Tesla Offering Auto Insurance at a Premium in US – Teslanomics Live Oct 16th, 2017

– Good to go, hey everyone thanks for joining me here today on Teslanomics Live, I'm your host Ben Sullins what we do is we take a look at the weeks biggest Tesla news, I gotta break those down for you with what I know my experience in history there as well as the news and by different articles and perspectives I was able to find online you can join the conversation where you have an active discussion and Q&A going by getting our email list Teslanomicsco, and you'll be invited to a separate area which is using a different platform called Crowdcast and with that platform you will be able to participate in the discussion here on YouTube or if you're watching on YouTube it will just be a kind of a one-way stream you can use the comments and all that stuff but I won't be paying attention to it is just too much for one person to try to figure out that's why we use Crowdcast, it's much more intimate setting on much better so if you want to participate go to our email is that Teslanomics

co and if you are watching this after the fact the way it works is I'm going to go through a number of stories here and after this post on YouTube I will put in the comment append the comment up there the timestamps of each one so don't be intimidated by the hour-long broadcast or however long it tends to go today you can jump to the story that you're interested in just but by following that also goes for anyone watching here wants to go rewatch enough to rewatch and find yourself, I do that after the fact, so the biggest story I have today, the one that is kind of it saddens me this is what I consider my short it something that am I'm not too excited about, but I'll tell you why here in a second, and that is that Tesla recently laid off between four and 700 employees, I'll review a little bit from the Bloomberg article here that says Tesla has fired an undetermined number of employees following a series of performance evaluations after the company significantly boosted its workforce with the purchase of solar panel maker Solar City Corp, the departures are part of an annual review that Palo Alto California-based company said in an email without writing a number of people affected the maker of the Model S this week dismiss between 400 and 700 employees including engineers managers and factory workers the San Jose Mercury news reported on October 13 citing unidentified current and former workers as with any company in this Tesla talking now, as with any company specially one of over 33,000 employees performance reviews also occasionally result in employee departures the company said in a statement Tesla is continuing to grow and hire new employees around the world so that is kind of the story that was going on with it here's my take if you're firing that many people something is wrong with your hiring practices there is really no way that you have that many people that are just underperforming in an annual review, second off it's strange I think to have all of the annual reviews performed at the same time what if you hired three months ago not quite fair to have an annual review I do believe and and I kinda believe in the Netflix philosophy where companies are not family they're a team, highly skilled highly paid team think of like a basketball team and it makes sense that at times are to be departures when things change or somebody doesn't you know the perform as well as they need them to be I think you know that there's two things in speculative things here one this is probably overlapped with solar city maybe things like customer service or different areas where they were needed anymore, in which case it would make a lot of sense because that is just simply trimming the fat these are your people are underperforming here the fact that it was reported that they were related to performance valuations really make me question kinda thinking about this and then that's where I say that if there you know if there are a few people here and there and that's one thing right but if it's something where it's the hundreds of people leaving albeit it's a small percentage of the overall workforce that to me indicates more of a systemic problem in their hiring practices and is something that I would be around more concerned about with them versus just this practice of firing people to say boost your your profit margins are or make yourself look better on paper for the Q the quarter ending that could be the case I doubt it, I really don't think that's in their culture but you know I could be wrong so taking a look at the job site you mean it is true they have your 2489 job postings mean before the firing maybe they had 2000 now they have 2489 we could do a research and see how many people he fired one being I'm really not in love with this because to me it it signals a systemic problem rather than just a few people that aren't doing well going back I'll put the link to this video here and I found this and researching it for today's broadcast this was Elon Musk talking about his Navy seals layoff approach to think that's an exaggeration basically what's happening is Elon thinks in his statement here I'll paraphrase and you can go watch it on this is quite old but the statement was basically that in a