The Angela Calla Mortgage Team – Stu

First of all, tell us how you became engaged with The Angela Calla Mortgage Team I think it's actually from seeing Angela on the news and on the radio and that's probably where it originally came from Dominion and Angela helped us with our mortgage originally when the mortgage became due which was five years ago, four years ago and so yeah it's probably through probably through the radio show to be honest with you and then just peaking our interest there and looking it up then and going from there

Well, this is actually then a second go-around so obviously first time you were pleased with the process and the job at The Angela Calla Mortgage Team did for you second go-around just as easy? Yes! fantastic, really great, you know I'm not well-versed in these sorts of things and what I like is I just I just present my problem and my questions in my issue and it just all gets done and I get handed an answer of a very good answer and yeah I couldn't have been better both times it couldn't have been better Yyou were up for a mortgage renewal or you wanted your mortgage restructured so you could access some of the equity in your home That's right That's always fraught full of some issues and fortunately Angela and her team were able to work out, obviously, something that work for you Yeah, no it worked out really well and like I said it was so easy what I like about it is I just say okay look here's what I was hoping for and I sort of tentatively present my hopes and plans etc and her team just took it over and made it happen and and I didn't have to do anything I just sat back and sort of reap the rewards so it was great

Along the way, were they keeping you informed as to what your options were and then you took it to your family or yourself alone and made that decision ultimately yes absolutely note they kept in touch for me, phone calls, emails, that's one other thing I like about it is I'm in the loop all the way and continually being reminded of what's going on and and yeah you really feel like you really feel like you're the only customer I know I'm not but they give you that impression that they're really looking out for you and looking after the details and yes they do keep in contact on a really regular basis every day as a matter of fact One of the great benefits of being a client of The Angela Calla Mortgage Team is they have prepared for you not only in the short and midterm but certainly the long term with a really good mortgage strategy and plan Yes, absolutely! One of the things about plans, you know, they can change obviously Stu as you know certainly life plans can change so you want at least a professional to have your back on something so critical so important as a mortgage document and you're probably your largest investment other than your family of course and that is your home Yeah, absolutely What advice would you give to the listeners to the radio program this evening Stu if they were considering restructuring their mortgage? Well, if you're like myself and you're not particularly adept at these sorts of things and you want to save yourself a lot of work in time I would definitely advise to call up Angela and her team they've helped me out twice now and it's been just great both times and I couldn't say anything better um, it just made it so easy

I know I keep saying that but I'm looking back on it is how easy it was for me

Source: Youtube

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