very excited Souseki: That aside, when my conversation with the good professor ended, Souseki: That British Lady appeared in the laboratory And exclaimed, Souseki: "I do so wish to gaze upon the sea of Japan with everyone here", suddenly! Mikotoba: I may have mentioned this earlier But that woman was not arrested Mikotoba: Even after her verdict was passed down, she continued her research, but under my supervision in my lab Auchi: And that was when the University hurriedly sent the government their inquiry Auchi: To which they said they would permit,on the condition that an inspector was present to supervise

Hosonaga: Said supervising inspector was me, Hosonaga, here with nothing to hide Auchi: And so everyone happily chummed together and went to the beach, eh? Hosonaga: I had to bribe people on the beachside, it was quite the terrible experience Hosonaga: For my health hasn't been good lately, you see Hosonaga: As you may observe, I desire nothing but perfect preparation for my missions Naruhodou: Um, inspector

Naruhodou: This time there really is something on your face Hosonaga: Oh dear Such impoliteness on my part Naruhodou: By the way Father, what of you at the beach

? Mikotoba: I did not go Thankfully, I had work to be done Mikotoba:

But in turn, an unfortunate event fell upon us Mikotoba: My lab assistant, Murasame-kun, is now suspected of murder Souseki: I had completely been awashed with hesitation for the socialization and yet Souseki: Aah, if only I had not went! Then I would not have set my eyes upon such a sight! Souseki: REGRETS!! Souseki: REGRETS!! FILL!! Souseki: REGRETS!! FILL!! MY!! Souseki: REGRETS!! FILL!! MY!! HEART!! Judge:

I shall now hereby order the summoned to testify Judge: Tell us the truth of what you encountered and saw on that fateful beach! Hosonaga: Affirmative, Your Honor Souseki: Regrets fill my heart ~Witness Testimony~ ~The Witnessed Scene~ Hosonaga: On that day, I had supervised under orders in this appearance you may observe Souseki: Just as I was amusing myself with the crabs on the beach, I heard a scream from behind

Hosonaga: I opened the curtain door of the beach hut and flew in and there I saw those two Souseki: Aah! That maiden straddled the British lady with a small knife, which had struck clean into her! Hosonaga: I saw blood on the small blade as it went upwards

I'd say it was prove she had been stabbed multiple times Judge: Yes

These men seem to truly be witnesses Judge: Witnesses to the moment the hate crime had been committed! Naruhodou: Gh

! Auchi: And I have here another item, as promised Auchi: Why yes It is the none other than our decisive evidence Judge: Hmm Is none other than the famous fountain pen? Hosonaga: This Hosonaga had found that along with the body I had inspected on site Hosonaga: With what's left of her strength, the victim struggled with that until her demise Hosonaga: She had held onto the proof which pointed to her killer in her hand

Naruhodou: What?! Auchi: Your Honor Might you kindly take a gander than the crime scene photograph I had presented earlier? Judge:

Oh! T-this? Judge: The victim appears to have held something out of her own will! Hosonaga: What I had discovered in her hand was the fountain pen the court had just seen Hosonaga: Your Honor I'd like for you to please inspect that fountain pen thoroughly Judge: Ahhhhhhhhhh! Judge: On the ebony shaft, I see the carved initials of the owner! Judge: H M Haori Murasame Judge: It is the same initials as that of the defendant's! Naruhodou: N

Nooooooo!! Judge: The court accepts this fountain pen as decisive evidence! Fountain Pen A fountain pen found on site

The initials of H M are carved onto it Fountain Pen has been filed into the Court Records Auchi: Now How do you like that? Auchi: Perfect testimony and decisive proof Auchi: Summer skies colors above outside this courtroom

I daresay it is the perfect day for a guilty verdict Naruhodou: (That Prosecutor Auchi today) Naruhodou: (

has a wholly different aura from 9 months ago!) Judge: Without further ado, attorney Naruhodou Begin your cross-examination Naruhodou: Judge: Attorney Naruhodou!! Naruhodou: I see

Naruhodou: I No, I am- Or rather, ME! Judge: Are there any other Naruhodous in this room?! Naruhodou: (There aren't actually any Naruhodos actually present here but

) Mikotoba: Please get a grip on yourself, cousin Ryutaro-kun Naruhodou: (I have stood in the great courtroom many times as a paralegal) Naruhodou: (To expose the lies of the witnesses, I must pursue the contradictions within their testimonies

) Naruhodou: (This is the duty entrusted unto an attorney when they cross-examine) Naruhodou: (Come what may, I just have to do this!) ~Cross-Examination~ ~The Witnessed Scene~ Hosonaga: On that day, I had supervised under orders in this appearance you may observe