start up anything below excellence is unacceptable and so if somebody's not performing at you know that extreme level then they don't have a seat on the bus so to speak and so with that I understand now I think Elon and these guys are muses a long time ago I think they've come along way since then on so this practice I'm not sure what you know if it's something that is strategic or what but in general it just worries me because there's no way I can I can really rationalize firing that many people on any given day or whatever I based on just performance reviews that got to me is is not how I would run it on then it scares me because I've been in corporate America for a long time these practices are pretty damaging to the company culture and ultimately the profit margins as well so there's that, the next I want to talk about something a bit more uplifting hopefully this is that Tesla is now offering insurance now little bit of a back story here and get into the details about this the back story is that in other parts of the world other companies wouldn't offer insurance or didn't make sense and Tesla would themselves be the insurance provider for other customers and then mention this couple quarters ago I believe on an earnings call where they had said hey you know who will take a look because a lot of reports about insurance premiums for Teslas being extremely high in the US this was after a few people have really large repair bills and so part of the deal is if there are some of these cars and specifically the Model X it's funny that they chose a Model X for this photo but something like the Model X has the ultrasonic sensors inside of the door panels and so even something as a small dent in that could damage the doors ability to function properly and I've heard of people having bills for small dents in the bumper upwards of $18-$20,000 and so the AAA I believe put out something saying that they were to raise rates and that created this kind of firestorm a few months back and so here we are fast-forward and now Tesla is offering insurance however is not exactly like they are offering at their partnering with Liberty Mutual to offer it, and I'll read to you kind of this the specs here saying that we can talk about those so called InsureMyTesla, it's a comprehensive insurance plan developed in cooperation with liberty mutual insurance company designed for Tesla Cars InsureMyTesla enhances the customer experience with the following benefits new car replacement so if your car is deemed a total loss in an accident or whatever they will replace it 100% within the first year, they have a rate guarantee for one year, they have genuine replacement parts, they have 24 hour roadside assistance which already comes with your Tesla but now it's beyond the warranty so apparently you have to pay for that after I think four or eight years I forget the four years for the warranty and in eight years for the battery so optional rental car reimbursement to pay for your rental cost for long as it takes you to fix your Tesla, I'll say this I had an issue, My Tesla had to be towed and they got me an Uber, I was at a two-year-old's birthday party with some friends and I had me and my wife Jenny and they bought us an Uber that came and picked us up and took us home, after my car had to be towed, so yeah I mean that they already do a pretty good job in this kind of area but apparently this is above and beyond, then they have this claims valet service to drop off a rental car at the scene or schedule swap at an agreed-upon place of theirs can be really accommodating which I've actually found them to be extremely accommodating already I don't know what the deal is why you would want this extra thing but hey whatever all these conditions but every single one of those things they list which is kind of funny it's always a red flag to me there's like a stipulation about every feature that they're telling you about, when I did the quote if you click on it and check out the quote you fill it out and for an insurance quote to be reliable you have to kinda give them a good amount of detail right, give them a good amount of info and so with that I did it and it was about 70% higher than what I currently pay now I think that's because I have farmers insurance and with farmers I have my two other cars on there I have so I have multiple cars I have my house and we have life insurance through there and I may even have them looking at business insurance to them as well so because of that and because I've been with them for so long they give me all the discounts and all and I'm a AAA member or something like that, but they really really give it up so I'm not sure if the quote I got was extremely high because of that, but a few people responded to me on twitter basically saying the same thing that when they looked at it, it was a lot higher than what they already pay so this could be good news but so far I haven't heard of anybody saving money on this bet so yeah we'll see kinda how that goes So that was the big thing about the insurance I am curious if anyone that's watching this now or after the fact does this and gets a quote that's better I would love to hear from you please leave me a comment down below I'm really curious on how that worked out because so far what I'm seeing that this is