The Angela Calla Mortgage Team – Margaret

Why don't we start, Margaret by telling us how exactly you got in touch with the Angela Calla Mortgage Team All right, well, I was actually cleaning my ensuite and I always have CKNW in the background and it just started the Angela Calla show started and I stopped for a moment and thought you know this is really relevant

I had been actually searching to renew our mortgage, we were dealing with a major bank and I wasn't quite happy with what they were able to offer us and what we'd have to do in order to renew our mortgage and also looked at doing some refinancing of some debts that we've unfortunately come into so I started listening and there was a fellow on there as well that gave his testimonial, I thought that's really interesting so I quickly jotted down the email address and although on that Monday, the next one because this is Sunday we were going to firm up our mortgage with Scotia because I had been dealing with another financial facility as well but thought you know I've been working on this long I'm incurring more interest so I should make my decision so I jotted down the email address and thought well I'll give it a trial email them first thing in the morning and see what happens so sure enough within just a couple of hours of me emailing, John gave me a personal call and started off from there so I was very impressed that they were able to contact me as quickly as they did Well, Margaret, my understanding is as well that you had attempted to get a mortgage at the bank but you weren't pleased with I guess how they were treating you the service that they offered Well, they've really weren't, I don't think it appeared to me they just wanted me to renew and as I mentioned we needed to do some consolidating and in order to do that it was going to be you know going through hoops and taking longer also what became evident when I was working with John is that we actually had two mortgages and which didn't make a lot of sense at least the way it was explained to me Also, because we didn't renew right on time, cause we were trying to figure out what the best thing for us to do would be, is they increased our interest rate on a different basis and we actually ended up paying almost $800 dollars more a month on this mortgage that we were trying to renew so I was like oh my gosh I had to that then the pressure was really on I'm paying more interest and I'm not kind of comfortable with what I'm being, not forced into, but the negotiating that was going on wasn't what I was hoping it would be Well, it's fortuitous then that you heard the show and you went to see Angela and after all the smoke had cleared and consolidating some debt into a restructured mortgage, substantial savings every month

Exactly, and the best part about that was you know I'm going to say it's probably close to $3,000 but that's kind of not even being realistic because that $3,000 wasn't really paying off our debt what it was doing is paying the minimum on this debt that we've incurred and just to share with you it's we've got some entrepreneurial children that are building their own businesses and we've helped them out so that's it's not even our debt so but it is substantial we need to get it paid down so by joining the Angela Calla team going through our mortgage with them is that we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel we're actually going to be paying off all of our debt not only that but the amount that we end up paying towards our principal is so much more than if we were dealing through the bank like we can see that we will be paying this bet off much, much quicker Well, let's review once again Margaret just exactly what those savings were Well, The Angela Calla Mortgage group was able to save me at least $3,000 in payments a month but in saying that, that's just paying off the interest so we weren't actually paying down our debt but that is freeing up money for us to put towards saving or use in different ways because we're consolidating our debt and actually ending up paying it off through our mortgage Well, debt is debt whether it's your kids debt or your kids debt, it's always nice to have that extra money isn't it? Oh! absolutely, absolutely Well, on that happy note what advice would you give for people who are looking to restructure their mortgage or possibly you want to consolidate debt, restructure their mortgage and save money just like you? Well, to be honest with you, I'd call the Angela Calla crew

I had a mortgage broker I guess five years ago now when we ended up with the with the Scotiabank and I have to admit I was hoping that I would be called around this time to say, 'Hey, your mortgage is up and you know how can we help you' but I thought okay well maybe it is still a very good mortgage, a very good deal so they're not following up with me So, not all mortgage brokers are alike, and dealing with John at the Angela Calla group, it wasn't intimidating he made us feel really safe and secure and that we're not you know people with this unusual high debt and mortgaged but we walked out of the office going, ah, you know that feels really good, we really can see the light at the end of the tunnel and we know that our best interests are in their hands and he's going to keep in touch, he said he's going to phone us and you know keep in touch and if things changed and he saw a better option he'll be there for us and I really believe that Well, you're now in the Angela Calla Mortgage Team system so if a better deal is to come up and you know your file will be flagged and you will get that call to save hopefully even more money Yeah, and I do believe that!

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