Souseki: Just as I was amusing myself with the crabs on the beach, I heard a scream from behind Hosonaga: I opened the curtain door of the beach hut and flew in and there I saw those two

Souseki: Aah! That maiden straddled the British lady with a small knife, which had struck clean into her! Hosonaga: I saw blood on the small blade as it went upwards I'd say it was prove she had been stabbed multiple times Hosonaga: I saw blood on the small blade as it went upwards I'd say it was prove she had been stabbed multiple times > Coroner's Report Died around 2 PM

Determined to have died from a knife piercing into the heart Only 1 stab entry is present Naruhodou: OBJECTION! Naruhodou: Naruhodou: (I understand now How it feels yell from the pit of one's belly) Naruhodou: (How Kazuma-sama and Naruhodou-sama stood in this bench

) Naruhodou: (And how large of an obstacle they both had to face!) Auchi: WWhat?! Lowly student, you dare threaten me Naruhodou: Witness

Allow me to clarify one thing Souseki: AH!?! Souseki: AH! Yes! Souseki: AH!

Yes! Wh?! Souseki: AH! Yes! Wh?! What can! Souseki: AH! Yes! Wh?! What can! What can I do for you?! Naruhodou: No I am not referring to you, Souseki-sama Naruhodou: But you Inspector Hosonaga-sama

Hosonaga: ! Me

? Naruhodou: In your testimony You said this Naruhodou: The killer stabbed the victim multiple times Correct? Hosonaga: Indeed After all, just as I stepped foot into the scene, Hosonaga: The defendant had the appearance of a demoness, and was raising her small bloodied blade upwards Naruhodou: However, that is an impossibility Hosonaga: Huh? Judge: What do you mean, attorney? Naruhodou: It is written clearly on the coroner's report

Naruhodou: That the victim had only been stabbed once! Judge: Ah Auchi: Ngh


Ergo Inspector Hosonaga-sama's testimony is Naruhodou: Clearly contradictory! Hosonaga: Ahhhh!!! Naruhodou: And you Souseki-sama! Souseki:

!?! Naruhodou: You saw the moment Haori-sama stabbed the defendant, correct? Souseki: Yes! She did it like this, sort of, cleanly Naruhodou: However, the two of you said this as well

Naruhodou: "The raised blade had already been stained with blood" Hosonaga: A-and what of it? Naruhodou: Pay attention The small bladed weapon had only stabbed her once Naruhodou: If so, it is illogical for that raised weapon, about to stab again be stained with blood Souseki:

I-indeed Judge: Attorney! Then What on Earth does this mean? Naruhodou: Your Honor There can only be one deduction achieved out of this Naruhodou: Souseki-sama What you witnessed was not the moment when the victim had been stabbed

Naruhodou: But rather the moment the small blade was pulled out! Souseki: N-no But Souseki: HOW COULD MY EYES HAAAAVE-?! Mikotoba: Magnificently done, Susato! Mikotoba: That first objection with the force of a quake It was yelled from the pit of your belly, wasn't it? Auchi: OBJECTION! Auchi: Heheheh Auchi: Oh, this feels so

nostalgic Naruhodou: ! Auchi: As my memory serves, a situation akin to this happened 9 months ago in this courtroom as well Auchi: How one little rascal trying to escape from the maws caused so much trouble to a their respectable elder Mikotoba: Yes, that had happened Yet the result of that was

Mikotoba: The honorable defeat of an elder before the youth, now free, with the elder unable to attack Auchi: Shut the heeeelll UP!! My teeth have yet to fall out!! Auchi: Regardless! All this talk of stab, stabbed, pulled or the numbers Auchi: Doesn't matter at all! Naruhodou: W- Why would it not?! Auchi: Are you listening? Think of it this way! Auchi: Haori Murasame first stabbed the victim deeply with the small knife

This, our fatal injury Auchi: And then what witnessed was the second time she had tried to stab the victim again after pulling out! Auchi: It then matters not if the blade had been dripping with blood!! Naruhodou: Ah

Auchi: And with that You, country bumpkin, have showed us proof of one thing Auchi: How that Mr Mustached Writer is actually capable of a single step of bravado! Naruhodou: Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Judge: Indeed

Judge: Should the accused had held that murder weapon in her hand Judge: Then there would be absolutely nothing out of the ordinary to note about that Naruhodou: But! If she had been pulling the knife out instead of stabbing it in

Auchi: It's the same thing Naruhodou: T-the same? Auchi: Well, riddle me this one little question, country bumpkin

Auchi: If that female student was innocent, then why Auchi: Was the defendant purposefully pulling out the knife with the appearance of a demoness? Auchi: I'd love to hear a satisfactory answer to that! Naruhodou: The reason why Haori-sama pulled out the knife Mikotoba:

Ah, I see Straight to the heart of the issue Naruhodou: Huh

? (What does Father mean?) Judge: Well then May the defense please present their answer! Naruhodou: (Honestly I do not know the answer clearly myself

) Naruhodou: (But if I can provide an answer with plause here) Naruhodou: The reason I can think of why Haori-sama had pulled the murder weapon out is so she could Naruhodou: The reason I can think of why Haori-sama had pulled the murder weapon out is so she could Stab the victim again Save the victim >Hide the weapon Naruhodou: Is to Erm

She might have wished to hide the weapon Auchi: OBJECTION! Auchi:

And yet, the weapon was ultimately found, stabbed into the sand on site Naruhodou: Naruhodou: Perhaps there wasn't a place to hide the weapon she pulled out, so she just impaled it into the sand? Judge: I see

Judge: Perhaps the defense's answer should be thrown out the window too Naruhodou: M-My apologies, Your Honor!! Naruhodou: (

I thought so before but This is a terrifying being seated atop that seat) Mikotoba: All things said, doesn't it seem like a clue slipped through the mouth of that prosecutor? Naruhodou: O-One more time, please! Naruhodou: The reason I can think of why Haori-sama had pulled the murder weapon out is so she could >Save the victim Naruhodou: According to the coroner's report, the victim did not die immediately Hosonaga: Yes That is true

She was conscious, albeit for a short while Auchi: There was that one little evidence we found in her hand which points to our murderer after all Naruhodou: A-anyways! Naruhodou: Seeing the victim in agony before her eyes, Haori-sama, an assistant of the medical block Naruhodou: Might perhaps had pulled out the knife in order to save the victim's life!! Auchi: Judge: Mikotoba: Auchi:

Heheheh Did you hear that, Your Honor? Auchi: This is the best a little student from the countryside can do Such is their caliber Judge: Hrrmmm So it is Naruhodou: (Uuugh What in the world IS this chill in the air

?) Hosonaga: Your Honor I have a request Judge: What is it? Hosonaga: Please allow this Hosonaga to testify once more Hosonaga: To address the vague remark made by this yokel

Naruhodou: V-vague Auchi: HeHe

Heh What a good idea Inspector Auchi: I admit, this bumpkin of a student does posses some knowledge of the law

Auchi: But not the basic of basics Or rather, common sense, as one would call it Judge: Very well

In that case, Inspector Judge: The court hereby orders you to testifySpeak in regards to the attorney's claims! Hosonaga: I, your ever humble Hosonaga, shall do as you ask ~Witness Testimony~ ~The Basics of Forensic Medicine~ Hosonaga: The knife was stabbed deeply into the body Removing it carelessly caused a great deal blood to gush out Hosonaga: The knife was stabbed deeply into the body Removing it carelessly caused a great deal blood to gush out

Hosonaga: In short, there exists no satisfactory answer as reason for why she pulled the blade! Hosonaga: Additionally, that female student has a motive to murder the victim Hosonaga: For the she was the one who murdered Professor Watson, the former teacher to our defendant today

Naruhodou: I-Inspector, are what you just said all true? Naruhodou: When the knife was pulled out a great deal of blood had gushed out?! Hosonaga: Think of the knife functioning as a plug for the wound Hosonaga: She should not have pulled the knife until the necessary treatment were ready on standby Naruhodou: S-So I see Auchi: Pah! Look how much he knows of the world That's why country bumpkins are so troublesome Auchi: Even a quack doctor from a village in such an area Auchi: Would have jammed a knife in, pull it back out, and know the result himself! Naruhodou: Uugh I have not stabbed or pulled knives out of anyone, so I wouldn't know Mikotoba: I do not remembering raising a child like that either Naruhodou: Father! Was all of that true? Mikotoba: It's basic medical knowledge

Murasame-kun would absolutely know if it Mikotoba: If she didn't, it'd be downright catastrophic Naruhodou: T-then why would Haori-sama have Naruhodou: How could she know it to be fatal, and still pull the knife? Mikotoba: I do not know Naruhodou: (Haori-sama mentioned nothing about that small knife) Naruhodou: (I didn't want to consider it but maybe

) Naruhodou: (Maybe Haori-sama really did) Mikotoba: Susato! Naruhodou: Y

Yes?! Mikotoba: Step back and take a look at the bigger picture Mikotoba: Do not ever forget your position Naruhodou: (Ah

!) Judge: I now hereby order the attorney to carry out their cross-examination Naruhodou: YYes, Your Honor! Judge:

However Judge: If the result your cross-examination fails to point to the defendant's innocence Judge: Then I shall pass down the final verdict then and there! Naruhodou: I understand, Your Honor!! Naruhodou: (