not beneficial is more expensive so we'll see okay next up we have a story an update about Teslacon, I even have a shirt to prove it Teslacon if you're unfamiliar or if this is your first time joining me here first off welcome we have we're doing an online conferencing, think of it like an online summit and I'm kind of organizing it and I have some of people working with me to do that and that I have a video that explains what it is you can hear from all of the kind of leaders of the Tesla and EV communities and we now have two big updates for that, first we have a new site which I hope you guys like, on the new site we have the date so it's December 16, 2017 that is a Saturday, It's gonna run almost an entire day so it'll start pretty early West Coast time and or to run well into the day because we have a lot of speakers lined up so I can go and share with you as you scroll down who some of the some of the speakers are, so big news is that we have a keynote speaker and that is Robert Llewellyn from the show fully charged really excited about this because not only is Robert, distinguished actor comedian writer and I and a just a great guy his show fully charged is amazing and I didn't even know about this and he inspired me so much and watching what he's doing to try to help us transition to more sustainable forms of transportation and energy and all that and if you haven't seen his show I highly recommend it, just go to YouTube and search for fully charged or go to telecononline and you can find the link to his show on there, we also have Kathy Chen joining us who is a newer YouTuber and she has been doing some cool stuff, she submitted a great proposal for us to look over and so she's gonna be speaking as well, we have Rich the car guru who I just am so love with all of his video lately as of apparently are many of you will Saul Lopez from Spain and we have Jesse and Zach from Now You Know and of course Trevor Page from Tesla Owners Club I probably have 50 submissions to go through still from other people on some big Tesla tubers that you know and love and so, but were also gonna have community sessions so if you or anyone else you can you know who is interested in hosting actually a session go here Teslacononline and submit your idea, just a simple form you fill it out you send it in and it will take a look and 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online and check it out sign up for updates and let's do this, okay next let's talk about the Model X recall and this hit just mid to late last week I believe in the deal with this it seemed at first kind of scary it basically what's going on and I'll read you some bullet points here from CNBC Tesla is recalling 11,000 Model X SUV's worldwide because the rear seat might not lock into place, sounds scary, the recall of those vehicles with a full flat second row seats made between October 28, 2016 and October and August 16, 2017 so very recent, Tesla believes that only about 3% of the recalled vehicles have the issue so apparently no one's been hurt by this or I haven't seen any reports of that and it has something to do with the wiring on on the back seat that wouldn't lock entirely into place so yeah that sounds like an issue and if you have, Model Xs that is built during this time again that's between October 28, 2016 almost a year ago and August 16 of 2017 so a pretty big Span, if you have a newer Model X essentially you want to contact Tesla service figure out what is going and get this taken care of, they may however I'm guessing they probably already contacted you, my thoughts great that it we haven't heard of anyone being heard hopefully no one has been hurt by this and the saga continues with the Model X I don't know what to say it's just more bad news for Model X owners, I mean there've been countless reports of issues with it it has to be probably become most complex car ever made which wasn't probably the smartest move, Elon has even called it a disaster when it comes to that so you know I would like to say that hey this is the last we'll hear about Model X issues but you know chances are more things come out of this, really my hope that with the Model Y they they fix a lot of these things and go for a simpler easier design, or potentially have a refresh of the Model Xs coming up is my hope for this I really want them to fix this because I think it's a good amazing car or amazing vehicle however these issues keep plaguing owners and it just sucks because it's their most expensive Model right now so there you go, there's what's going on with the Model Xs recall, Next I wanna talk about the stamping of the Model three body panels and I'll hit play on here also put the link in the description so that way you guys can kinda see it on your own in real time on it doesn't always translate that well across the the wires here with him the screen sharing so what this is is the batter, I'm sorry I thin these are door panels and this machine you can't really tell, this machine is ginormous, it's like three stories if it's the one that I saw when I was there, A plain sheet of aluminum comes in, stamp, and then this guy picks it up and takes it out and when it does it is loud and crazy and it is chaos whenever when I saw one at the factory and so yeah anyways I think this is just more about