The Best Chase Credit Cards

Hi I'm Adam Jusko from CreditCardCatalogcom and today we are going to talk about the three best Chase credit cards

We are going to talk about just the Chase-branded cards not any of the partner cards like Amazon or Disney or Marriott We're going to make this short and sweet with the three top Chase cards Number One is the Chase Freedom Unlimited This gives you a 15% cash back reward across all your purchases, no special categories to consider, and no annual fee

You can earn a bonus of one hundred fifty dollars if you spend five hundred dollars with this card in the first three months so that is very nice This is not necessarily the top cash back card, there are some that offer a little bit more of a cash back rate than the 15%, so check out the cash back category on CreditCardCatalogcom The number two card is the Chase Sapphire Reserve

It has a four hundred fifty dollar annual fee and its rewards are mostly travel rewards so if you travel a lot, you spend a lot, this one's good for you If you don't, it's not You get three hundred dollars of your travel reimbursed per year so that can help you sort of soften the blow of that four hundred fifty dollar annual fee In terms of points you're going to get three points per dollar on travel and restaurants and you're going to get one point everywhere else Your points are usually about 1

5 cents each, so 10,000 points would equal one hundred fifty dollars in rewards for example This card used to have the big 100,000 point bonus, it does not anymore It has a 50,000 point bonus which is still good for seven hundred fifty dollars, IF you spend four thousand dollars in the first three months of having it You'll also get the other kind of travel perks that you would expect from a card like this, airport lounges, no foreign transaction fees, etc The third Chase card in our best list is the Chase Slate

All the good stuff is up front on this one, and the big selling point is the fact that you can transfer a balance to this card at a zero percent rate for 15 months and not pay a balance transfer fee, which is pretty much unheard of in the industry Normally you pay a three percent to five percent balance transfer fee, so if you're moving $5,000 that would cost you one hundred fifty dollars to move it onto a new card, with this one it won't cost you anything, as long as you move it within the first 60 days You also get zero percent on new purchases with the Chase Slate card So that is our number three card To recap, number one the Chase Freedom Unlimited, 1

5% cashback Number Two, the Chase Sapphire Reserve, lots of travel rewards but a 450 dollar annual fee, and number three is the Chase Slate which gives you zero percent on balance transfers and purchases and no balance transfer fee Please check out CreditCardCatalogcom for more information on these and all sorts of other credit card goodies!

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