Believe in the client and right until the bitter end) Naruhodou: (Even an idea as simple as that weighs as heavy as this!) ~Witness Testimony~ ~The Basics of Forensic Medicine~ Hosonaga: The knife was stabbed deeply into the body Removing it carelessly caused a great deal blood to gush out

Hosonaga: It's common sense to a medical student The defendant should have known even if she was trying to help Hosonaga: In short, there exists no satisfactory answer as reason for why she pulled the blade! Hosonaga: Additionally, that female student has a motive to murder the victim Hosonaga: For the victim was the one who murdered Professor Watson, the former teacher to our defendant today Naruhodou: (This is bad! His testimony is perfect!) Naruhodou: (So long as we know that pulling the knife out of the wound is a danger) Naruhodou: (I can't think of any good reason why she would pull it out) Mikotoba: Susato

One ought to go back to their fundamentals during times such as these Naruhodou: Fundamentals Mikotoba: In the language of law, we call it "evidence'

The key to breaking that perfection should be in there Naruhodou: But Father! I have looked through the Court Records several times now! Mikotoba: You seem to have overlooked one thing Naruhodou: Evidence can be inspected closer for details Naruhodou: Oh

! Mikotoba: I understand This is your first time standing in the courtroom as an attorney Mikotoba: If there is anything you need me to teach you, don't be shy letting me help

Mikotoba:(Inspecting the evidence What should I do?!) Listen to his explanation >Pass up on explanation Naruhodou: (Come to think of it, Kazuma-sama and Naruhodo-sama

) Naruhodou: (Both prodded and turned the evidence in endless circles all the time) Naruhodou: (Right If I tapped the Details icon, I can do that!) Mikotoba:

Good eyes Seems like it's coming back to you Mikotoba: Let's inspect the evidence

There might be a clue somewhere in there Naruhodou: Yes! I shall do so! Hosonaga: The knife was stabbed deeply into the body

Removing it carelessly caused a great deal blood to gush out Coroner's report Deceased around 2pm Determined to have died from a knife piercing to the lungs Only 1 stab entry is present Victim Name: Jezail Brett

Female, British Time of death 11th August, 2PM (An estimate confirmed by witness testimonials) 1/2 Cause of death A deep stab from the back present Hypothesized to have died from blood loss from injury through the lungs Perished within a few minutes after the deed was carried out Remarks There are extreme contraction in both pupils

2/2 Naruhodou: Looks like there's an insignia here Naruhodou: Oh this This isn't Yuumei University's! Mikotoba:

I wonder what this insignia is? Perhaps it belongs to a corporation? Mikotoba: Whatever the case, I can't imagine Murasame-kun owning something like this Fountain Pen Was gripped by the victim The initials of "H

M" are present as well as an insignia of some sort Naruhodou: H M It's cleanly engraved

Mikotoba: It's quite obvious why the defendant picked this up Naruhodou: Because it points to the murderer? Mikotoba: No doubt that this evidence is the key to unraveling our case Souseki's Newspaper Article The newspaper with what my Father and Souseki Natsume-sama had talked about Souseki-sama was very excited Naruhodou: (This is the newspaper from Souseki-sama

) Naruhodou: (There seems to be another headline on the back as well) Naruhodou: Monopolized! Plunder! Potent Drugs Straight From Medical Research Labs Of Yuumei University! Naruhodou: Medical labs of Yuumei University Father, could this be your lab?! Mikotoba: What? The article here Says *that* was STOLEN?! Naruhodou: It happened on the morning when Souseki-sama was in the University

Naruhodou: I suppose You didn't know then, Father? Mikotoba: I may be the person in charge, but I did not know No such news was relayed to me Mikotoba: Damn journalists Where in hell did they get such information?! Naruhodou: Speaking of which

Naruhodou: The news our home subscribes to had no such article Mikotoba: The potent drug mentioned in here is a deadly poison secretly in development within my lab Mikotoba: And I had left the management in Murasame-kun hands Naruhodou: What!? Haori-sama? Mikotoba: If this article is fact Mikotoba: Then that girl has been hiding this theft from me Mikotoba: And leaked this information to outsiders Naruhodou: T-that can't be true! Mikotoba: We should read this article thoroughly Article On A Potent Drug An article about a potent drug stolen from the labs of Yuumei University Seems like Father didn't know about it, even though he is in charge Article On A Potent Drug was filed to the Court Records

Crime Scene photograph A photograph taken by the police just after the murder It is clear the victim was stabbed in the back SKIP TO 49:03 Hosonaga: The knife was stabbed deeply into the body Removing it carelessly caused a great deal blood to gush out Hosonaga: It's common sense to a medical student

The defendant should have known even if she was trying to help Hosonaga: In short, there exists no satisfactory answer as reason for why she pulled the blade! Hosonaga: Additionally, that female student has a motive to murder the victim