Elon trying to, his rebuttal to people saying that the Model three is being made by hand, and that's why their production issues were there, so yeah it's cool though, if you never seen this kind of stuff you can geek out on this There's some cool videos of the Fremont factory and if you ever get the opportunity you should go check it out in real life, up in San Franciso if ou get the chance The Model three battery stamping, body panels stamping in real time Next we have more Model three news and we knew this was coming, if you didn't see this is, the first used Tesla Model Three was listed for sale at $150,000, the posting has since been removed, not surprised about this and I'm guessing Tesla is really pissed off because they have sort of friend DA, in fact they added verbiage to their ordering process that says, and I'll give you my thoughts in a second, but it says "Because employees "are receiving special priority of all Model three "cars prioritized to employees must be registered "to you or your family member and may not be "resold for more than the original price "reservation holders will agree to these terms when "their order is placed" Bringing the hammer down, yeah I don't know, I don't buy I don't think they can actually enforce that so if you cut that is not just employees its employees and their family members, here's a theory though, let's say my wife worked at Tesla and I bought a Model three as a result of her working there and we got it now and we were gonna sell it, say we didn't like it it wasn't you know it turns out that it was a bad decision or hey we're pregnant we needed a bigger car, whatever this life situation may be we decide to sell it, there's this kind of, the way you know buying and selling goods works at a macro level is supply and demand, well guess what the demand for this car is through the freaking roof and supply is basically zero, so I could easily see somebody paying or somebody buying a Model 3 for $150,000 but maybe hundred thousand dollars let's say I can totally see that being a legit thing now if my intent as an employee or family member of employee was to resell it and make money sure I would say that is malicious right that's not going in good faith with the privileged access you've got as an employee so I would agree that that's a problem now whether or not Tesla can or would do anything about it is another question, once I own the car it's mine I can do what the hell I want with it now there are some some weird things where Tesla may be able to shut down the car from the software and say we're not supported now because you sold it, however I believe they would lose this battle in the court of public opinion you know they may legally be able to do a couple things but the blowback from something like that would be pretty big, Now I and many of you I know are big Tesla fans and we forgive them for doing a lot of things where other companies who wouldn't forgive them for so maybe hey would get out of it okay but I have to say that if they tried if they really try to do I don't think that that it would go over well so they go on if you actually would buy a Model three today for 100 grand I love to know your thoughts on why in the comments down below, so there you have it, there's that sorted, next we have something that I'm actually really excited about this is the Tesla Semitruck video now apparently this is leaked, it seemed odd to me and this is called a test mule which means that it's masked so I'll play the video for you, as you can see in the video it looks just like a regular semi right it just looks, there's this kind of weird thing that's wrapped up behind it, what could that be, may be battery pack and what happens is guy was filming it and I this looks like Palo Alto to me so make sense now the deal is it takes off extremely fast and starts to go and then bam it just flies right there, look at that, semi's don't go that fast they do not accelerate that fast also in the video people say that they do not hear an engine sound and there is no visible exhaust so there's I don't even know if you can see but doesn't appear that there are the exhaust like the tailpipes, so yeah there is that now the thing about it though I could hear a sound and so I'm curious if you guys watched this video again the link will be in the description, what do you think because to me I hear something I don't know if it sounds like a fake engine noise or something but if so that's cool that they think this really is the Tesla Semi, man it looks powerful I don't know what else to say about it other than I'm thrilled to go check it out, November 16 which the invite I received is because of you great people for sharing the referral code and using that by the way on this on the screen for the folks watching on YouTube the referral program is ending their thousand dollar discount October 31 that's only two weeks away so if you or anyone else you know, so if you have people I had that you've talked about this that are on the fence make sure to let them know they can get $ 1000 off and get free supercharging for the life of that vehicle using our code which you can get at Teslanomicsco/tv okay excellent talk little bit about stock and I actually don't cover this a lot because I kind of hate the stock market because of the