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Well, Jenna, first of all how did you and your husband Luke get ahold of Angela what what brought you to her office? Well, we were thinking about buying a home for a while but we didn't really know where to start and so we thought well why don't we just look into it and go from there My Dad and Mom are big fans, big listeners of the radio so they mentioned her and then were like, Oh, well we hear her ads as well on the radio so we thought okay we'll check it out and we gave them a call and they were so helpful and helped us like understand the process a bit more and decreased our stress a bit so we went forward with them

Well, it's always stressful especially with your first home and that that's just fabulous that both you and your soon-to-be husband are going to get into your first home and that The Angela Calla Mortgage Team was able to at least minimize some of that anxiety but it also helped that Rob Boies gave you a hand, our resident real estate expert here, with finding that home Yes, Rob was amazing He was available at all times we needed, he answered the phone, I probably had like 30 questions a day and so he would always be available to answer the phone, he would give us a honest opinion, and he really made this whole process easier for us and we are so thankful that he was there for us, he was willing to go to look at homes if we weren't available for us and he just gave us the best advice and we're really happy with his service as well I remember some time ago, and I'm not going to date myself here Jenna but, when I bought my first home the big question I asked myself consistently was 'how the heck am I gonna pay for this?' and I'm sure you and Luke had that same question you know how are we going to pay for this and so much of it depends on overall affordability and I know that Angela helped you with that in terms of the mortgage Yes, they did they gave us that track to see how much we could you know buy for which was awesome and we didn't realize it would be that much so that's what we started looking and with their help it was it was great

We were living in a basement suite for four years and thinking about buying a house for four years and saving and so we were really happy that we actually did that we were able to be able to afford a better home for ourselves instead of a townhouse or a condo Well, tell us a little bit about your new home It's amazing, we're really happy! It feels great waking up in the in our home and just be having a deck to walk out to and it's really just surreal right now it doesn't really feel real still so we're just unpacking and getting things all settled and picturing what we're gonna buy and I'm we're getting married in September so I'm gonna do a registry so that kind of worked out good timing and we are loving it, over the moon right now And in terms of affordability is it again getting back to the type of mortgage that The Angela Calla Mortgage Team arranged for you Moving forward is it something you feel you can handle and feel really confident and comfortable with? Oh, we definitely feel really confident and comfortable with it and we can afford it

The Angela Call Team got us the best interest rate and we got a fixed mortgage a lower rate than what the bank was offering and we were just really happy that we could afford it and we know exactly what we could pay and it's all working out great for us My fiance, he has his own business and he's working full time but doing his trying to build up his business as well on the side so the a bit tough we didn't know what would we able to afford and so Angela Calla Team really helped us understand that and lead us in the right direction so we could afford it So what advice would you give others who are listening to the radio program this evening Jenna, what advice would you give them? I wouldn't tell them to definitely talk to the professionals like Angela Calla Team, they were amazing I called probably after hours a lot of time, all through the day, you know I had my emotional hiccups here and there and they all were there to listen to me and they were just so amazing there at any time I needed and it was so helpful I couldn't even imagine going through this process without having them there to answer all the questions So, we thought they were just amazing we're recommending everyone to go talk to them as a mortgage team because the bank doesn't always tell you what you want like to hear the correct information and they were all about giving us the correct information and helping us and what how we needed it and what we needed Well, I guess you know when you've got that information and it gives you that comfort level correct I mean that that in of itself helps to minimize the stress when you at least know going in what to expect

Yeah, exactly they let us know what to expect, what we should do, and every way they answered every question and so did Rob, like he was amazing they were amazing we're so happy we went with them we couldn't imagine going through anyone else to be honest they were just so great I just wanted to say that I know that I speak on behalf of the entire Angela Calla Mortgage Team and Rob Boies when I say that it's such a privilege to get the opportunity to meet you initially as inquiring about a mortgage but I really feel that we develop a friendship and we're just so fortunate to be able to help you and watch all the blessings and milestones that you and your fiance Luke are gonna go through over the next five 10 and 15 years and we couldn't be any more any more thrilled for you Aw, thank you we feel the same way you want you guys to come over for the housewarming and definitely feel like created a friendship as well and looking forward to having you guys help us out over life Absolutely, yes we appreciate that very much so Couldn't be any happier that actually we had Luke's help to help us get everything together in our in our basement we really appreciate it so it's good to have a friend in any business, right? Yes, for sure so that's you know really happy

You know with the emotional aspect of it I just think it's so important and one of the things that I think listeners of the show can really learn from the experience today is at The Angela Calla Mortgage Team we really understand the emotions that go through the process of buying a home and having somebody who understands that and empathizes with that is really a part of the process and one of the things that I know Rob was really passionate about throughout the duration of helping you and Luke was he wanted to make certain that in this heated market right now that we took the emotion out of the purchasing and didn't put you in a position where you're overpaying for a property just because of all the anxiety of wanting to be in a specific area or having to have a specific house it really was about caring about the long term value about your home I mean if you think about it any realtor can get you a home if you're willing to ridiculously overpay for it but the fact that Rob was able to get you a home, in a market as crazy as it is, in an area that is as crazy as it is, fifteen thousand dollars less than market value when everything else in the area is going for crazy over listing price where those people may or may not see their value I think his is one of the key components and something that I know that we were really proud of and that he was really proud of because of course any realtor can just say yes I want to help clients and you know sure let's pay the most and get you in this house but I know that Rob had come to us a few times you know I'm just not gonna let Luke and Jenna overpay for something I'm not gonna let their emotions get in the way I care too much about their long-term growth and I know that that's why that's probably one of the reasons that you felt so comfortable as well Yeah, honestly he really did that as well we he was always honest to us and he helped us out in every way he would tell us you know I'm not gonna let you or I don't want you guys to overpay for this it's emotional so just try not to get too invested into one house and he was so great yeah I felt like I felt like he was my best friend during it all because he really did help take the emotion part out and help us find the house we really wanted and not overpaying because we were worried about having to overpay to get a house with the timing with the wedding and it couldn't have worked out any better we were so happy Rob's services and helping us with getting the house and not overpaying and being upset about that and then The Angela Calla Team was there when we were emotional too, to help us through that so it was really it was really great I'm really happy we had Rob there so he helped us get through that and then we were really realized the emotional part of it and how hopeful he was taking that out of it and being able to not overpay and find what we really wanted Well, that's just awesome Jenna really appreciate you spending time with us this evening Yeah, thank you Best of luck in your new home

Thank you so much and I'm so thankful for The Angela Calla Team and Rob

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