Hosonaga: For the victim was the one who murdered Professor Watson, the former teacher to our defendant today SKIP TO 49:03 Hosonaga: The knife was stabbed deeply into the body Removing it carelessly caused a great deal blood to gush out Hosonaga: It's common sense to a medical student The defendant should have known even if she was trying to help

Hosonaga: In short, there exists no satisfactory answer as reason for why she pulled the blade! Naruhodou: HOLD IT! Naruhodou: Someone knew that knowledge stabbed the victim, who then collapsed, bleeding Naruhodou: I know you are disappointed, but fact is that a meek, trembling petite girl ended up pulling the knife Hosonaga: I haven't said a thing about being disappointed Hosnaga: I simply cannot fathom how a medical assistant would do something as irrational as that Naruhodou: Have you considered that she acted irrationally because she possesses a maiden heart? Hosonaga: Oh dear If knew, I would be on the chopping block Hosonaga: Hm, the feelings of a woman Naruhodou: (I have those feelings right here in my heart, you know) Hosonaga: Let's return Perhaps your understanding of the basics of medicine is better now? Hosonaga: In short, there exists no satisfactory answer as reason for why she pulled the blade! Hosonaga: Hosonaga: In short, there exists no satisfactory answer as reason for why she pulled the blade! >Article On A Potent Drug Naruhodou: OBJECTION! Naruhodou: I can only think of one possibility

Naruhodou: One reason why she pulled out the knife from the victim One satisfactory reason! Hosonaga: W-what did you just say? Auchi: Hah! That's rich! You're a country bumpkin who doesn't know even the ABC's of medicine! Auchi: What possibility is there?! Do tell us! Naruhodou: That possibility is written in this news article! Naruhodou: An article about how a potent drug was stolen from the research labs of Yuumei University

Auchi: OBJECTION! Auchi: The victim was stabbed to death There's no darn relation whatsoever! Naruhodou: B-but! Judge: Prosecutor You ought to listen to what the defense's claims without interrupting them Auchi: But Your Honor! Newspapers are littered with half-lies and some truths, its' worth hardly more than scrap paper Judge: Attorney

Judge: You may present the basis for your claim Judge: Where in this newspaper article supports your argument? Auchi: Your Honor! Naruhodou: T-thank you so much, Your Honor! Naruhodou: (Haori-sama would never endanger the life of the victim with no good reason!) Naruhodou: The part that indicates a reason why the defendant pulled the knife out in this article is

! Potent Drug! >Death from miniscule dosage! Why develop a poison? Naruhodou: One part of the article has this to say this about the drug Naruhodou: "If one coats a blade with this and stabs a person's, death will follow within minutes after being absorbed into the body" Hosonaga:

W-what? Naruhodou: What if the knife that was stabbed into the victim had been coated with this poison? Naruhodou: The defendant, Haori-sama, would have needed to pull out that weapon as swiftly as she could Naruhodou: Indeed

Naruhodou: She did that to prevent the poison from entering the victim's body! Hosonaga: Ooooooooooh!! Auchi: OBJECTION! Auchi: What are you saying, grinning as you force me to listen to that nonsense?! Naruhodou: It is not nonsense! Naruhodou: She never intended to endanger the life of the victim by pulling out the knife Naruhodou: In fact, it was the opposite It is possible she did it to save her life! Auchi: Read the coroner's report!! The cause of death was blood loss, you fool! Auchi: Nothing written in it speaks anything of poison!! Naruhodou: W-well

Er, I mean Naruhodou: By pulling out the knife as quickly as she could, she could have brilliantly prevented poison from entering the body Auchi: OBJECTION! Auchi: Complete, utter, nonsense! Quit your attempts at distorting reality! Auchi: Such an extraordinary poison cannot possibly be related to this case to begin with! Auchi: Plus!! That article's credibility in itself is dubious! Hosonaga: What any medical student should have done in that scenario was to wait for proper first aid to arrive Hosonaga: But if despite that she suspected the presence of poison and then decided to pull out the weapon Then, Hosonaga: I hope you have a legitimate basis for that judgement! Auchi: Y-yes! That's right! Basis, you amatuer, show it! Naruhodou: (Why did Haori-sama suspected the presence of that stolen poison?) Naruhodou: If it is basis you want Then I have it Hosonaga: What?! Auchi: I-Impossible Judge: I can tell from your eyes Those words were not just a shot in the dark Naruhodou: Judge: You posses the title of "attorney" You ought to know

Judge: Only evidence dictates the truth in our modern court Naruhodou: Yes, Your Honor

(I am all too aware of that) Naruhodou: (I have seen the might of it myself standing by his side in the laws of Great Britain) Judge:

I shall then hereby order the defense to present their proof Judge: What is your evidence that shows the poison is related to the case at hand?! >Article On A Potent Drug Naruhodou: TAKE THAT! Judge: And how is this evidence related to the article? Naruhodou: I honestly have no idea myself