shortsightedness but it is worth talking to I know a lot of you guys are interested, A lot of you guys are Tesla investors, I until recently was a Tesla investor, I can talk about that after the fact if you want, so the Model 3, Q3 numbers for Model 3 which they file when someone has the current report were pretty pretty damning they were supposed to have produced 1500 Model 3s they produced 220 and so the stock actually already been on a skid by about 10% but then after they came out it seemingly bounced back and so here you have Morgan Stanley reported they kind of went nuts on it on they raise their forecast 379 from 317, Adam Jonas is the guy he's well known in the space and as of right now I have to check Youtube because we have a little ticker going on down to the bottom it looks like there's around 350, so yeah I mean they're doing the stock is doing really well the same story as always if you're long on Tesla, buy and hold the stock, it's one that that promises to pay out big, not in the short term so if you're playing the market and you're trying to do the market thing where you try to predict everything you you day trade and all that, Tesla's probably not a stock you want to be buying in my opinion, I'm not a financial advisor and all that so think about that when it comes to this but if you're long on them like I am I would recommend that you just hold onto it because if they're successful they could dramatically change the world and be one of the biggest companies as other folks much smarter than I have predicted so just wanted to update you on that it's still a roller coaster, so hang on to your butts, next I have a story and I'm not sure how I feel about this this is the Tesla tax and its in quotes because it's not technically a Tesla tax, It's coming to Norway and let me break it down for you just does a little bit here, the incentives for Tesla's in Norway or I should say EVs are kind of second to none in fact that's why Norway I think per capita has the most EVs out of any country, and they you know continually are leading the way on in this space, for you know a small country we'll say, China is the real leader but you know that just because it is like 100 times as many people in China or something like that so long story short though there is a new fee ranging from and I try to convert this to US dollars it's about like $800-$8000 so I'm calling It one to $10,000 USD, and the deal is that is based on weight and so the only car that will really be taxed is the Tesla and so this is coming into play but the incentives, the regular incentives they give you aren't going away so it's interesting to me I'm not sure I understand the logic behind it but you know it's bound to happen, something similar is happening here or maybe got past, it's not in effect yet and that is the all Evs in California have $100 annual fee to help pay for the roads so typically when it's done here and in many parts of the world is there is a tax on gasoline, well if your car doesn't use any gasoline but it does use the road then the people that maintain the roads need to get money from somewhere and so it makes sense to tax you know vehicles, regardless of where they get their energy from and so here in California they're doing the same thing, to clarify believe that that is only for EVs bought or you take ownership of after 2020, so it's still a few years out, and actually I wouldn't be surprised if it goes away because our government here in California is aggressive in trying to push EVs so I'm really curious, if any of you guys are from Norway let me know what you think that's just it really seems strange to me but I did want to bring it up, it did pop up as a big story, next, and this is related and we'll cover this one briefly, Hyperloop One becomes Virgin Hyperloop One with a big investment from them, I'm excited about this I think Richard Branson is pretty awesome and does amazing things I know that there is no Virgin Galactic as seen limited success so far and isn't really focused on the same things in Space X so there's that, but hey I think that the rebrand is good for them I think that now with the money from them they have a higher chance of success they may you know very well be bought by Tesla down the road or something like that, that's the way these things work with these big billionaires get involved, so I wanted to mention that because I'm really interested and excited about Hyperloop, the potential of the technology and whether or not we'll be able to pull it off, so let me know what you think about all those things in the comments down below, lastly, I'm going to jump over and we're gonna do some Q&A if I can find out where it, there it is, there we go I'm gonna stop sharing my screen, there it is and I'm gonna do some questions here, so okay, hopefully you guys can still hear and see me, now would be the exact time to make sure you ask all your questions or you vote on those as well I'm gonna do a quick check on Youtube to make sure that everything is looking good looks it's coming out all right, so Dave says hello, just click start answering, here's one of the things the way this works for those folks watching on YouTube that aren't a part of Chromecast, I click Start Answering like I did there and what happens now is Dave is going to get an email saying hey Ben is answering your question and in fact it will be will timestamp the segment of the video and he can go back and watch it later this is the platform we're gonna be using for Teslacon, and so these are exactly the features why I think it's so awesome, Dave just says hi, first time joining, Hi Dave, thanks joining please come back next time and submit questions I assume you're already on the email list or by joining here you join on the most to get an invite, thanks for joining us and I hope see you back, next let's take a look, Dean is here, he likes the type of dog okay, second question is driving about 500 miles a week, okay so Dean is driving about 500 miles a week, I do road trip back home from school at 350 each way, as winter is coming fast I was wondering if you had any info on the tesla Model 3 in cold weather, or even a Model S performance info, I did a video and see wish I could comment on it here without messing the whole thing up, I did a video this past Friday that talks a lot about weather and how it affects temperature I don't know what part of the world you live in, and if that's your 350 close to 500 miles a week, so if you're talking miles in cold temperature you're gonna lose the data we have which we have a lot of data now I'm working with the guys at Teslab, I'm officially a data science advisor to them we have I think about 5000 vehicles and in every single trip gets logged and we get to look at the data around efficiency and so we found that below 50 degrees Fahrenheit which isn't very cold we start see about a 10 % dip in performance and then from there I just it just goes further and further down so if it gets really really cold then that then you could lose up to 40% even is some of the examples we've seen, so that's the model S, I would imagine that the Model 3 is similar the battery tech although they have different battery cells I don't know if they, I'm sure some improvements but I'm guessing that you know it's really hard to find your way around this, a lot of what that what the losing of energy or efficiency is is based on the cooler the temperature management of the battery itself requiring energy so yeah so there's that, so that's what happens, so I hope that helps, and I hope you get your Model 3 soon and look to see I hear from you again soon, thanks for the question, all right take a look from Vic will the performance of the 3 be available at the same time as all-wheel-drive in air suspension so all-wheel-drive and air suspension are related to each other and those are coming later so I would imagine yes for the performance one I imagine you need all-wheel- drive for to really be the performance Model on so we'll see, those are all gonna come, I'm guessing toward the end of next year, and I'm being kinda short on their production ramp so we'll see Thanks for the question, Dean asks again, Dean you're blowing us up here, Hi Ben, have not been able to find definitive info about the pricing of dual motor and ludicrous options right on the Model 3, no, they haven't released them, so yeah no one knows right now, a lot of people speculate that it be similar to what you see on the Model S which you know again it's funny I mean when you get a fully loaded Model 3 you're pushing and you know if you added all-wheel-drive performance option all these other things you are well into the price of a lower end Model S, so I think really what it comes down to is whether or not the vehicle itself is the right fit for you the size and those kind of things because price, It's either a souped up Model 3 or a lower end Model S you know they're both amazing vehicles so there you go, all right Dean go for it one more time here if you have any idea of Tesla's plans for active blind spot monitor with audiovisual warnings it would be a software thing and Tesla is supposed to be all about safety, yeah so yes with autopilot you have this, with autopilot you see it come in the screen in the digital display, the question is even with the Model three will be on there yeah, So with autopilot this kind of stuff already exists, so I would imagine, actually I've seen some videos of the Model 3 driving on autopilot that has it so you should be good, wouldn't worry too much abut that Dean again about being 21 and whether you can test drive a Tesla, you know I'm not quite sure why they have that I did look this up but they you go, looks like somebody there was able to drive a 19, so who knows maybe you can get around it or have someone else go with you