Naruhodou: But my Father taught me to "seek the opinion of an elder when you find yourself at a loss", so Naruhodou: Since you are the eldest in here, I decided to seek your opinion, Your Honor Judge: Then before you throw random evidence to my side

Judgel: Go receive a solid knock on the head from the Professor beside you! Naruhodou: So he says Mikotoba: Oh, no way If I seriously did that, there would be a huge mess Mikotoba: There is information on the poison printed within that news article, isn't there? Mikotoba: Hm But I do feel as though I've seen that same information somewhere else Mikotoba: So what I need to find is another evidence with that written on it, right?! Judge: It seems you have recalled something from seeking the opinion of an elder Naruhodou: Yes Your Honor! Please allow me another chance! Judge: I shall then hereby order the defense to present their proof Judge: What is your evidence that shows the poison is related to the case at hand?! >Coroner's Report Naruhodou: TAKE THAT! Naruhodou: Please, do take a look at the remarks written in the Coroner's Report Naruhodou: "There are extreme contraction in both pupils" Hosonaga:

Oh! Naruhodou: I am a student from the countryside with poor knowledge of medicine So please, teach me Naruhodou: Why would a remark such as this make way into the report? Naruhodou: Would I be right to assume this is an abnormality? Auchi: W-well! Er Hosonaga: Usually, when a person perishes, their pupils enlarge

Which is to say, it expands Hosonaga: When it instead contacts extremely It is considered abnormal Auchi: H-hey! Quack Inspector, what are you talking about?! Naruhodou: Such is written about the poison in this news article Naruhodou: When the poison enters the body, "the pupils contract to the size of a needle's tip"

Auchi: By gods! Naruhodou: When the defendant

When Haori-sama saw the victim with a knife lodged in her back Naruhodou: And assume she saw the victim's pupils contract to the size of a needle's tip? Mikotoba: To be suspect the possibility of a poison is not at all unnatural for a medical assistant, don't you agree? Auchi:

GrGrrrr Naruhodou:

Prosecutor Auchi What do you think of that? Naruhodou: I do believe this is splendid evidence! Auchi: Grr

You Auchi: Damn yokel student and his yokel professoooooooooor!! Judge: I believe the defense has done magnificently to prove that possibility Auchi:

N-no Judge: Yuujin Mikotoba Mikotoba: Yes, Your Honor? Judge: You know the authenticity of the attorney's words best out of us all

Judge: I'd like for you to speak about the drug highlighted in this article Mikotoba: It is terribly difficult for me to say this, but

Mikotoba: I know nothing of it Judge: You do not know? Mikotoba: The drug was left to the labs to manage

I did not receive word that it was stolen Judge: S-so then! Do you mean to say it was not stolen? Mikotoba:

No I have not even returned to examine the labs for myself

Auchi: H-Hah! Some great professor you are Auchi: Failed to hear news of a state secret research, and even ended up ignorant to the fact it was stolen as well Mikotoba:

Indeed This is all fault of my failure in management Naruhodou: F-Father

Auchi: You don't say It's all because a negligent professor like you Auchi: That your pupil could plot to kill someone with such ease! Naruhodou: H-how could you utter such accusation HOLD IT! Haori: Professor Mikotoba is not responsible for any of this

Haori: Everything is all my fault! Naruhodou: Haori-sama Judge:

Hey, defendant! You cannot just walk up the stand! Haori: It's was me Haori: Murasame was the one who noticed the drug had been stolen that day Judge: W-what

?! Naruhodou: Haori-sama noticed? Haori: I had the responsibility to look after the management of that drug Haori: So when the dialogue between the Professor and Souseki-sama finished Haori: I noticed a little bit of the drug in the lab was gone

Mikotoba: Why did you not come immediately to me to report it? Haori: I was afraid Haori: How could I have told you a drug so important it was classified was stolen? Haori: So I thought to try and retrieve it before anyone knew it was gone Haori: I could by following the little marks the culprit left behind! Naruhodou: C-culprit

? You don't mean?! Haori: Yes It was no one else but that Briton with the pretty face Judge:

Jezail Brett Haori: That was how I had arrived to the beach side Haori: And ended up taking to the British woman within that shack Haori: That woman sat as far as she could at the back, so carefree as she smiled away I know you're the thief! Return it right now! Oh my I'm afraid I haven't a clue what you're talking about Haori: And then Haori: As soon as she suddenly rose up from her seat

Haori: Fell to her knees before my eyes and then she just collapsed Naruhodou: ! Haori: I saw a small knife stabbed into her back Haori: I could not understand anything that was happening Haori:Before I realized it Fear overtook me Haori: I saw the pupils of that lady contract to the size of a needle's tip! Mikotoba: What was that?! Judge: This means the drug was stolen from the lab and used Haori: I just felt so immensely lost

Haori: That woman was right in front of me, and yet she couldn't speak Haori: Because of that I thought there was only one way the poison could have entered her body

Naruhodou: And that was Through the knife Judge: So you decided to pull the knife out

Haori: Yes She could still be saved if the poison that made it in was little Haori: I had hoped so Haori: I am really really- Haori: So sorry I did not spoke of this before! Naruhodou: Auchi: Judge: Judge: You cannot be forgiven for hiding what you knew

Judge: But Your confession took great courage, and I am moved Haori: Ah Thank you very much, Your Honor! Naruhodou: (I can barely feel it) Naruhodou: (But I'm sure the mood of the courtroom has just changed) Auchi: OBJECTION! Auchi: You mustn't let yourself to be fooled, Your Honor!! Auchi: She says the victim suddenly looked as if she was in pain, and then collapsed? Auchi: Then explain! How did the culprit stab her before you eyes?! Haori: I-I Auchi: Revenge spurred this girl to stab the victim I daresay the truth is clear as day! Naruhodou: OBJECTION! Naruhodou: But that is not certain! Auchi:

Auchi: If it's proof you want, I have it There's nothing more certain than this! Naruhodou: ! (What's with Professor Auchi?) Naruhodou: (It's as though he's trying out something for a moment) Judge:

Prosecutor Auchi I hereby order you to present your proof Auchi:

You have my praise, little yokel Naruhodou: Huh? Auchi: I never thought I had to end up presenting this piece Auchi: But take this!

W-what is this Such a picture How frightful the emergence of this demoness is Auchi: Here we have our true culprit, and more importantly, the evidence to tell us

Haori: This is the moment the defendant, Hoari Murasame carried out her murder! Haori: N-no! This isn't Naruhodou: B-but that's Naruhodou: Noooooooooooooooooooo!! Judge: Order! Order! Order!! Judge: What was that shrill shriek from the defense' bench that has just reached my ears? Auchi: My Lordship

Only a reckless fool would find themselves able to change their voice and cry reckless and foolishly Naruhodou: (Uuugh) Mikotoba:

Be careful Your Susato self is emerging Judge: But I say

The quality of this photograph taken is truly a one in a billion Judge: The court will accept that as decisive evidence! Photographic Evidence A picture taken as the victim was murdered It shows the victim and my friend, Haori Murasame, but Photographic Evidence has been filed to the Court Records Naruhodou: (I can't believe there is a photograph like that) Naruhodou: (Not good

I can't find the words that can make an impact!) Haori: H-hold on please! T-that photograph Haori: Who who was the one who took it?! Naruhodou:

! (Haori-sama) Auchi: OBJECTION! Auchi: Photographer? That's not important!! Haori: Urg Naruhodou: OBJECTION! Naruhodou: What in heavens are you talking about?! There's nothing more important than that! Naruhodou:If they were able to take this, then the photographer was a witness at the scene Naruhodou: All present in here ought to hear that person's testimony! Auchi: GUHAWRK! Judge: Indeed I fully concur with the defense' request Judge: May the prosecution please present the information of that photographer to us?! Auchi: Auchi: I, uh don't know who that is

Naruhodou: What did you say? Auchi: This photograph reached the Teito Police Force via express mail just yesterday Auchi:

But the sender's name was not attached to it, so the photographer remains unknown Judge: W-what in the world Naruhodou: Well then

Good prosecutor Naruhodou: You took a photograph – its' credibility dubious – from an unknown individual Naruhodou: And presented it within the walls of the Supreme Court, intending that to be evidence?! Mikotoba: When you presented this photograph, prosecutor, you looked unsure, as if you were testing it

Mikotoba: Perhaps you knew it was not perfect as an evidence, correct? Auchi: Aaaargh, shut the hell up!! Both you, yokel student and the failure professor duo! Auchi: What's important is the reality that's captured in here! Naruhodou: However! We have established that the defendant was pulling out the blade Naruhodou: Then this would naturally mean she was not stabbing the victim but Auchi: So what if it was pulled out

? This argument is a complete waste of time! Judge: Indeed As long as the photographer's testimony is absent, the court cannot acknowledge it Auchi: Thus, so long as the reality this photograph paints is as certain as this, Judge: I will not accept any theories unless the defense is able to present new facts

Naruhodou: It can't be! Mikotoba: Susato

Here is where you stand strong Mikotoba: If all you have put forth thus far is correct Mikotoba: Then this must be the moment she pulls out the weapon

Naruhodou: ! (That's true) Auchi: Heh

heh heh Go ahead, fret over the bridge you've crossed Auchi: And curse your luck that you're up against me, Taketsuchi Auchi