Thanks for the question Alright Gary New York I just test drove a Chevy Bolt Premier, styling aside this is a respectable vehicle of impressive features and range available now at about 36,000, after incentive remits, fair enough excluding the federal tax credit the 36 month lease is tempting or I can try to suppress my EV envy and keep my ice vehicle for at least two more years and save for a Model 3, used Model S, what's your current opinion of the bolt, I did a video on the Bolt, I have a friend here that has one, I'm a fan, the only thing was weird to me was how the tech inside doesn't compare with a Tesla, but you know in the styling of course yes I mean it's not a Tesla, it's not even really in the same category but it is a great car and it is a great EV probably the best EV on the market until the 2018 Nissan Leaf with a 60 kWh pack comes out it's probably the best one that you can buy here in the US , now in terms of some of the things I don't like, I don't like the interior at all, the seats themselves were incredibly uncomfortable for me you know but to each their own, if you take a test drive and it's great I think is a decent car I mean it's totally worth it if I were looking to buy an EV right now I would probably that would be a strong candidate but I also would consider used Model S which is what I end up getting, when I bought my use Model S for 50,000 I was looking at the Nissan Leaf fully loaded for 45, so five grand difference to go from a Leaf to a Tesla, no- brainer so I would just kind of weigh your options, you can probably find a pretty cheap Model S for you know not much more than you'd pay for the Chevy Bolt and then you know you'll be right there, so there you go, thanks for the question Gary, By the way I was just in New York, love the city will love everything going up there assuming you know that's where you're from, okay Matt asks I live in New York I stay with above average insurance prices when ordered my Tesla I shopped around for entrance and ended up with Liberty Mutual the advisor said they had an affiliate program with Tesla, this ended up being half the cost of State Farm and two thirds the cost of Geico, why does it seem that with the new InsureMyTesla news, that liberty mutual quotes are seeming very high, great question and that's exactly what you know I wanted to see from you guys because again I get a great deal because I have two other cars have always other discounts and things with it so I'm not really sure, why it seems that that it's high maybe it's because you know that you need to go through the full thing and say what if I added my other cars what if I added this I'm a AAA member can I get a discount, all those kind of things, but I'm glad to hear that you got a good deal, it will interesting to see if this turns out into a real big thing and how many people use it, not sure if people will really talk about that but it will be, I'd be very interested to see Alright will Teslacon be archived? Yes it will, Teslacon will be recorded and those that have tickets will be able to watch it after the fact it won't be public it's a private event and seating is limited so sign up for the updates and you'll be the first to know about earlybird ticket sales I'm not going to widely broadcast earlybird ticket sales because it, because that's the whole point right it's like for those that are interested to join the email list, this is the benefit you get, you get a discount over the full rate but yes it will be archived and be able to watch after the fact as a ticketholder Alright coming towards the end here we're talking about the right sound the sound of air brakes releasing pressure okay you're talking about the semi yeah it seems odd to me the sound I heard was more like an engine going more like a police car driving by, I don't know if you guys get that, I live near a busy roadside, I apologize in advance for any noise Sid asks if there's a person that is not buying a Tesla because they're afraid of stopping because of forgetting to charge, is there any solution to this? Okay so I think you're talking about range anxiety essentially, yeah the solution is a supercharged network if you buy a Tesla now with my code you get free supercharging for life, for the life of the vehicle and you get your own code which you can buy other Teslas and get free supercharging on that presumably, so yes the supercharging network is the answer only Model S and X owners are eligible for that so it is a really big deal in fact something that, it's weird, on the West Coast here in California we have houses, we install charges in our houses no big deal you know and we discharge our home, I was just up in Brooklyn and a lot of the there's just a lot of people live in buildings and places like that where they don't have a parking space to begin much less have a garage, nor do they have the ability to install a charger and a lot of people what they do is they use the superchargers, there are also public charging networks like like Zolta and a few others so yeah there are options out there and depending on where you live in the US supercharged network is great, it really works pretty much everywhere in other parts of the world you know it's varying quality but it's it's getting better and better so yeah the deal is that you just use that, so thanks for the questions everyone, I'm gonna wrap that up, and I will recommend that you again go get on our email list to make sure you can join this conversation, and if you have anything after the fact you can hit me up on Twitter, @teslanomicsco and other than that I will wish you guys a happy week and stay tuned later this week I have a lot of stuff coming up about Tesla being the most American car company and some other details and some data I found about the Model 3, so lastly, last but not least, I will just say that if you, If I can figure out how to do it on my screen properly, alright, last but not least, when you free the data, your mind will follow

Thanks for watching, I'll see you guys back here soon

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