Naruhodou: (This photograph If I don't figure out the identity of its' photographer, this case is as good as over) Naruhodou: (Are there any leads? Who could have taken this) Judge: Come! What say you, attorney?! Naruhodou: The defense Naruhodou: Believes that the true identity of this evidence's photographer Cannot be presented >Can be presented Naruhodou: (This is not if I can or cannot That's not important) Naruhodou: (What is

Is that I have to do it!) Naruhodou: The true identity of this evidence's photographer Naruhodou: Can indeed be proven by the defense!! Auchi: Whu?! Imp-?! Impossible?! You cannot possibly do it! Auchi: Then say it! Say it to the court! Tell us that name Right now!! Naruhodou: Unfortunately I know not their name Auchi: Hah, behold! Even a bluff such as that is Naruhodou: However I have evidence

Naruhodou: I have the evidence which tells us Who the photographer is Auchi: W-

What? Judge: In that case, the court hereby orders the attorney to present their evidence Judge: What is the evidence that points to our photographer?! Naruhodou: A dialogue between Father and Souseki-sama

Naruhodou: Seems like it was a very lively event Mikotoba: Well, Mr Souseki was so full of energy

Mikotoba: That his hand seem as though it's chopping my neck in this photo Naruhodou: Poor Father Judge: What is the evidence that points to our photographer?! >Souseki's Newspaper Article Naruhodou: TAKE THAT! Judge: Is this not

The newspaper from earlier? Judge: "Returned From Britain, Two Gentlemen's Grand Dialogue" Naruhodou: The article isn't important That photograph is

Naruhodou: Please inspect closer There is a whitish mark present

Judge: A-Aaah You are right It's easy to overlook

Auchi: Hah! I WONDER what that is Perhaps

a tree? Mikotoba: I do not remember a tree was ever kept within the labs of Yuumei Naruhodou: Well then Please inspect the photograph here this time Judge: Ah!!! Naruhodou: Here One may see the same whitish mark present as well Auchi: OBJECTION! Auchi: That

That That is wholly irrelevant!! Naruhodou: H-hah!! I WONDER what that IS! Perhaps a tree?! Naruhodou: I do not think a tree was ever kept within that small shack Auchi: Mrg Judge: Moreover These two shapes are completely identical to each other! Judge: Why? How did this unnatural phenomenon ever came to be? Naruhodou: We have two photographs, and two same marks

This signifies that! The photographer has a habit >The camera is faulty There really was a tree Naruhodou: The root of the problem would no doubt be the camera itself Auchi: What'd you say?! The camera? Mikotoba: It appears the lens of that camera has a crack Mikotoba: A crack which winded up captured photographs

Think of it that way Naruhodou: Ergo These two photographs Naruhodou: Were taken by the same camera! Auchi: Mrgmrgmrgmrmgmgrmg H-however! Auchi: There must be hundreds and hundreds of cameras about here in Teito! Auchi: You have nary a chance to find that camera's owner!! Naruhodou: OBJECTION! Naruhodou:

Have you forgotten, Prosecutor Auchi? Naruhodou: We have a news journalist right here Auchi: N-news Ah!! Naruhodou:

Yes Naruhodou: This man scribbling away in his notebook is the man we are searching for! Auchi: D DAMN IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!! MAMEMOMIIIIIIIIII!! Judge: Y

You are the pleasant gentlemen returned from Britain! Auchi: Your testimonial is over Why rush up the stand?! Souseki: I said Mamemomi!! It's Mamemomi! MA MA ME MA ME MO MA ME MO MI !! Naruhodou: Pardon me, Souseki-sama But what is this Um Naruhodou: "Mamemomi" you speak of? Souseki: Hence after I've returned Souseki: A journalist from this newspaper, The Taikoku News, has been following my each and every move Souseki: His name, Heita Mamemomi Truly, from the crack of dawn till the covers of night!! Naruhodou: Ah

! (Come to think of it

) Souseki: Every single! Movement of my body! Candidly! Like so! Naruhodou: (So that's the journalist from back then?!) Souseki: He writes with his right! He shoots with a camera in his left! Souseki: He who works as a news journalist His name is known as Heita Mamemomi!! Judge: T-then The one who took this photograph was

Souseki: Mamemomi is he, Your Honor Lordship!! Judge: Bailiffs! Judge; Immediately summon that news journalist into this courtroom with great haste!! Judge: The court shall now enter into recess!! Naruhodou: YYes! Auchi: I I understand, Your Honor! Judge: One more thing Judge:

This knife I order this to be examined for poison! Judge: Request cooperation from the medical department of Yuumei University Understood?! Auchi: M- Auchi: MAMEMOMIIIIiiii!!

Source: Youtube

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